20 Luke Bryan Wedding Songs Perfect for Your Special Day

When searching for music that can add a touch of romance and celebration to your big day, consider Luke Bryan wedding songs. For most brides-to-be and grooms, the wedding preparations can be overwhelming. 

From selecting the wedding venue to finalizing the guest list, you’d try to make your special day remarkable. But without soulful music, your wedding will not be perfect. 

We understand that there are lots of songs out there that you can play at your wedding. However, only a few of them can touch the hearts of listeners, thereby leaving lasting impressions on their minds. 

In this article, you’ll get to make the best choice from the list of Luke Bryan’s songs to have a magical experience. 

Let’s explore these captivating songs one after the other.

20 Luke Bryan Wedding Songs

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1. Country Girl (Shake It For Me)

Best Lyrics: Gonna watch you make me fall in love

Add a touch of energy and charm to your wedding with this beautiful musical piece. “Country Girl” has an upbeat rhythm and deep lyrics, which resonate with most couples. The song also has a broad appeal, making it suitable for both young and old guests. 

2. That’s My Kind Of Night

Best Lyrics: We dance in the dark and your lips land on mine

“That’s My Kind Of Night” has the potential to infuse some fun and happiness into your wedding ceremony.

The song is the perfect choice for guests who are ready to display their dancing skills. It also has a catchy chorus that guests can sing along to as they dance and have fun. 

3. Do I

Best Lyrics: Remember when we didn’t have nothin’/But a perfect simple kind of lovin’?

If you’re looking for a deeply romantic wedding song to celebrate your special day, include “Do I” in your playlists. The song lyrics explore the feelings of doubt that come with being in a romantic relationship.

Do I” has a melodic progression and a soft rhythm that can create an intimate ambiance for you and your partner. 

4. Rain Is A Good Thing

Best Lyrics: Start washing all our worries down the drain/Rain is a good thing

“Rain Is a Good Thing” is one of the songs that captures the essence of the love and joy associated with celebrations. The song has the power to create a lively wedding atmosphere with its upbeat tone and lively lyrics.

“Rain Is a Good Thing” conveys a message of hope, growth, and a new beginning that accompanies a new marital journey. 

5. Blood Brothers

Best Lyrics: You fight, you cry, you lie, you bleed/And you lean on one another

Dedicate this beautiful song to the special relative or friend who has always been there for you in times of need. The song lyrics speak of the commitment and constant support of friends who are like family members.

Combined with its heartfelt lyrics, the song’s soothing melody touches the hearts of listeners. 

6. I See You

Best Lyrics: No, I can’t close my eyes without you in my dreams

“I See You” will make a great addition to your wedding song lists. The song revolves around the themes of love and connection between a couple. Its lyrics express the need to accept and appreciate one’s partner completely.

“I See You” can be played as you exchange your vows or for your first dance. 

7. What She Wants Tonight

Best Lyrics: I get to be where she goes when she’s lonely

“What She Wants Tonight” is an enchanting song that can set the pace for a romantic wedding night. Couples willing to indulge in each other’s sensual desires will find the song’s passionate lyrics and sultry instrumentals ideal. 

There’s no doubt that “What She Wants Tonight” will create an unforgettable experience for you and your partner. 

8. Fast

Best Lyrics: Keep trying to make the good times last as long as you can

Not only does this song create a warm atmosphere, but it also conveys a deep message that every listener will find relatable. 

“Fast” speaks of the swift passage of time and the importance of slowing down and appreciating the present moment. The song’s gentle rhythm makes it ideal for the intimate moments of your wedding. 

9. Love In The First Degree

Best Lyrics: If loving you is a crime/I know that I’m as guilty as a man can be

“Love In the First Degree” is a popular wedding song, which is not surprising. The song lyrics tell the story of commitment and passionate love. 

Bryan’s soulful vocals complement the song’s lyrics and melody, making it an ideal choice for weddings. 

10. Strip It Down

Best Lyrics: I just wanna love you so bad, baby/So let’s close our eyes

“Strip It Down” has a sensual undertone that makes it perfect for couples looking forward to adding a touch of raw passion to their celebration.

The song lyrics capture the essence of affection between two lovers. It also has a gentle tempo and cool melody that can set the mood for fun and romance. 

11. Roller Coaster

Best Lyrics: She’s like a song playin’ over and over/In my mind, where I still hold her

“Roller Coaster” is an emotional song that can make you and your partner remember the shared moments in your relationship. 

This song beautifully captures the ups and downs of a romantic relationship, which most couples can relate to. “Roller Coaster” is a reminder that despite the challenges of a romantic relationship, true love will remain unchanged. 

12. Light It Up

Best Lyrics: So, if you’re looking for my love/Then light it up

Our list of Luke Bryan wedding songs will not be complete without “Light It Up”. The song’s lively instrumentation and exceptional lyrics make it a great addition to wedding playlists. “Light It Up” will keep your guests happy and engaged throughout the ceremony. 

13. I Don’t Want This Night To End

Best Lyrics: All I know is I don’t want this night to end

“I Don’t Want This Night To End” is a romantic song that you and your partner can dance to. It’s one of the songs that captures the feelings of love and anticipation that couples experience on their special day.

The song’s lyrics tell the tale of two individuals who are passionate about each other and don’t want the night to end. 

14. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

Best Lyrics: Love me like you loved me when you loved me

If you desire a song that can set the tone for a celebratory mood at your wedding reception, “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye” is an ideal choice. While the song’s lyrics are not entirely romantic, they convey deep messages of happiness and excitement. 

“Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye” is a song that can infuse energy and celebration into your wedding ceremony. 

15. Most People Are Good

Best Lyrics: I believe most people are good

Considering its meaningful lyrics and soft melody, add “Most People Are Good” to your wedding playlists to have a phenomenal experience. The song’s positive lyrics emphasize that most people have good qualities despite the challenges of life. 

“Most People Are Good” serves as a reminder that there’s beauty in humanity, which will leave a lasting impression in the minds of everyone present. 

16. Love Me In A Field

Best Lyrics: Baby, love me in a field

“Love Me In a Field” can make you fall in love over and over again as its instrumentation and lyrics capture your mind. The song’s soothing vocals can set the pace for a romantic and magical wedding atmosphere.

“Love Me In a Field” conveys a message of unwavering devotion and assurance of being present through good and bad times.  

17. Crash My Party

Best Lyrics: The door is unlocked/I’ll leave on the lights/Baby, you can crash my party anytime

While “Crash My Party” doesn’t relate to the theme of love and romance, it can be an excellent addition to your wedding song lists.

The song has an energetic tempo and lively lyrics that will encourage your guests to display their dancing skills and have a fun-filled experience. 

18. You Make Me Want To

Best Lyrics: Love you like a story with a happy ending

There won’t be a dull moment at your ceremony with “You Make Me Want To” playing in the background or a live band performing.

The song lyrics explain how the overwhelming feelings of love can bring out an individual’s sense of adventure. “You Make Me Want To” is the ideal romantic song to dedicate to your lover. 

19. To The Moon And Back

Best Lyrics: Yeah, I’m gonna love you/All the way to the moon and back

“To The Moon and Back” is one of Luke Bryan’s love songs that should be at the top of your wedding song list. The song lyrics express deep affection, which has no bounds (to the moon and back), for a lover. 

Every couple at your ceremony will find the lyrics of this amazing song relatable. The instrumentation of this music complements its melody and rhythm, making it outstanding. 

20. Down To One

Best Lyrics: Down to one hand in mine/Down to one beautiful smile

Dedicate “Down To One” to the bride and watch her smile and shed tears of joy. The song expresses admiration for a person who stands out among many others, which makes them special. 

“Down To One” serves as a confirmation that, despite the temptations around, it is possible to hold on to one special person. This song can be played for intimate moments or to get guests on the dance floor. 

Final Thoughts

Whether for your first dance, father-daughter dance, or reception party, Luke Bryan wedding songs are perfect for every moment. 

There’s something unique and comforting about this exceptional singer’s music that will infuse your ceremony with love, romance, and energy. 

Take your time to listen to each song and choose the ones that will make your wedding celebration memorable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Miranda Lambert Wedding Songs

What is Luke Bryan’s Biggest Song?

“I Don’t Want This Night To End” is Luke Bryan’s biggest song. It’s a song that captures the essence of love at first sight. The chorus of this song is also easy to memorize, contributing to its popularity. 

What is the Most Played Wedding Song?

Popular wedding songs include “I Do” by Colbie Caillat, “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley, and ” Treasure” by Bruno Mars. Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” is also among the most-played wedding songs since it was released. 

Do You Have To Dance at a Wedding?

No, the wedding dance is not compulsory, especially if you’re not a good dancer. There are other ways in which you can have fun on your wedding day that don’t involve dancing. 
But you can include some upbeat music in your wedding playlists that will create a lively atmosphere for your guests to dance to.

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