The Best Wedding Dance Songs 2017

Picking the right tune for the bridal entrance, the first dance, and the father-daughter dance is, of course, incredibly important, but the wedding dance songs that you’re going to choose for the reception are crucial for truly setting the tone of the celebration.

If the year 2017 has a special place in your heart, then you should definitely pick at least a few tunes with which that time of your life is associated.

This year was quite rich on bouncy hits. So, don’t be surprised if the tunes from our Best Wedding Dance Songs 2017 list end up making up a great chunk of your big day’s playlist.

15 Best Wedding Dance Songs 2017

Check out these other fascinating tunes for the ultimate play lists for your wedding celebrations:

1. “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee

Top Lyrics: I want to see your hair dance/I want to be your rhythm

“Despacito” was most certainly the biggest hit of 2017. It even became the most-viewed YouTube video of all time and the first video on the website to reach 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 billion views.

The reggaeton energy and the subtle urban beat of the song will make all of your guests go crazy on the dancefloor. Do bear in mind though that the lyrics are quite sexual, and if your family members know Spanish, it might become a bit awkward.

2. “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars

Top Lyrics: You deserve it, baby, you deserve it all/And I’m gonna give it to you

The song is a true danceable joy with a great “bounce”. Bruno Mars confessed that the track and the whole album were intended to make people feel fabulous, and if that’s exactly what you want for you and your wedding guests, then “That’s What I Like” should make it to your wedding playlist.

3. “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran

Top Lyrics: Girl, you know I want your love/Your love was handmade for somebody like me

The year 2017 was an amazing one for Ed Sheeran as that’s when he released his third studio album “Divide”. Though the artist is typically associated with romantic ballads, the unique “Shape of You” with a cool island beat and more daring lyrics became a huge success as well.

It is also quite easy to sing along to this one which is a huge bonus for wedding dance songs.

4. “Something Just Like This” by Coldplay and The Chainsmokers

Top Lyrics: I’m not looking for somebody/With some superhuman gifts/Some superhero/Some fairytale bliss/Just something I can turn to

Coldplay and The Chainsmokers were certainly an unlikely collaboration, but, apparently, that was exactly what the listeners needed.

The song is a thoughtful and body-moving approach to EDM music that The Chainsmokers are known for paired with the smooth power of the voice of Chris Martin.

5. “New Rules” by Dua Lipa

Top Lyrics: My love/He makes me feel like nobody else, nobody else

Perhaps, not the most romantic song on our list, but all the single guests would have a lot of fun singing along to this hit.

Though the song might become a great addition to practically any wedding playlist, the tropical house keyboards would sound especially fitting during a summer celebration.

6. “Wild Thoughts” by DJ Khaled, Rihanna, and Bryson Tyler

Top Lyrics: Diamonds ain’t nothing when I’m rockin’ with ya/Diamonds ain’t nothing when I’m shinin’ with ya

Another summery tune that will definitely blow up the dance floor. The mid-tempo pop song with gorgeous guitar riffs is the ideal musical piece for the second part of the celebration when everyone’s already a bit tired, but still going.

7.  “Castle on the Hill” by Ed Sheeran

Top Lyrics: And I miss the way you make me feel, and it’s real/And we watched the sunset over the castle on the hill

This is a great song to clap your hands and stomp your feet to. And as the powerful melody builds to an epic chorus, everyone would undoubtedly throw their hands up in the air.

8.  “Havana” by Camilla Cabello and Young Thug

Top Lyrics: I knew him forever in a minute (hey)/That summer night in June

It seems impossible to resist hitting the dancefloor when you hear this bouncy, salsa-inspired tune. Once again, this one would be perfect for a summer wedding, but can easily warm everyone up on a cold winter evening as well.

9.  “Feel It Still” by Portugal. The Man

Top Lyrics: Your love is an abyss for my heart to eclipse, now

The song draws on the melody from a 1961 hit “Please Mr. Postman”, so don’t be surprised once the older generation takes over the dancefloor for this one.

10. “DNA” by BTS

Top Lyrics: In the previous life/Maybe the next to/We are eternally together

If you’re a fan of K-pop, then why not throw this romantic track into your playlist? Even if your guests don’t speak Korean, this fizzy EDM would certainly make them dance.

11. “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons

Top Lyrics: Who do you think you are?/Dreaming ’bout being a big star

The track is bouncy and features a lot of lyrical repetition, so everyone can sing along, even if they’re hearing the song for the first time.

The lyrics are also really inspiring as the lead vocalist is singing about having dreams and achieving them.

12. “Cut to the Feeling” by Carly Rae Jepsen

Top Lyrics: I wanna cut through the clouds, break the ceiling/I wanna dance on the roof, you and me alone

Carly Rae Jepsen became world-famous when she released the viral “Call Me, Maybe” song, but it turns out that her other tunes are just as exciting.

“Cut to the Feeling”, for example, was quite the hit in 2017. It might be difficult to find a more over-the-top happy song, and if that’s the exact vibe that you’re going for on your wedding reception, then include this gem into the playlist.

13. “Attention” by Charlie Puth

Top Lyrics: Baby, now that we’re, now that we’re, now that we’re right here standing face-to-face/You already know, already know, already know that you won

It’s simply impossible to not start dancing when you hear this mid-tempo pop-rock track with cool elements of 1980s soft-soul.

14. “Mi Gente” by J Balvin, Willy William, and Beyonce

Top Lyrics: The world loves us, loves us/And it loves me

This might not be the most family-friendly hit, but it’s basically about having fun while partying, so why not play along?

15. “Meant to Be” by Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line

Top Lyrics: Who knows where this road is supposed to lead/We got nothing but time/As long as you’re right here next to me/Everything’s gonna be alright

This track is a bit slower than the majority of songs on our list, which makes it a great choice for the grand finale of the celebration.

To Sum Up

These best wedding dance songs 2017 will hopefully help make sure that everyone has the time of their lives on the dancefloor during your special day.

Just don’t forget to throw in a few good-old classics and a couple of slower tunes for when the guests feel a bit out of breath, and your perfect wedding playlist is ready to go!


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What was the top dance song of 2017?

“Despacito” was the longest-running number-one of the year.

What dance songs are most suitable for weddings?

Though any song that makes you want to hit the dancefloor can work for your wedding reception, you might want to choose the tunes that are all-ages-appropriate. So, songs with bad language are definitely a no-no.

How many wedding dance songs do I need to pick?

A typical wedding reception would see around 3 hours of dancing which equals to about 45 songs (15 per hour).

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