10 Best Acappella Wedding Songs For Unforgettable Moments

Acappella singing is pretty special. In this type of music, no instrumental accompaniment gets used which means that the voices and the lyrics are the only things that matter.

Acappella wedding songs started becoming quite popular recently as they allow the guests to fully enjoy the moment without any interruption. Listening to such music is definitely a unique experience that can leave everyone in awe.

And if that’s the exact effect that you’re going for, you should certainly consider incorporating one of the songs mentioned below into your special day.

Whether you’re looking for a song for the bridal entrance, the first kiss, or for an unexpected way to kick off the party – you’ll find the perfect one on our list.

10 Best Acappella Wedding Songs

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1. “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley (Julia Westlin cover)

Top Lyrics: Take my hand/Take my whole life too/For I can’t help falling in love with you

Over six decades ago, the King of Rock and Roll released one of the most timeless love ballads. The song can become a beautiful tribute to your love story and will work magnificently well for the bridal entrance or the couple’s first dance.

There are quite a few acapella versions that you might choose to use on your wedding day, but the one by Julia Westlin is, perhaps, the most tender one out of them all.

2.  “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen (Pentatonix cover)

Top Lyrics: Well people I’ve been here before/I know this room and I’ve walked this floor/You see I used to live alone before I knew ya

Leonard Cohen is known for writing expertly about all sorts of emotions, and Hallelujah is a wonderful example of how great of a poet the man was. The song is about sadness, remorse, hope, and, ultimately, humanity’s most cherished trait – love.

The acapella cover of the legendary song by Pentatonix is the exact version you’re looking for if you love ‘Hallelujah’ but want it to sound a bit more uplifting during the wedding ceremony.

3. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Judy Garland (Voctave cover)

Top Lyrics: Somewhere over the rainbow/Skies are blue/And the dreams that you dare to dream/Really do come true

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was named the song of the century. It became Judy Garland’s anthem and the actress and singer often lovingly referred to the song as ‘sacred’.

However, a lot of people believe that there is no one real authentic version of the song and that there are as many different versions as there are performers.

This version sounds like the perfect choice for the bridal entrance, if you need a real goosebump moment.

4. “Wedding Song (There Is Love)” by Paul Stookey

Top Lyrics: Well a man shall leave his mother/And a woman leave her home/They shall travel on to where the two shall be as one.

Stookey credits this song to divine inspiration. The man originally wrote it as a wedding present to his bandmate Peter Yarrow and then refused to play it again for a long time.

The song is a beautiful celebration of the love of the newlywed couple and their union with God. It is considered to be a wedding classic and is performed during ceremonies all across the States.

If you’re looking for something a bit more unique for your special day, then you might want to opt for this acapella version.

5.  “All of Me” by John Legend (The Filharmonic cover)

Top Lyrics: Give your all to me/I’ll give my all to you/You’re my end and my beginning/Even when I lose, I’m winning

John Legend dedicated this heartwarming ode to his wife. It’s the perfect song for acapella covers as it’s, basically, an acapella tune going with all the harmonizers.

The Filharmonic “All of Me” cover has an excellent bass and killer harmonies which are simply perfect for the first dance.

6.  “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper (Camden Voices cover)

Top Lyrics: And I see your true colors/Shining through/I see your true colors/And that’s why I love you

Originally, Billy Steinberg wrote the song about his own mother. So, naturally, a lot of newlyweds choose this song as an accompaniment for the mother/son and father/daughter dance.

This beautiful piece of music has stunning harmonies and that’s exactly why the acapella adaptations often sound just as great as the original.

7.  “I Say a Little Prayer” by Aretha Franklin (4 ANIMA cover)

Top Lyrics: forever/You’ll stay in my heart and I will love you/Forever forever and ever/We never will part, oh, how I love you

“I Say a Little Prayer” has become a must-have for wedding playlists after a playful cover of this song got featured in the movie ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’. It is definitely an excellent and driving song that can be the cherry on top of the cake at the very end of your ceremony.

And if you want to make the moment extra memorable, then you might want to choose this acapella cover by 4 ANIMA that is especially uplifting and inspiring.

8. “Perfect” by Pentatonix

Top Lyrics: I found a lover, to carry more than just my secrets/To carry love, to carry children of our own

The romantic ballad was written by Ed Sheeran about his then-girlfriend (now wife) Cherry Seaborn. The lyrics are truly wonderful and if you’re marrying a school sweetheart, you won’t find a better song for the first dance.

To make sure that everyone pays attention to the lyrics, go for this acapella cover by the talented Pentatonix.

9. “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon and Garfunkel (VoicePlay cover)

Top Lyrics: Oh, when darkness comes/And pain is all around/Like a bridge over troubled water/I will lay me down

“Bridge Over Troubled Water” was inspired by an old Southern gospel song. By playing this hit at your wedding, you’re making a promise to your loved one to be there when hard times come and to become for them the ‘bridge’.

The acapella adaptation by VoicePlay adds an unexpected twist to the iconic song while still focusing on the beautiful lyrics.

10. “Moon River” by Audrey Hepburn (Voctave cover)

Top Lyrics: Two drifters, off to see the world/There’s such a lot of world to see

One of the dreamiest songs has extremely simple yet powerful lyrics about those who choose to follow their heart.

The song was performed by many phenomenal artists throughout the years, but the acapella version really brings out the very best in the song. All of your guests will get goosebumps and definitely shed a tear or two.

Final Thoughts

There is no more beautiful instrument than the human voice. The acapella wedding songs from this list will become an amazing choice for those who are looking for something extra special to add to their big day’s playlist.

Whether it’s for the entrance of the gorgeous bride, the first dance, or the first kiss, the perfect harmonies would undoubtedly be able to touch everyone’s hearts and souls in a way that nothing else can.


What song is acapella?

A song that is performed without the accompaniment of a backing track or musical instruments is called ‘acapella’.

Can acapella songs be used for the bridal entrance?

They certainly can! Acapella songs are a great choice if you want to create a mesmerizing atmosphere during the bridal entrance.

Is it possible to dance to acapella songs?

Acapella wedding songs can be not only slow and tender. Plenty of versions are quite playful and will make everyone get up and start dancing.

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by Acapella Soul is a great example of a song that has to be enjoyed on the dancefloor.

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