15 Best Lumineers Wedding Songs For Your Special Day

If your wedding vision looks like vintage decor and sitting around a campfire with your favorite people, there is one band who needs a primetime spot on your wedding day playlist.

The Lumineers are a folk/indie band that has been writing and performing together since 2005. Many of their songs are focused on love, and would make the perfect backdrop for your wedding day. 

Whether you are looking for a romantic number for the processional, upbeat music for cocktail hour or dancing, or a heartfelt ballad for your first dance, the Lumineers have got you covered. Read on for the  best Lumineers wedding songs for your big day. 

Lumineers Wedding Songs 

Here is a list of our other top recommendations for the perfect wedding songs to add in your play list for a memorable celebration:

1. “Ophelia” 

Lyrics to adore: “Oh Ophelia, you’ve been on my mind since the flood, Oh Ophelia, heaven help a fool who falls in love”

This classic ballad from their “Cleopatra” album has soft piano and a rhythmic beat that would be a great first dance tune. This song talks about falling in love and not being able to do anything for thinking about that person. It’s a great song to showcase your love for your partner. 

2. “Flowers In Your Hair”

Lyrics to adore: “Then we grew a little, and romanticized the time I saw flowers in your hair”

This short but sweet upbeat number talks about meeting a girl as a child and falling in love with her as he grew up. The song itself is less than two minutes long. This would be a great upbeat tune for dancing, or as a first dance for a couple who were childhood friends. 

3. “Stubborn Love”

Lyrics to adore: “So keep your head up, keep your love, keep your head up, my love”

Although this is a song about second chances, the beautiful instrumentals would make for a lovely processional or special ceremony tune to enchant your guests. Romantic and sentimental, it would also make for a great first dance. 

4. “Ho Hey” 

Lyrics to adore: “I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart”

One of the Lumineers most popular tunes, this heartfelt song would be a great first dance, processional, or positive note to end the night. It’s also a good one for guests to listen to during dinner or cocktail hour. 

5. “Big Parade” 

Lyrics to adore: “Lovely girl, won’t you stay, won’t you stay, here with me?” 

This song is just perfect. The artists wrote this about seeing the world around you in a negative light until you meet your person and life feels like a big parade. It’s a fun upbeat number that would be a fun entrance song or tune to end the night.

6. “Dead Sea”

Lyrics to adore: “I needed somebody, needed someone I could trust. I don’t gamble, but if I did I would bet on us.” 

Written about finding the person to help you weather life’s storms, this is a beautiful number with great instrumentals. This song would be a great ceremony or first dance song to highlight your special relationship and the strength you have as a couple. 

7. “Angela” 

Lyrics to Adore: “From the second time around, the only love I’ve ever found, Oh Angela, it’s a long time coming”

This is a fun upbeat melody about second chances and reuniting with lost loves. It’s a fun tune that would be well used for dancing or an entrance into your reception, as well as a positive sendoff at the end of the night. 

8. “Classy Girls”

Lyrics to adore: “it was nothing I was doing wrong, it’s just what it is. Classy girls don’t kiss in bars like this.”

A fun song about meeting a girl in a bar, but she won’t let him kiss her because “classy girls don’t kiss in bars”. This would be a fun tune to play if the couple met in a bar, and could be used as a unique first dance song. 

9. “Sleep on the Floor” 

Lyrics to adore: “Put on your dress, yes, wear something nice, decide on me, yeah, decide on us” 

This upbeat song talks about skipping town and starting a new life with your love. It would be perfect as a send-off song as the couple is leaving the reception to start their life together or a unique first dance tune. 

10. “Where We Are” 

Lyrics to adore: “I don;t know where we are, but it will be okay” 

A fairly new song by the band, this song talks about not knowing where you are in life but knowing that everything is okay. This would be a sweet selection for a parent dance or sentimental song to end the night. 

11. “Cleopatra” 

Lyrics to adore: “But I was late for this, late for that, late for the love of my life”

This song remains one of their most well-known hits. It talks about someone who misses a chance at love, but it’s a great reminder of how priceless love is in our lives. It will be a fun tune to dance the night away with your guests. 

12. “Scotland” 

Lyrics to adore: “You could never feel my story, it’s all you know” 

A unique and upbeat song, this one would be perfect for your reception. The artist wrote this song about being in a world where you are not understood, but it’s a great way to celebrate finding the person who you can face the world with. 

13. “Holdin Out”

Lyrics to adore: “You can take your time, I’ll be on the front porch. Keepin on the light, you can see it if you look for it”

This track is a little off the beaten path, as it hasn’t been released on one of their albums, but was produced for a movie soundtrack- “The Storks’ ‘. It’s a fun upbeat number that talks about waiitng for a child, and would make a great parent dance tune. 

14. “Life in the City” 

Lyrics to adore: “So take me back off these streets and we’ll never be apart, together from the start, never falling back alone”

Another more recent release, this slow lilting ballad talks about the ups and downs of life in the city, or starting a life with your partner. It would be perfect as a unique first dance or special song. 

15. “Brightside”

Lyrics to adore: “I’ll be your brightside, baby, tonight” 

This recent hit talks about loving someone even when they’re in a low place, and it’s a great song to showcase your unconditional love with your spouse. It would be a great tune to add to reception dancing or as a special song. 

Final Thoughts 

Music is a key component of weddings, and choosing the right music is crucial. The Lumineers are an indie/folk band that write and produce numerous songs about life and love. If you’re looking for wedding music with a unique and modern feel, they have plenty of songs that will be perfect to highlight your day.

Whether you are looking to celebrate your adventurous relationship, childhood love, or just find some fun music to dance to, the Lumineers extensive music catalog has you covered. 


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What is the most popular Lumineers song to play at your wedding? 

It’s hard to say for certain, but their most popular song of all time is “Ho Hey“, which we recommended above! Their second most popular is “Ophelia“, and third is “Cleopatra”. 

Do I have to use classic music at my wedding?

Not at all! Your wedding is your day, and including some music that you enjoy, such as indie and folk bands like the Lumineers is a great choice. 

What is a unique Lumineers song to use at my wedding? 

We mentioned many choices above, however if you want music that will stand out, some of their songs that are not as commonly used include “Sleep on the Floor” ,”Holdin Out“, and “Big Parade”. 

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