236 Romantic Love Songs That Will Melt Her Heart

If you want her to know how you really feel, it’s time to let the music do the talking. We’ve put together 236 of our all-time favorite love songs that are DESTINED to melt her heart.

Whether you want pop, rock, country, blues, folk, indie, or Motown, you’ll find the right anthem to declare your love with, right here. With a mix of classic and contemporary hits, this list of romantic love songs offers the perfect soundtrack for any special occasion, from a romantic dinner at home to a surprise serenade under the stars.

1. Al Green – Let’s Stay Together

“Let me say that since, baby, since we’ve been together
Ooh, loving you forever
Is what I need”

2. Van Morrison – Crazy Love

“Yes I need her in the daytime
And oh I need, yes I need her in the night
I want to throw my arms all around her
To kiss and hug and kiss and hug her tight”

3. Nick Drake – Northern Sky

“I never held emotion in the palm of my hand
Or felt sweet breezes in the top of a tree
But now you’re here
Brighten my northern sky”

4. Adele – Make You Feel My Love

“When the rain is blowing in your face
And the whole world is on your case
I could offer you a warm embrace
And make you feel my love”

5. Savage Garden – Truly Madly Deeply

“I wanna stand with you on a mountain
I wanna bathe with you in the sea
I wanna lay like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me”

6. Ed Sheeran – Perfect

“When you said you looked a mess
I whispered underneath my breath
But you heard it
Darling, you look perfect tonight”

7. John Legend – All of Me

“Cause all of me loves all of you
Loves your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections”

8. Etta James – At Last

“At last, my love has come along
My lonely days are over
And life is like a song”

Romantic Love Songs That Will Melt Her Heart

9. Elton John – Your Song

“I hope you don’t mind, I hope you don’t mind
That I put down in words
How wonderful life is now you’re in the world”

10. Temptations – My Girl

“Well I guess you’d say
What can make me feel this way?
My girl, my girl, my girl”

11. Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares 2 U

“Cause nothing compares, nothing compares
To you”

12. Taylor Swift – Lover

“Can I go where you go?
Can we always be this close forever and ever?
And ah, take me out, and take me home
You’re my, my, my, my

13. Joe Cocker – You Are So Beautiful

“You are so beautiful to me
Can’t you see you’re everything I hope for
You’re everything I need”

14: The Maccabees – Toothpaste Kisses

“Lay with me, I’ll lay with you
We’ll do the things that lovers do”

15. Still Woozy – Cooks

“Oh, my lovely baby, you’re all I see
Lady, love you maybe that’s all I do”

16: Frankie Valli – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

“You’re just too good to be true
Can’t take my eyes off of you…”

17: Palace – I Want What You Got

“I taste what you taste, becoming the same
My lungs are your lungs, inhale the flame
A secret rhythm, the force of love
She is my rhythm”

18. Leon Bridges – River

“Take me to your river, I wanna go
Go on
Take me to your river, I wanna know”

19. The Teskey Brothers – Rain

“Come to me now
I wanna hold you in any way I know how”

20. John Mayer – Love Is A Verb

“When you show me love, I don’t need your words
Yeah, love ain’t a thing
Love is a verb”

21. Jeff Buckley – Lover, You Should’ve Come Over

“My kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder
It’s never over
All my riches for her smiles
When I’ve slept so soft against her”

22. Emotions – Best of My Love

“I like the way you make me feel about you, baby
Want the whole wide world to see
Oh oh, you’ve got the best of my love”

Romantic Love Songs

23. Daniel Caesar, H.E.R – Best Part

“You’re the coffee that I need in the morning
You’re my sunshine in the rain when it’s pouring”

24. Celine Dion – Because You Loved Me

“I’m everything I am because you loved me”

25. Tom Odell – Grow Old With Me

“Grow old with me, let us share what we see
And oh the best it could be
Just you and I”

26. City And Colour – The Girl

“While I’m off chasing my own dreams
Sailing around the world
Please know that I’m yours to keep, my beautiful girl”

27. Tom Misch – Movie

“Still swimming in old lovers dreams
Still playing on new movie screens
Remember me, let’s set the scene”

28. Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

“You, darling I love you
I’ll always, I’ll always love you”

29. Shania Twain – From This Moment On

“From this moment, as long as I live
I will love you, I promise you this
There is nothing I wouldn’t give”

30. Hozier – Like Real People Do

“We should just kiss like real people do”

31. Joji – Slow Dancing In The Dark

“Just one more night waiting to get there, waiting for you”

32. Rex Orange County (feat. Benny Sings) – Loving is Easy

“I was all on my own almost glad to be alone
Until love came in on time, oh on time”

33. Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber – Stuck with U

“Can’t fight this no more it’s just you and me
And there’s nothing I, nothing I, I can do
I’m stuck with you”

34. Wallows, Clairo – Are You Bored Yet?

“I don’t know where we’re going but I’d like to be by your side”

35. Vance Joy – Riptide

“I wanna be your left-hand man”

36. Bruno Major – Easily

“Just because it won’t come easily doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try”

37. The Script – The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

“Going back to the corner where I first saw you, gonna camp in my sleeping bag I’m not gonna move”

38. Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars

“Would you lie with me and just forget the world?”

39. Alicia Keys – If I Ain’t Got You

“Everything means nothing if I ain’t got you”

Romantic Love Songs

40. Lifehouse – You and Me

“I don’t know why I can’t keep my eyes off of you”

41. Maroon 5 – She Will Be Loved

“I want to make you feel beautiful”

42. Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat – Lucky

“Lucky I’m in love with my best friend”

43. Colbie Caillat – Bubbly

“Every time I see your bubbly face, I get the tingles in a silly place”

44. James Morrison – You Give Me Something

“Please give me something, cause someday I might know my heart”

45. Ronan Keating – When You Say Nothing at All

“You say it best when you say nothing at all”

46. Gabrielle – Dreams

“Dreams can come true, look at me babe I’m with you”

47. Sixpence None The Richer – Kiss Me

“Kiss me beneath the milky twilight”

48. Stevie Wonder – For Your Love

“And for you love I would do anything”

49. Spandau Ballet – True

“Head over heels when toe to toe, this is the sound of my soul”

50. Prince – Purple Rain

“Started feeling lonely at the top without you here”

51. Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight

“I feel wonderful because I see the love light in your eyes”

52. Seal – Kiss From a Rose

“Baby, I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey”

53. Hot Chocolate – I’ll Put You Together Again

“I’ll lead you out of the darkness and then I’ll put you together again”

54. Percy Sledge – When a Man Loves a Woman

“When a man loves a woman, can’t keep his mind on nothin’ else”

55. Arethra Franklin – I Say a Little Prayer

“You’ll stay in my heart forever and I will love you”

56. Stevie Wonder – Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours

“You set my soul on fire, that’s why I know you’re my heart’s only desire”

Romantic Love Song

59. Bruce Springsteen – I’m on Fire

“I can take you higher, ooh I’m on fire”

60. Nina Simone – My Baby Just Cares for Me

“I wonder what’s wrong with baby, my baby just cares for me”

61. R.E.M – At Your Most Beautiful

“I count your eyelashes secretly, with every one, whisper, I love you”

62. David Bowie – Be My Wife

“Please be mine, share my life, stay with me, be my wife”

63. Otis Redding – That’s How Strong My Love Is

“I’ll be the ocean so deep and wide, and catch the tears whenever you cry”

64. Elvis Presley – Can’t Help Falling in Love

“I can’t help falling in love with you”

65. Frank Sinatra – Fly Me To The Moon

“In other words, hold my hand, in other words, baby kiss me”

66. The Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody

“I’ve hungered for your touch a long, lonely time”

67. Jackie Wilson – (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher

“Your love, lifting me higher than I’ve ever been lifted before”

68. Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrel – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

“Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wide enough to keep me from getting to you baby”

69. The Beatles – All You Need Is Love

“All you need is love, love is all you need”

70. Dijon – Skin

“I come alive when you tease me, with heat and wet skin”

71. Roberta Flack – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

“The first time I ever kissed your mouth I felt the earth move in my hand”

72. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John – You’re The One That I Want

“The power that you’re supplyin’… It’s electrifying!”

Romantic LoveSong

73. Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time

“If you fall I will catch you I’ll be waiting, time after time”

74. Foreigner – I Want to Know What Love Is

“I want to know what love is, I want you to show me”

75. Berlin – Take My Breath Away

“Take my breath away, my love, take my breath away”

76. Michael Jackson – The Way You Make Me Feel

“You knock me off of my feet, my lonely days are gone”

77. Bryan Adams – (Everything I Do) I Do It For You

“Look into my eyes, you will see what you mean to me”

78. John Mayer – Come Back to Bed

“Just don’t leave me alone here it’s cold baby, come back to bed”

79. Poolside – Harvest Moon

“I’m still in love with you on this harvest moon”

80. Death Cab For Cutie – I Will Follow You Into The Dark

“But i’ll be close behind, I’ll follow you into the dark”

81. Lord Huron – She Lit a Fire

“She lit a fire, but now she’s in my every thought”

82. The Head and The Heart – Rivers and Roads

“Rivers and roads, rivers and roads, rivers ‘til I reach you”

83. The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition

“So stay there, cause I’ll be coming over”

84. Band of Horses – No One’s Gonna Love You

“No one’s gonna love you more than I do”

85. Leon Bridges – Coming Home

“The world leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, girl
You’re the only one that I want”

86. Beyonce – XO

“Your face is all that I see, I’ll give you everything, baby love me lights out”

87. Angelo De Augustine – Time

“But you’ll stay inside me, inside of my heart Unbound at the start”

88. Maggie Rogers – Love You For a Long Time

“I’m gonna love you for a long time”

89. Arctic Monkeys – Baby I’m Yours

“And I’ll be yours until the stars fall from the sky”

Romantic Love Songs Will Melt Her Heart

90. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Home

“Let me go home, home is wherever I’m with you”

91. Still Woozy – Habit

“Every time that she looked at me, you know I felt weak at my knees”

92. Hozier – Movement

“Like Jonah on the ocean when you move, I’m moved”

93. Ellie Goulding – How Long Will I Love You

“How long will I love you? As long as stars are above you”

94. Miley Cyrus – Adore You

“When you say you love me, know I love you more”

95. One Direction – Little Things

“I’m in love with you, and all these little things”

96. Oasis – Wonderwall

“I don’t believe that anybody feels the way I do, about you now”

97. The White Stripes – Fell in Love With a Girl

“I fell in love once and almost completely, she’s in love with the world”

98. Lady A – Need You Now

“I’m all alone and I need you now”

99. Calum Scott – You Are The Reason

“I’d climb every mountain and swim every ocean
Just to be with you”

100. Kina Grannis – Can’t Help Falling in Love

“So take my hand, take my whole life too”

101. Lukas Graham – Love Someone

“You probably never loved someone like I do”

102. Gavin James – The Book of Love

“I love it when you read to me, and you, you can read me anything”

103. Vance Joy – Mess is Mine

“Your mess is mine”

104. Dave Barnes – Good Day For Marrying You

“Put on your white dress yeah cause, oh baby, it’s a good day for marrying you”

105. Joshua Radin – When We’re Together

“I believe in what’s supposed to be, it’s supposed to be you and me”

Romantic Love Songs Will Melt Her Heart (1)

106. Michael Buble – Call Me Irresponsible

“Well, I’m not too clever, I – I just adore you”

107. Andy Grammar – Fresh Eyes

“Now all I see is you with fresh eyes”

108. Parachute – Kiss Me Slowly

“When the time comes baby don’t run, just kiss me slowly”

109. Diana Ross – Love Hangover

“If there’s a cure for this, I don’t want it”

110. Four Tops – Reach Out I’ll Be There

“I’ll be there with a love that will shelter you”

111. Fleetwood Mac – Songbird

“And i love you, i love you, i love you, like never before”

112. The Cure – Friday I’m In Love

“Thursday, never looking back it’s Friday, I’m in love”

113. Katy Perry – Unconditionally

“I will love you unconditionally”

114. Tom Odell – Real Love

115. Daniel Bedingfield – If You’re Not the One

“All my little plans and schemes look like some forgotten dream,
seems like all I really was doing was waiting for you”

“If I’m not made for you then why does my heart tell me that I am?”

116. Aerosmith – I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing

“Don’t wanna close my eyes, don’t wanna fall asleep cause’ I’d miss you baby, and I don’t wanna miss a thing”

117. The Beach Boys – God Only Knows

“God only knows what I’d be without you”

118. Dolly Parton – I Will Always Love You

“I wish you happiness but above all this, I wish you love”

119. The Bangles – Eternal Flame

“You belong with me, do you feel the same?”

120. Chaka Khan – Ain’t Nobody

“Ain’t nobody loves me better, makes me happy, makes me feel this way”

Romantic Love Songs Will Melt HerHeart

121. Billie Holliday – The Very Thought of You

“The very thought of you, and I forget to do those little ordinary things”

122. The Jonas Brothers – Sucker

“We go together better than birds of a feather, you and me”

123. Lauv – I Like Me Better

“Damn, I like me better when I’m with you”

124. Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up

“When I look into your eyes, It’s like watching the night sky”

125. Dijon – Dress

“We should go out and hold hands like lovers hold hands”

126. Ben Howard – Only Love

“And I’ll be yours to keep”

127. Nothing But Thieves – Real Love Song

“Can I sing this to you? Got a thing about you and it won’t go away”

128. Richard Ashcroft – A Song For The Lovers

“This is a song for my lover, tonight”

129. Biffy Clyro – Many of Horror (When We Collide)

“When we collide we come together if we don’t we’ll always be apart”

130. Bon Iver – Skinny Love

“Come on skinny love, just last the year”

131. Coldplay – Fix You

“Lights will guide you home, and I will try to fix you”

132. John Mayer And Taylor Swift – Half Of My Heart

“Half of my hearts got a real good imagination, half of my hearts got you”

133. Foo Fighters – Everlong

“I’ve waited here for you, Everlong…”

134. Jose Gonzalez – Heartbeats

“One night of magic rush, to start a simple touch”

135. The Lumineers – Ho, Hey

“I belong with you, you belong with me you’re my sweetheart”

136. Wolf Alice – Don’t Delete The Kisses

“When I see you, the whole world reduces to just that room”

137. Paramore – The Only Exception

“You are the only exception”

138. Milky Chance – Stolen Dance

“I want you by my side so that I never feel alone again”

139. City And Colour – We Found Each Other In The Dark

“Then I heard the church bells from afar, we found each other in the dark”

140. Ray Lamontagne – Trouble

“I’ve been saved by a woman”

Romantic LoveSongs Will Melt Her Heart

141. Half Moon Run – Jello On My Mind

“Apple berry baby cherry lime, I want to eat you baby all of the time”

142. Snoh Aelegra – Toronto

“Baby baby, can I come around? Can I ease your mind?”

143. Goo Goo Dolls – Iris

“When everything’s made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am”

144. Kings of Leon – Use Somebody

“You know that I could use somebody, someone like you”

145. Dashboard Confessional – Hands Down

“My heart is yours to fill or burst or break or bury”

146. Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work

“Let’s make this happen, girl, we’re gonna show the world that something good can work”

147. Bombay Bicycle Club – Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)

“Eat, sleep, wake, nothing but you…”

148. Cults – Always Forever

“You and me always forever”

149. Girl in Red – We Fell in Love in October

“You will be my girl, my girl, my girl, my girl…”

150. Ella Henderson – Yours

“I wanna be your everything and more”

151. Bon Iver – Holocene

Sweet baby it’s part of me, apart from me”

152. Steve Lacy – Some

“Baby, I want some of your love, your love, your love, your love”

153. Tim Atlas – Compromised

“Acted a fool this time, cause your body’s got me compromised”

154. Damien Rice – Delicate

“We might make out when nobody’s there, it’s not that we’re scared, it’s just that it’s delicate”

Romantic LoveSongs Will Melt Her Heart (1)

155. Mumford And Sons – White Blank Page

“Can you lie next to her and give your heart, your heart, as well as your body?”

156. David Gray – This Year’s Love

“When ya hold me like you do it feels so right, oh now”

157. MGMT – Electric Feel

“Turn me on with your electric feel”

158. Florence And The Machine – You’ve Got The Love

“Sometimes I feel like saying lord I just don’t care, but you’ve got the love I need to see me through”

159. Bon Iver – Towers

“I’d have tore your hair out just to climb back darlin’”

160. Jet – Are You Gonna Be My Girl

“I say you look so fine and I really wanna make you mine”

161. Mac DeMarco – Still Together

“And time will pass, it may go fast, but we’ll still be together”

162. Lana Del Ray – Video Games

“Heaven is a place on earth with you”

163. Brockhampton – Sugar

“You’re the only one I want by my side when I fall asleep”

164. Madonna – Crazy For You

“I’m crazy for you, touch me once and you’ll know it’s true”

165. Bright Eyes – First Day Of My Life

“I think I was blind before I met you”

166. Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse Of The Heart

“I really need you tonight, forever’s gonna start tonight”

167. Queen – Crazy Little Thing Called Love

“She knows how rock and roll she drives me crazy, she gives me hot and cold fever, she leaves me in a cool, cool sweat”

168. Tina Turner – The Best

“You’re simply the best, better than all the rest”

169. The Smiths – There is a Light That Never Goes Out

“To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die”

170. Donna Lewis – I Love You Always Forever

“I love you always forever, near and far, closer together”

171. Justin Timberlake – My Love

“Let me make you my lady, girl you amaze me”

Romantic LoveSongs Will Melt Her Heart (2)

172. The Postal Service – Such Great Heights

“And I have to speculate that God himself did make us into corresponding shapes”

173. John Mayer – Your Body is a Wonderland

“One mile to every inch of your skin like porcelain, one pair of candy lips and a bubblegum tongue”

174. Explosions in the Sky – Your Hand in Mine

“Your hand in mine, we’ll reach the sign of plains above us”

175. Dallas Tamaira – No Flowers

“She don’t wither like the other flowers do

That’s how I know they broke the mold when they made you”

176. Frank Ocean – Thinkin’ Bout You

“Yes of course I remember, how could I forget how you feel?

You know you were my first time, a new feel”

177. Dijon – Alley-Oop

“How do you feel about getting married? There’s something,
We don’t have to wait forever and you don’t have to know the answer right now
But if you want to I could let you know what it is”

178. Fleetwood Mac – You Make Loving Fun

“Sweet wonderful you, you make me happy with the things you do”

179. Taylor Swift – Love Story

“It’s a love story baby, just say yes!”

180. The Anxiety, Willow, Tyler Cole – Meet Me At Our Spot

“I just wanna look into your eyes, I just wanna stay for the night”

181. LANY – Dancing In The Kitchen

“Swear the only one I want is you and it doesn’t matter what we do
We could have nothing at all”

182. Luther Vandross – Here And Now

“Here in my heart I believe
Your love is all I’ll ever need”

183. Kendrick Lamar – Love

“I wanna be with you, ayy (just love me)”

184. Daryl Hall and John Oates – You Make My Dreams

“Full stock of thoughts and dreams that scatter and you pull them all together
And how I can’t explain”

185. Christina Perri – A Thousand Years

“I have died every day waiting for you”

186. Miguel – Sure Thing

“Even when the sky comes falling, even when the sun don’t shine, I got faith in you and I put your pretty little hand in mine”

187. Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

“Maybe together we can get somewhere”

188. The Police – Every Breath You Take

“Every breath you take, and every move you make,
Every bond you break, every step you take
I’ll be watching you”

189. Rihanna – Love On The Brain

“Baby you got me like ah, woo, ahh
Don’t you stop loving me
Don’t quit loving me”

190: Train – Drops Of Jupiter

“Since the return of her stay on the moon
She listens like spring and she talks like June”

191. Coldplay – Yellow

“Look at the stars, look how they shine for you”

192. Harry Styles – Adore You

“I’d walk through fire for you, just let me adore you”

193. Ben E. King – Stand By Me

“No, I won’t be afraid
Just as long as you stand by me”

194. The Bee Gees – How Deep is Your Love

“I believe in you, you know the door to my very soul”

195. Elvis Presley – Burning Love

“Your kisses lift me higher, like the sweet song of a choir”

196. Lionel Richie and Diana Ross – Endless Love

“My love, there’s only you in my life, the only thing that’s right”

197. Hottie & The Blowfish – Only Wanna Be With You

“Well there’s nothing I can do, I only wanna be with you”

198. Jackson 5 – I’ll Be There

“Just call me name and I’ll be there”

199. Wet Wet Wet – Love Is All Around

“You know i love you, I always will
My mind’s made up by the way that I feel”

200. The Real Thing – You To Me Are Everything

“You to me are everything, the sweetest song that I could sing”

Romantic LoveSongs Will Melt Her Heart (3)

201. Bette Midler – The Rose

“I say, love, it is a flower
And you, it’s only seed”

202. Sonny And Cher – I Got You Babe

“When I’m sad, you’re a clown
And if I get scared, you’re always around”

203. Willie Nelson – Always On My Mind

“Give me one more chance to keep you satisfied, I’ll keep you satisfied”

204. James Bay – Us

“Tell me how could I believe in something, I believe in us”

205. As You Are – Rag’n’Bone Man

“If the ground beneath our feet has disappeared
I’ll be here beside you, always be right near you”

206. Ray Lamontagne – You Are The Best Thing

“The way you move me, it’s crazy
It’s like you see right through me”

207. Paolo Nutini – Last Request

“Grant my last request and just let me hold you”

208. The Calling – Wherever You Will Go

“If I could, then I would
I’ll go wherever you will go”

209. Jordin Sparks ft. Chris Brown – No Air

“If I should die before I wake, it’s cause you took my breath away”

210. Jacob Collier, Lizzy Mcalpine, John Mayer – Never Gonna Be Alone

“Take me back to the window, take me back to the door
You’ll be right where I left you sitting on the floor
Now I’m never gonna be alone”

211. The 1975 – When We Are Together

“The only time I feel I might get better, is when we are together”

212. Clairo – Softly

“You could be my one and only”

213. Bombay Bicycle Club – Fairytale Lullaby

“Where we’re going you won’t need to bring your frown
You will find that all the things that I have said
Will come true when you are lying in your bed”

214. Paolo Nutini – Through The Echoes

“She’s always offering me her hand, I hear her coming”

215. Simon & Garfunkel – April Come She Will

“May she will stay, resting in my arms again”

216. Lewis Watson – Forever

“We’ve gotta drift in a new direction and be forever, forever, and we try, you and I”

217. Nature TV- Only One

“You are the only one, you are the sun”

218. John K, Sigala – If We Never Met

“I love it when the only light is me, you, and the moon”

219. Jeff Buckley – Mama, You’ve Been On My Mind

“I’d just be curious to know if you can see yourself as clear
As someone who has had you on his mind”

220. Boylife, Bearface – Dio

“I’ve been dreaming of your neck, kissing on you till we fall back asleep now”

221. Peter Gabriel – In Your Eyes

“I am complete (in your eyes)
I see the doorway (in your eyes)
A thousand churches (in your eyes)
The resolution (in your eyes)

222. The Carpenters – (They Long To Be) Close To You

“Why do birds suddenly appear
Every time you are near?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you”

223. Paul Mccartney And The Wings – My Love

“It’s everywhere with my love, and my love does good”

224. John Denver – Annie’s Song

“You fill up my senses, like a night in the forest”

225. Savage Garden – I Knew I Loved You

“Maybe it’s intuition but some things you just don’t question
Like in your eyes, I see my future in an instant”

Romantic LoveSongs Will Melt Her Heart

226. Joe Cocker, Jennifer Warnes – Up Where We Belong

“Love lift us up where we belong
Where the eagles cry, on a mountain high”

227: Cat Power – Sea Of Love

“Come with me, my love to the sea, the sea of love
I want to tell you how much I love you”

228. Keith Urban – Making Memories Of Us

“I wanna sleep with you forever, and I wanna die in your arms”

229. Lonestar – Amazed

“Every time our eyes meet, this feeling inside me
Is almost more than I can take”

230. Randy Travis – Forever And Ever, Amen

“Oh baby, I’m gonna love you forever
Forever and ever, amen”

231. Kenny Rogers – You Decorated My Life

“All my life was a paper, once plain, pure and white
Till you moved with your pen, changin’ moods now and then”

232. Gary Morris – Wind Beneath My Wings

“Did you ever know that you’re my hero? You’re everything I would like to be?”

233. Lady A – I Run To You

“This world keeps spinnin’ faster into a new disaster, so I run to you”

234. Radiohead – True Love Waits

“Just don’t leave, don’t leave”

235. Cutting Crew – (I Just) Died In Your Arms

“I just died in your arms tonight, it must have been something you said”

236. The 1975 – Me & You Together Song

“I feel in love with her in stages, my whole life”

The Bottom Line

Want to sweep her off her feet? If you’re lost for words, show her you love her with a collection of these timeless love songs.

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