15 Stunning Lesbian Wedding Venues in the UK

If you’re looking for the best lesbian wedding venues in the UK, let me give you a hand!

We’re going to head across the pond and check out stunning LGBTQ-friendly venues in England, Scotland and Wales.

What about Northern Ireland?

You’ll find out why we left them off (for now) below.

As with our other LGBTQ wedding venue ideas, we’ll begin with a discussion of the laws you’ll need to know about.

Let’s get started, shall we?

From Gothic buildings in Scotland to historical royal homes in England, if you're looking for the best lesbian wedding venues in the UK, check out our list!

Where does the UK stand on same-sex marriages?

As of right now, England, Scotland and Wales all recognize same-sex marriages.

Northern Ireland is a bit behind the times, but will start recognizing them on Jan 13, 2020.

So, for now, we’re going to stick to the UK countries that allow you to legally get married.

I’m going to be honest here, I don’t know much about UK law, so I don’t feel comfortable telling you whether or not they have anti-discrimination laws the way we do (or don’t, in some states).

This Wikipedia page does a pretty good job of rounding up the legislation.

I do know that, as of 2017, religious organizations could still legally discriminate against LGBTQ couples in England, and that churches can opt into performing them…or opt out if they want.

So, if you’re a US citizen planning a destination wedding in the UK, you’ll want to come right out and ask vendors if they are LGBTQ-friendly before booking them.

You shouldn’t have to do that, and some day we’ll live in a world where you won’t have to.

For now, though, it’s better to be blunt then scramble at the last minute to find replacements for close-minded vendors.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s find you the perfect lesbian wedding venues in the UK! I’m breaking it down by country.

Lesbian Wedding Venues in England

England is pretty LGBTQ-friendly, so it’s not hard to find beautiful lesbian wedding venues there.

I’ve chosen 5 from throughout the country, from London to Leeds! Check them out!

1. The Queen’s House in London

No, not Buckingham Palace, although how neat would that be?

The Queen’s House is a stunning historical building that was designed for Anne of Denmark (married to James I).

Choose to have your ceremony, reception, or both in this beyond beautiful venue.

They’ll take care of all the details for you (no DIY weddings allowed), so you just have to show up ready to tie the knot.

2. The Wellbeing Farm in Bolton

From royal elegance to rustically charming, our next destination is the Wellbeing Farm in Bolton, England.

If you’re not sure where that is, it’s just northwest of Manchester.

Book your wedding through them and you’ll have access to one of four (or all four) areas of the farm, including two barns, a pavilion, and a tipi (aka teepee) tent.

Not only is it an award-winning wedding venue, it’s also a Gold Award status location for its green practices (the whole farm is wind-powered).

3. High Leases in Yorkshire

Located just inside the Yorkshire Dales National Park area in Northern England, High Leases allows DIY weddings for those who want to handle everything themselves.

Although, if you prefer to have someone else do all the planning, they do offer that option.

The only drawback? You can’t actually have the ceremony there. However, registered locations are just a few minutes away by car.

Tie the knot down the street, then hold your reception in the newly renovated building. Bonus? You can even bring your dog!

4. Capheaton Hall  in Newcastle

The 17th century Capheaton Hall sits in the midst of 500 acres of a wooded wonderland, making it a great place for a private wedding.

In other words, it’s just you, your guests, and nature for as far as the eye can see.

Plus, this family-run venue only hosts about 10 weddings a year, so you’ll be part of an exclusive club!

Options range from DIY weddings to fully planned affairs by their staff of experts.

5. Cavendish Hotel in East Sussex

If you’re dreaming of a seaside wedding in England, you’ll love the Cavendish Hotel in East Sussex.

The classic Victorian hotel looks out over the Eastbourne sea, with stunning views from each of its 100 guest rooms.

While they allow DIY weddings, you’ll want to take advantage of their staff of experts if you’re traveling from abroad.

After the wedding, spend your honeymoon exploring the historic landmarks around the town.

Scotland Lesbian Wedding Venues

From Gothic buildings in Scotland to historical royal homes in England, if you're looking for the best lesbian wedding venues in the UK, check out our list!

1. Glenskirlie House & Castle in Stirlingshire

Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you..when you choose the Glenskirlie House & Castle in Stirlingshire for your wedding.

They offer three Fairy Tale packages based on the number of guests and will plan every last detail for you.

Choose to host your big day in the house or the castle. Either option will definitely be a dream come true.

Plus, it’s located right between Edinburgh and Glasgow, so it’s the perfect home base for a Scottish honeymoon.

2. Arta Glasgow in Glasgow

If you’re looking for hip & unique venue for your big day, take a peek at the Arta Glasgow.

The charming Spanish-style townhouse venue has a total of 7 function rooms, with at least one holding up to 180 guests.

The food is supposed to be amazing, especially if you love Spanish cuisine, so you’ll definitely want to take advantage of their catering.

Choose from intimate candlelit entrees to full buffets. I personally LOVE buffet-style weddings!

3. The Witchery by the Castle in Edinburgh

Perhaps one of the most unique lesbian wedding venues in the UK, the Witchery by the Castle in Edinburgh is my personal dream location!

It’s located right at the gates of the Edinburgh Castle. Fans of the TV show Reign know this is where Mary Queen of Scots was born.

While it’s an amazing venue for those who love historical 16th century Gothic architecture and style, you can also choose to wed in the Secret Garden.

Make sure you stay in the hotel, especially if you love dark and dramatic Baroque-style decor.

4. Norton House Hotel & Spa in Edinburgh

Let’s jump ahead to the Georgian era and head to a slightly more modern locale, shall we?

The Norton House Hotel & Spa, located in Edinburgh, is a budget-friendly option for those who love the idea of a bespoke wedding.

During the day, they can accommodate up to 90 guests. However, at night, that number almost doubles up to 170.

They offer a ton of different inclusive package options as well as per-person pricing.

5. Springkell in Eaglesfield

Let’s stick around the 1700s and head over to the Sprinkell, located in Eaglesfield Scotland, just a few miles away from the historic Gretna Green.

The spectacularly stunning (and massive) mansion offers a wide range of bespoke pricing options.

Their entire motto is “your day, your way,” and they’ll go above and beyond to give you exactly what you want. They’ll even create a special drink for you!

Lesbian Wedding Venues in Wales

From Gothic buildings in Scotland to historical royal homes in England, if you're looking for the best lesbian wedding venues in the UK, check out our list!

1. Tall John’s House in the Llangorse Lake Valley

Tall John’s House is an elegant Georgian manor located in the Llangorse Lake Valley in Wales.

For weddings, they offer use of their stunning barn (this isn’t your typical farm barn!) as well as their courtyards.

The best part? You don’t have to go with any of their wedding packages.

They’ll give you a huge list of vendors to choose from so you can plan the wedding of your dreams on a budget.

2. Iscoyd Park in Shropshire

With over 150 years of experience in planning weddings, you can’t get much more knowledgeable than the staff at Iscoyd Park.

While they allow DIY weddings, you’ll want to take advantage of all that history and let them help you out.

All of their weddings are bespoke, so you’re never locked into a package.

The location itself is beyond beautiful. The house dates back to the 1700s and features red brick surrounded by greenery and gardens.

3. Quay Hotel & Spa in Conwy

One look at those stunning views in the pic above and it’s easy to see why the Quay Hotel & Spa is one of the best lesbian wedding venues in the UK.

It sits right along the water in the charming and idyllic medieval town of Conwy, home of the famous food festival.

The budget-friendly venue offers bespoke pricing and includes access to their award-winning restaurant with locally sourced seafood and beef.

4. Brangwyn Hall in Swansea

The beautiful Brangwyn Hall gets its name from renowned artist Sir Frank Brangwyn, who designed many of the panels throughout.

While it’s best known as a concert venue due to it’s excellent acoustics, it’s also a fabulous place for your wedding.

With event rooms for small groups of 20 all the way up to massive guest lists of 500, no wedding is too big or too small for this venue.

5. Nash Point Lighthouse

The Nash Point Lighthouse is a ceremony-only venue, making it perfect for those eloping or planning just a tiny intimate affair.

While you can’t currently go inside the lighthouse, it makes for a stunning backdrop to your wedding photos.

The mid 19th century structure was the very last manned lighthouse in Wales.

Of course, these are far from the only lesbian wedding venues in the UK, but they’re among my favorites!

Whether you want to tie the knot with the sea as your backdrop or love the idea of standing in the same place as some of history’s most famous royalty, the UK has the perfect venue for you.


What are the wedding laws in the UK?

As of February 2023, the UK marriage law requires individuals to be 18 or over. You should also not be closely related with your fiance and you should not already be married.

What is the Marriage Act 2013 UK?

This act allows same sex couples to get married in the UK and enjoy the same rights as other individuals. The marriage of same sex couples can be carried out in register offices and premises that have been approved.

What makes marriage invalid in the UK?

A marriage can be void and nullified if you are closely related to the person you got married to. In addition to this, marriages can be nullified if one or both were below 18 years old or was in a civil partnership with someone else.

Can you get married in UK if you don’t live there?

You will have to get a notice of marriage or civil partnership. This is because England and Wales requires both parties to be a resident of either country. 

Do you have any other favorite LGBTQ-friendly wedding venues in the UK? Share below?

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