20 Best Alabama Wedding Songs For Your Special Day

For every joyous celebration, whether simple or grand, good music makes all the difference. Let the iconic tunes of Alabama wedding songs create a romantic and enjoyable ambiance for you and your guests. 

When selecting music for your wedding, you’ll need songs that can add a touch of love, joy, and celebration to your special day. In this article, we compiled a list of 20 Alabama songs that will make your ceremony outstanding and memorable. 

With their soulful sounds and the perfect mix of country charm, Alabama’s love songs will activate a celebratory and energetic mood. 

Whether for the pre-ceremony background music or reception song, this legendary band’s rich melodies will fill your mind with joy.

20 Alabama Wedding Songs

Don’t miss out these other popular tunes for the ultimate play list on your wedding day:

1. Feels So Right

Best Lyrics: So hold me close and love me/Give my heart a smile

“Feels So Right” is a timeless romantic song that can set the mood for the perfect celebration at your wedding ceremony. The song’s lyrics express the desire for physical and emotional connection, which couples can relate to.

Its slow, stirring tempo makes this song perfect for your first dance or other intimate moments.  

2. Angels Among Us

Best Lyrics: Oh, I believe there are angels among us/Sent down to us from somewhere up above

Dedicate “Angels Among Us” to the person who has always been a source of support in your time of need. It’s a passionate song that acknowledges the presence of special beings who offer love and guidance in difficult times.

With its emotional lyrics and lively melody, “Angels Among Us” will touch the hearts of everyone present. 

3. Face To Face

Best Lyrics: No one else can take your place/We happen face to face

Let the soothing melody of “Face to Face” envelop you and your partner, taking you to a magical realm of love and romance. As this song begins, its melody and intimate lyrics set the tone for a serene and loving atmosphere.

The lyrics of “Face to Face” emphasize the importance of physical touch and closeness in a romantic relationship.

4. You’re My Explanation For Living

Best Lyrics: And you’re my, my explanation for living/Without your sweet, sweet love, I’d be nothing

Choose “You’re My Explanation For Living” as the bridal entrance song to fill the atmosphere with love and anticipation. The song’s lyrics express admiration for a partner whose presence is a source of happiness and accomplishment.

You’re My Explanation for Living” is a song that perfectly captures the love stories of most couples who are getting married. 

5. This Love’s On Me

Best Lyrics: Without true love, there could be no hope

To create a heartwarming ceremony, include “This Love’s On Me” in your wedding playlist. The song revolves around the theme of healing from hurtful past relationships and starting a new love journey with the right person.

Combined with the passionate lyrics of this song, the song’s amazing instrumentation creates a positive vibe. 

6. God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You

Best Lyrics: I never thought that love could feel like this/Then you changed my world with just one kiss.

Captivating, emotional, and romantic are the words that describe this touching song. The lyrics explore the deep feelings of love and admiration for someone special.

It’s a song that describes the transformative power of love, which can change an individual’s life. Combined with its gentle harmonies, the passionate delivery of this song can evoke feelings of love and appreciation. 

7. Love In The First Degree

Best Lyrics: Lock me away inside of your love/And throw away the key

If not with lively music, in what other way can you express the joy you feel on your wedding day? “Love in the First Degree” features a catchy melody and irresistible harmonies that can activate the mood for celebration. 

The lyrics express the alluring power of love, which is associated with vulnerability and the willingness to be carried away by feelings. Given its energetic instrumentation, “Love In The First Degree” can set the stage for your guests to dance.

8. When We Make Love

Best Lyrics: When we make love/Oh, it’s such a precious time/We share our hearts, our souls, and our minds

Set the mood for a passionate and unforgettable wedding night experience with this romantic song. “When We Make Love” expresses intimacy between lovers as an act of care and attention that goes beyond the physical touch.

The gentle melodies of this song, combined with its lyrics and instrumental arrangement, create a calm and intimate aura.  

9. Will You Marry Me

Best Lyrics: On bended knee, would you take this ring/Will you marry me, please

“Will You Marry Me” is a classic song that conveys a transformative question of lifelong commitment, making it the perfect addition to your ceremony.

The lyrics express the nervousness and vulnerability that come with a marriage proposal. Its soft instrumentation and gentle tempo make “Will You Marry Me” a good first dance song. 

10. Forever’s As Far As I’ll Go

Best Lyrics: And I will give you my heart/Faithful and true/And all the love it can hold

This song’s classic melody and heartfelt, intense delivery can infuse your wedding atmosphere with love. “Forever’s As Far As I’ll Go” describes the deep feelings of love and the limitations that come with them. 

The lyrics convey a message of assurance that love and commitment have no limits, no matter the circumstances. The song’s gentle instrumentation can set the mood for a calm and romantic ambiance. 

11. My Love Belongs To You

Best Lyrics: My feet belong to my shoes/Oh but baby my love belongs to you

With its heartfelt tone and soaring harmonies, “My Love Belongs To You” will evoke feelings of love and nostalgia in every listener. The song describes the deep feelings of love and commitment between two lovers.

As the bride walks down the aisle, the delicate instrumentation of this song can enhance the emotional effect of the moment. 

12. Close Enough To Perfect

Best Lyrics: Don’t you worry about my woman/And what you think she ought to be/She’s close enough to perfect for me!

“Close Enough To Perfect” is a beautiful song that conveys a powerful message of acceptance. The lyrics express admiration for a partner regardless of their imperfections because they’re a source of happiness. 

The song’s chorus affirms the decision to hold on to the special person even when society doesn’t consider them perfect. Every couple who has experienced antagonism towards their partners can relate to this song. 

13. How Do You Fall In Love?

Best Lyrics: That’s how you fall in love/That’s when you say “I do”

When it comes to songs that fill an atmosphere with a sense of calmness and love, “How Do You Fall In Love” is a top choice. The lyrics describe how true love can come unexpectedly and can sometimes be hard to come by when desired. 

Ultimately, the song conveys the message of holding on to true love despite the challenges. This Alabama wedding song can be played or performed during the intimate moments of your ceremony. 

14. The Maker Said Take Her

Best Lyrics: The Maker said take her and love her forever, take care of her for life, and treat her right.

Accompanying its beautiful melody is the sweet harmonies of this song which makes it a perfect addition to your wedding song list. The lyrics of this track express the importance of cherishing and respecting a partner, as instructed by a divine being.

“The Maker Said Take Her” is a classic song that can add a touch of tenderness and romance to your wedding ceremony. 

15. She And I

Best Lyrics: She and I live in our own little world/Don’t worry about the world outside

Let the comforting melody of “She and I” create a delightful atmosphere for you and your guests. The lyrics explore the feelings of contentment between two lovers in a relationship and society’s perception of them. 

They both exist in their own world, without bothering about societal norms. “She and I” is a heartfelt song that captures the emotions associated with a couple’s wedding day, which makes it perfect for the first dance. 

16. There’s No Way

Best Lyrics: I don’t know how I could do without holding you close every night/I’ve waited so long just to have you to hold

As you embark on a new love journey, choose this song as an assurance of your lifelong commitment to your partner. The lyrics express the deep feelings of love and the vulnerability that come with them.

“There’s No Way” expresses admiration for a lover who is a source of happiness and also irreplaceable. This song can evoke a sense of affection and emotional connection. 

17. Fallin’ Again

Best Lyrics: Well you’d think that I would learn by now/To keep from falling somehow/But I’m fallin’ again

There’s something touching and captivating about “Fallin’ Again,” which makes the song a great choice for celebrating your love story. The lyrics evoke a sense of nostalgia, allowing every listener to remember their past love experiences.

“Fallin’ Again” is a reminder that despite unpleasant encounters in the past, it is possible to fall in love over and over again. 

18. You’ve Got The Touch

Best Lyrics: You make it so easy to love you/And I know I will for a million years

Everyone has that special attribute (the touch) that attracts their partner to them, which this song perfectly captures. The lyrics describe the intense emotional connection between lovers, making it perfect for couples on their big day. 

19. I’ll Be There Call On Me

Best Lyrics: Call me whenever you dare/I’ll be there

When played at any moment of your ceremony, “I’ll Be There Call On Me” can set the mood for a romantic and exciting celebration. The lyrics convey a message of assurance, availability, and unwavering support in challenging times.

“I’ll Be There” can be the ideal exit song at the wedding reception as the couples share an intimate moment. 

20. Never Be One

Best Lyrics: Daddy’s little girl is growing up in the world/You’ll never be one again

For a father-daughter dance, “Never Be One” is the ideal song. Its lyrics capture the feelings associated with watching a child grow into an adult. The song’s soothing melody and gentle tempo can create a calming and romantic atmosphere. 

Final Thoughts

Selecting music that relates to the themes of love, commitment, and celebration is important for your big day. Make sure you include songs that can create a soothing and entertaining atmosphere in your wedding playlists. 

For every moment of your ceremony, there’s a perfect fit from the list of Alabama wedding songs in this article. We’re sure that these tracks will create unforgettable and magical experiences for you and everyone present. 

Frequently Asked Questions

60s Wedding Songs

What is the Alabama Song for the First Dance?

Alabama songs that are ideal for the first dance include “Forever as Far as I’ll Go”, “Feels So Right”, and “Love in the First Degree”. “When We Make Love”, “She and I” and “The Closer You Get” are also great choices for the couple’s first dance. 

How Many Slow Songs Is Ideal for Weddings?

On average, there should be one slow song for every five songs with a high tempo. It is important to note that too many slow songs can make the atmosphere of a wedding ceremony less lively. This will give you and your guests ample time to relax after dancing for 20 – 30 minutes. 

Do You Need Music for Church Weddings?

Yes, you’ll need at least two songs for the processional. You need a song for the entrance of the officiant, the groom, and the best man. Also, you need another song for the entrance of the bridesmaids. However, you can use a song for the bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s entrance. 

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