20 Best Bagpipe Wedding Songs That Set The Mood

There’s something soul-stirring and captivating about the bagpipes that make them desirable instruments at ceremonies. So if you want to add a touch of Scottish charm to your big day, you’ll need the best bagpipe wedding songs. 

While there are a lot of songs out there, only a few can blend melodiously with the cheerful celebrations of love and weddings. For this reason, we compiled a list of 20 bagpipe wedding songs that will make you cherish every moment of your big day for years to come.

We’re sure that these tracks will infuse your wedding atmosphere with love, romance, fun, and a sense of tradition. Get comfortable as we explore the best bagpipe songs for your wedding ceremony.

20 Bagpipe Wedding Songs

Check out these other amazing tunes for the ultimate play list on your wedding day:

1. Scottish Wedding Music by James Horner

This beautiful and captivating music piece captures the essence of love and celebration, making it a great choice for your wedding. As the bagpipe sound fills the atmosphere, the rich harmonies of this music go deep into the soul of every listener.

“Scottish Wedding Music” adds a touch of tradition, romance, and splendor to your big day, leaving a lasting impression on the minds of guests. 

2. Braveheart Trilogy by Celtic and Pipes

“Braveheart Trilogy” can create the perfect atmosphere for your ceremony. The calm melodies of the bagpipe sound create a soothing atmosphere, evoking deep emotions that resonate with the couple’s love and commitment.

This music piece offers an enticing combination of romance, celebration, and courage. 

3. Flower Of Scotland by The Corries

When used as a wedding song, “Flower Of Scotland” can add a special touch of Scottish tradition to your ceremony. The song’s rich harmonies and gentle tone can create an intimate atmosphere for everyone present. It’s a piece of music that captures the themes of love, unity, and pride.

4. Wedding March by Felix Mendelssohn

For your processional or recessional, “Wedding March” will create a celebratory and anticipatory ambiance. The rhythm of this beautiful piece offers a steady pace, ushering the couples down the aisle.

This romantic music enhances the sense of love and commitment between a couple, evoking feelings of harmony. “Wedding March” is wonderful music that will make a great addition to your bagpipe wedding songs. 

5. The Atholl Highlanders by Bagpipe Master

“The Atholl Highlanders” is a popular Scottish tune that can set the tone for an elegant and amazing experience. It’s captivating music that exudes tradition and the joy that comes with celebrations.

The song’s striking melodies and rhythmic beats make it the ideal choice for honoring one’s heritage. 

6. Amazing Grace by John Newton

From time to time, couples around the world use this soulful music as their wedding song. Its poignant lyrics and uplifting melody make “Amazing Grace” a popular choice for individuals who understand the nature of love and new beginnings.

The song has the potential to touch the hearts of everyone present, creating a calming atmosphere.

7. She Moved Through the Fair by Herbert Hughes

With its haunting sound, “She Moved Through the Fair” can set the stage for a magnificent and enchanting atmosphere. The resonant sound of the bagpipe conveys the deep emotions associated with this song’s lyrics, capturing feelings of love and longing. 

Whether as a bridal entrance song or during cocktail hour, “She Moved Through the Fair” will immerse your guests in a memorable moment of celebration. 

8. Highland Cathedral by Ulrich Roever and Michael Korb

An enchanting and emotional piece, “Highland Cathedral,” can transport everyone present to the realm of love. The song’s crescendos and uplifting melodies symbolize a couple’s marital journey and their future aspirations.

“Highland Cathedral” is a touching piece that can awaken deep emotions in everyone present, making them shed tears of joy. 

9. Whiskey In The Jar (Unknown Composer)

With its energetic rhythm and lively tempo, “Whiskey In The Jar” ensures a celebratory ceremony. The unique bagpipe sounds will command the attention of everyone present, encouraging them to have fun.

As a reception song, the bagpipe performance of “Whiskey In The Jar” will get everyone showing off their dancing skills. 

10. Scotland The Brave (Unknown Composer)

“Scotland the Brave” is a popular song that is mostly played at Scottish weddings. While it is not a song about love or commitment, its lyrics speak of courage and determination, attributes important for a marriage. 

When played for the wedding processional, its rousing sound can set the mood for excitement and celebration. “Scotland the Brave” is a classic and versatile song that can fit any style of wedding ceremony you desire. 

11. Canon In D Major by Johann Pachelbel

One of the most famous wedding songs, the bagpipe sound of “Canon in D Major,” lingers in your mind for a long time. The song’s calm melody and beautiful harmonies will infuse your wedding atmosphere with love and happiness.

Whether as a bride’s entrance song or the recessional, “Canon In D Major” will add a touch of elegance to your big day. 

12. Mairi’s Wedding by J.R Bannerman

With its joyful and lively melody, “Mairi’s Wedding” bagpipe performance will make an ideal fit for your ceremony. It’s a versatile song that can be performed at any moment of your wedding ceremony. “Mairi’s Wedding” will surely make your wedding more exciting and memorable. 

13. Skye Boat Song by Bear McCreary

When planning to add a touch of timeless romance to your big day, include a bagpipe rendition of “Skye Boat Song” in your ceremony. The haunting melody of this music piece fills the atmosphere with love and a sense of anticipation.

As the bride walks down the aisle, the distinctive sound of the bagpipes can add an air of splendor to the atmosphere. 

14. Bridal Chorus (Here Comes the Bride) by Richard Wagner

An Iconic and beautiful piece, the bagpipe sound of “Bridal Chorus” can offer a majestic quality to your wedding. As the rich tune of these instruments echoes in the background, they have the power to invoke feelings of love, joy, and excitement.

Bridal Chorus” is solemn and uplifting music that can enhance the emotional impact of a moment. 

15. Regimental Company March by The Gordon Highlanders

There’s something unique about this musical piece that captures the attention of listeners when played with passion.

The song’s lively rhythm can set the stage for an entertaining and happy celebration. Considering its marching beats, “Regimental Company March” will make a good recessional song or background music. 

16. For The Love Of A Princess by James Horner

With their stirring sound, the bagpipes convey the emotions associated with this song, touching the hearts of everyone present. “For the Love of a Princess” sets a solemn tone that signals the beginning of a special moment in your ceremony.

This music evokes a sense of romance, beauty, and Scottish tradition when performed at a wedding. 

17. Highland Laddie by Kenneth McKellar 

Owing to its melodious tune, “Highland Laddie” is a popular bagpipe song in wedding ceremonies. The song’s vibrant tempo and rhythmic beats offer an energetic atmosphere, setting the tone for dancing and celebration.

“Highland Laddie” can be played or performed at the wedding reception, where everyone can showcase their dancing skills. 

18. The Mist Covered Mountains by Mark Knopfler

“The Mist Covered Mountains” is a music piece that perfectly captures the feelings of love and happiness associated with wedding celebrations.

When performed skillfully, the rich bagpipes sound can add a sense of magnificence to your occasion. This passionate music has the power to uplift the spirits of every listener at your ceremony. 

19. Dark Island by The Lone Pipers and The Munros

Create an enchanting atmosphere with the stirring bagpipe harmonies of this music. As the soul-stirring sound of the instruments fills the air, it captivates the attention of guests, echoing the emotions of the moment.

“Dark Island” has a timeless charm and cultural significance that make it an ideal wedding song. 

20. When The Battles O’er by William Robb

While “When the Battles O’er” is not a wedding song, its celebratory melody is a fantastic addition to wedding ceremonies. When performed for the bridal entrance, the melodic lines of this song echo through the air, creating a solemn ambiance.

“When the Battles O’er” conveys a powerful message of courage and perseverance and the celebration of unity. 

Final Thoughts

Now, you have a list of 20 bagpipe wedding songs from which you can choose. Since individual preferences differ, it will be best to carry your partner along with the song selection process. 

These timeless instruments have the power to evoke strong emotions, thereby creating a powerful and intense ambiance for everyone present. 

Whether for your wedding entrance, first dance, or recessional, bagpipe songs will make your ceremony special and memorable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Zac Brown Wedding Songs

What is the Most Played Bagpipe Song?

“Scotland the Brave” is believed to be the most played bagpipe song. It is a Scottish patriot tune that is assumed to have emerged during the 20th century. The song is commonly played by pipe bands and pipers around the world. 

Do They Play Bagpipes At Weddings?

Most commonly at Scottish weddings, having pipers play is a tradition that has been happening for years. There’s an age-old belief that once a bagpiper meets the bride, she will have a happy marriage. Nowadays, couples all over the world hire the services of bagpipers to perform at their weddings. 

What Kind of Music Is Perfect for a Wedding?

The perfect music styles for weddings include hymns, jazz, pop, Broadway, light classical, contemporary music, pop, and more. It’s important to check out the types of music you’d want to listen to on your wedding day.

This way, you’d be able to speak to the person in charge of your wedding playlists about your choices. 

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