The Best 90s Country Wedding Songs For Your Special Day

Country music songs are only ever about three things: love, break-ups, and alcohol. Sometimes all three! We’re just going to focus on the first one here, though. We want to share some amazing 90s country wedding songs.

These country wedding songs from the 90s can be used at various times during your wedding. You may want to use one of them as your processional music, another for your first dance, and another for a bit of a boogie later in the evening.

The Best 90s Country Wedding Songs

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Check out these other popular hits for the ultimate play list on your big day:

1. ‘Amazed’ – Lonestar

Lyrics You’ll Love: Every time our eyes meet / This feelin’ inside me / Is almost more than I can take

‘Amazed’ from Lonestar is one of those 90s country music songs that everybody knows, even if they don’t like country.

When this song was released, it could be found everywhere. Most radio stations could barely get a couple of tracks before adding it to the playlist. No surprise, really. This song is beautiful and incredibly catchy.

This song works wonderfully well as a first dance song. The romantic lyrics tell the story of how great it feels to be in love and to be close to somebody and experience everything together.

Yes. We know that this has been used countless times for a first dance, but we genuinely can’t think of a better 90s country music song for that! 

2. ‘It’s Your Love’ – Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

Lyrics You’ll Love: It’s your love / It just does something to me / It sends a shock right through me / I can’t get enough

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are a tremendous pairing. If you had to think of two quintessential 90s country singers, then it would have to be these two. Their voices defined a generation, and even now they would have no issues selling out huge concerts.

When Tim and Faith paired up for this track, they were married. You can really ‘feel’ the love that the two of them shared for one another. The lyrics make this song perfectly suited for both processional music, and for the first dance.

3. ‘Love of My Life’ – Sammy Kershaw

Lyrics You’ll Love: You are the love of my life / And you are the reason I’m alive

We love Sammy Kershaw’s voice, and we have no doubt you will too. As you can probably imagine from the name of the song, Sammy is singing about the love of his life.

This song is perfect for couples who feel they have ‘saved’ one another, and who never want to leave the side of their new partner. This is one of the best 90s country wedding songs, as the lyrics even mention getting married. 

This is a tremendous song for walking down the aisle. Imagine how many people will start crying when they hear the beautiful lyrics ‘As we stand together / I promise forever / ‘Til the day that I die’

4. ‘This Kiss’ – Faith Hill

Lyrics You’ll Love: It’s the way you love me / It’s a feeling like this / It’s centrifugal motion / It’s perpetual bliss

We can’t possibly put together a list of the best 90s country music songs for a wedding without giving Faith Hill a couple of mentions. This is one of her better solo offerings.

‘This Kiss’ shows how deep country music lyrics can be. We doubt there are many other genres where you could fit in a line like ‘centrifugal motion’ and still make it sound romantic.

The song is all about sharing a kiss with one another, and the special emotions that this evokes. It could make a great upbeat first dance, but we love it when ‘This Kiss’ plays a bit later on in the evening. People love to dance.

5. ‘My Love’ – Little Texas

Lyrics You’ll Love: Are you ready for my love, my love / my love, my love is ready for you

We’ve always seen ‘My Love’ by Little Texas as the perfect tune to play over a montage of wedding festivities. The lyrics are just so joyful, and they really show off how much love a person can have for another.

Granted, some of the lyrics are a touch cheesy ‘my love is overflowing from a love cup’, but that’s the charm of some 90s country music, right?

6. ‘I Love You The Way You Love Me’ – John Michael Montgomery

Lyrics You’ll Love: But I love the way you love me. / Strong and wild, slow and easy. / Heart and soul, so completely. / I love the way you love me.

This 90s country music song took the world by storm, and it isn’t hard to see why. John Michael Montgomery is a wonderful singer, and the tune is incredibly catchy.

As with most country music songs, the lyrics are all about the feelings of love. This means the beauty of a kiss, the thrill of being loved by another, etc.

We have seen this used a couple of times as a first dance song and, you know what? We smiled every single time.

7. ‘If I Didn’t Have You’ – Randy Travis

Lyrics You’ll Love: Well I lost my heart on the day we met / But I gained a lot and that I don’t regret / Then I hung around ’til you said, “I do”

This is another one of those 90s country wedding songs that directly references getting married, so you already know that it is going to be perfect for a wedding.

It talks about how the person they love is the light of their life, and if they didn’t have them, they would never feel complete. How the heart was lost on the very first meeting (love at first sight). This could make a great processional song or even a slightly up-tempo first dance.

8. ‘Love Me’ – Collin Raye

Lyrics You’ll Love: We had this crazy plan to meet / And run away together / Get married in the first town

If you know your 90s country music, then you’ll know that this is a very bold choice. It isn’t any old romance song, but tells the story of two grandparents falling in love. It isn’t really your traditional wedding song, but like all the others on this list, it just works!

‘Love Me’ tells the story of a timeless love, which is what the married couple will be hoping for. How they hope they shall still be in love in their older age.

While we doubt it would make a great choice as processional music, or even a first dance, it is a song that should be played at least once at any country music-lover’s wedding.

9. ‘Look Heart, No Hands’ – Randy Travis

Lyrics You’ll Love: It took a little time to get up to speed / To find the confidence and strength I need

This song is a story of a man that is so confident in the relationship that he is in, he needs no safety net. He has never felt so confident in a relationship and believes that this is the only romance that he ever needs.

This song could work incredibly well for couples where there may have been a lack of confidence at the start.

One person may have been burned in a previous relationship, so they were a little wary of jumping into a new one. However, as they fell deeper and deeper into love, they realize they are in the perfect situation for them.

This is a great song for a first dance.

10. ‘You’re Still The One’ – Shania Twain

Lyrics You’ll Love: You’re still the one I run to / The one that I belong to / You’re still the one I want for life

This may be one of the most famous of the 90s country wedding songs. Everybody loves the chorus, and we can guarantee you that if this plays at your wedding, there will be people singing along to this amazing tune.

Shania Twain tells a beautiful story. A story of how love can stand even the toughest of times. That no matter what a couple goes through, at the end of the day, they are still the only person the other wants.

This makes a great up-tempo first dance, but we suggest playing it a bit later in the evening when others can join in.

11. ‘Cowboy Take Me Away’ – The Chicks

Lyrics You’ll Love: I said, cowboy take me away / Fly this girl as high as you can into the wild blue

Cowboys and country music go hand-in-hand. So, why not a brilliant song about cowboys?

This song is about a woman wishing that her ‘cowboy’ will sweep her off her feet and carry her into the sunset, ready to love one another forever.

This is a great first dance song, especially if you don’t want to dance too slowly. When you have The Chicks singing to you, you can imagine that cowboy taking you off into the sky, and finally feeling free in your relationship.

12. ‘She’s Got It All’ – Kenny Chesney

Lyrics You’ll Love: She’s got every quality / From A all the way to Z / It’s easy to see she’s the perfect girl

How can we possibly have a list of 90s romantic country music songs for weddings without mentioning Kenny Chesney? Hint: we can’t!

Kenny sings about the woman that he loves and how she has everything that he could possibly want. No first dance or processional music for this one. The upbeat tempo makes it perfect for a proper wedding hoedown.

13. ‘To Be Loved By You’ – Wynonna Judd

Lyrics You’ll Love: Love that’s worth fighting for / That’s what this is / And how, how could I want more

Wynonna Judd sings about how she would do anything for the person she loves. She will climb mountains and walk miles. She believes that the love the two of them share is eternal and it will never extinguish.

Hopefully, this is exactly the way that you feel about your new spouse, so it is a great choice for an up-tempo first dance.

14. ‘I’d Love You All Over Again’ – Alan Jackson

Lyrics You’ll Love: If tomorrow I found one more chance to begin / I’d love you all over again

Alan Jackson sings a nice ditty about an old marriage. One where, despite going through all the challenges a wedding brings, the person loves their spouse every single day. If they had to make a choice, they would go through everything again, just to feel the love of their partner.

While your marriage may be new, we are sure that you will eventually feel like this one day. So, why not get your marriage off to a great start with a song dedicated to eternal marital bliss?

15. ‘I Like I Love It’ – Tim McGraw

Lyrics You’ll Love: My mama and daddy tried to teach me courtesy / But it never sank in ’til that girl got a hold of me

We’re going to round off with another Tim McGraw song. Here, he sings about how now he has experienced love, he never wants it to end. He never realized how it felt to love somebody until he met his partner.

This is a great song to dance to.  A lot of people are going to enjoy singing along to ‘I like it, I love it’.


If you love your 90s country wedding songs, then you have a good selection of tracks here. Why not choose a few of them and have a fantastic country wedding?

Get started with some great processional music and first dance, then bop the night away with awesome hits like ‘I Like I Love It’ by Tim McGraw.


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What are the best 90s country wedding songs?

‘Amazed’ by Lonestar and ‘It’s Your Love’ by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill are some of the most popular country wedding songs.

What is the best processional 90s country music song?

‘Amazed’ by Lonestar is a very common wedding processional song. It is a slow song, well-known, and conjures up wonderful feelings of romance.

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