50+ Best Acoustic Wedding Songs (Most Romantic Songs of All Time)

While everyone has different tastes, acoustic songs are usually the most popular when it comes to weddings. There’s something about the way the guitar or piano complements the vocals that make it truly magical. 

That being said, finding the perfect acoustic wedding songs can be hard, especially when there are so many to choose from. The internet is teeming with suggestions and everyone seems to have input about what’s best, not to mention the fact that you and your significant other might have completely different tastes in music. But worry no more — here’s a list of the best acoustic wedding songs. 

Best Acoustic Covers for Weddings

Sometimes an acoustic cover of a popular song just hits differently and love songs are no exception. There’s nothing like stripping a song to the bare bones to make it even more passionate, emotional and soulful. Here’s a list of some of the best acoustic covers to have at your wedding:

  1. Isn’t She Lovely” by Callum J. Wright — Everyone loves some Stevie Wonder, and this touching cover is sure to bring a tear to their eyes. 
  2. Time After Time” by Iron & Wine — This intricate and tender cover of the Cyndi Lauper classic is the perfect song choice on your wedding day. 
  3. A Thousand Years” by Jonah Baker — A wedding staple for a reason, this gorgeous ballad is a perfect tribute to your love. 
  4. The Way You Look Tonight” by Chase Eagleson — This perfect cover of the jazz standard should make at least one appearance at every wedding! 
  5. It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)” by Roses & Revolutions — This beautiful acoustic cover is a perfect tribute to eternal, all-encompassing love. 
  6. You Make Loving Fun” by Tim and Cameron Playing Guitar — This slowed-down version of a 1977 classic is sure to bring a tear to your eye. 
  7. At Last” by Kina Grannis — This touching cover is the perfect song to begin your long life with your new husband or wife. 
  8. You Make My Dreams” by Alex Francis — This acoustic cover of a classic Hall & Oates song is sure to get people on the dance floor!
  9. Every Breath You Take” by Aaron Krause feat. Liza Anne — This gorgeous acoustic cover does this classic song justice and injects it with some tender romance. 
  10. Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Boyce Avenue — Perfect if you’re new husband or wife is an Elvis fan! 
  11. Shut up and Dance” by Anchor + Bell — One of the most popular pop songs of its time, this beautiful cover is a perfect choice. 
  12. I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Rachel Brown — Exchanging the speed and energy of the original for a more intimate, stripped-down experience, this song is perfect for walking down the aisle
  13. XO” by Anna Elizabeth Laube — This gorgeous cover captures the spirit of the original and serves as a testament to true love. 
  14. Fly Me to the Moon” by Imaginary Future — This stripped-down version of the classic is a perfect song to capture the tender, sweet atmosphere of your wedding. 
  15. I’ll Be There for You” by Mateo Oxley — The world’s most famous theme song gets a beautiful makeover in this sweet, intimate cover. 
  16. What a Wonderful World” by Thomas Law — One of the oldest songs on this list, this timeless tune is the perfect song to play on your special day. 
  17. Moon River” by Kina Grannis — Grannis’ vocals elevate this already-gorgeous song to truly marvelous territory. A classic for a reason! 
  18. Only God Knows” by Ron Pope — This Beach Boys classic gets the acoustic treatment, and the results are first-dance perfection. 
  19. Stand by Me” by Thomas Law — This cover is a great tribute to this classic song about staying by the ones you love. 
  20. Songbird” by The Distance — The late Christine McVie penned this gorgeous ballad about eternal love.
  21. L-O-V-E” by JJ Heller — This Nat King Cole classic is a wedding favorite, and it gets an acoustic revamp with this beautiful, dreamy cover. 
  22. Here Comes the Sun” by Imaginary Future — This beautiful and bright acoustic version is a great choice for your wedding day! 
  23. Lover” by John Adams — A recent entry to the wedding music genre, Taylor Swift’s “Lover” became an instant classic, and for a good reason.
  24. With or Without You” by Landon Austin, feat. Colin & Caroline — Originally performed by U2, this song gets an acoustic makeover, resulting in a gorgeous and slightly haunting piece. 
  25. Eternal Flame” by Saint Sister — The Bangles’ iconic tune gets the acoustic treatment, and the result is a tender, intimate tribute to undying love. 

Country Acoustic Love Songs

Whether you regularly listen to country music or not, there’s no denying the genre’s popularity when it comes to wedding songs. Here’s a list of some of the best country songs — both covers and original versions — to play at your wedding: 

  1. You’re Still the One” by Dakota Rhodes — This classic from the 1990s has been a wedding staple for decades and is still perfect today! 
  2. Cowboy Take Me Away” by Carly Pearce — Country music starlet Carly Pearce pays homage to The Chicks with this gorgeous cover. 
  3. Speechless” by Dan + Shay — This modern classic quickly became a wedding staple, and this acoustic version, done by the original duo, is a great follow-up. 
  4. Holding Onto You” by Heather Rayleen — A country ballad about holding your loved ones close, this one is wedding-day perfection — especially for country music fans. 
  5. Something Special” by Aubrie Sellers — This sweet, tender ballad is a great tribute to true love and a great choice for your wedding day playlist. 
  6. Has Anybody Ever Told You” by Ashley Monroe — A beautiful ballad from one of country music’s best artists, this song is sure to make your spouse feel beautiful and appreciated. 
  7. Makin’ Plans” by Miranda Lambert — This sweet song about building a life together is the perfect choice for your wedding day. 
  8. Die a Happy Man” by Travis Atreo — One of the most popular modern country songs to play at weddings, this acoustic cover is a gorgeous tribute. 
  9. When You Say Nothing At All” by Music Travel Love — This gorgeous country ballad gets a beautiful acoustic update. 
  10. In Case You Didn’t Know” by Boyce Avenue — This sweet, beautiful song has been a wedding staple for years, and this cover is a real stunner — perfect for your special day! 
  11. Play It Again” by Derek Cate — Another wildly popular wedding song, this acoustic cover is a great tribute to young, crazy love. 
  12. Yours” by Haley Klinkhammer — A song about committing yourself entirely to another person, this one is perfect for your wedding day! 
  13. Beautiful Crazy” by Luke Combs — One of the most popular country singers around, Luke Combs, does it again with this beautiful acoustic cover. 
  14. So Many Skies” by Caroline Jones, feat. Matthew Ramsey — This song about choosing each other despite what life may throw your way is the perfect song to mark the start of your relationship. 
  15. My Girl (Stripped)” by Dylan Scott — Originally a fast, energetic tune, this acoustic version slows it down and makes it perfect for your wedding.

Instrumental Songs for Your Special Day

Whether you need a soft instrumental song to walk down the aisle to or want to add something classy to your reception playlist, instrumentals are a great way to go. They can range from simple piano versions to entire string quintets, making them a great option for your wedding day. Here are some of the best out there: 

  1. Amazing Grace” by Bridesmaids Quartet — This gorgeous instrumental version of the timeless hymn would be perfect for walking down the aisle. 
  2. Love Me Like You Do” by Brooklyn Duo — A cover of the popular Ellie Goulding song, this gorgeous rendition serves as a perfect, tender wedding song. 
  3. Watermelon Sugar” by Vitamin String Quartet — There’s just something about instrumental covers of popular songs, truly breathtaking!
  4. Landslide” by Kirsten Agresta Copley — Throw it back to the late 1970s with a sweet, melodious rendition of this Fleetwood Mac classic. 
  5. Come Away With Me” by Cafe Instrumental — This Norah Jones song gets the instrumental treatment with this smooth, ethereal cover. 
  6. Time After Time” by The Chillest — This cover is elegant, enchanting and perfect for your wedding day! 
  7. Unchained Melody” by Epic Orchestra — This lush, dramatic cover of the wedding classic is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! 
  8. Just the Way You Are” by Daniel Jang — This violin cover of the Bruno Mars smash hit is sure to bring tears. 
  9. At Last” by Brooklyn Duo — This piano and cello-only cover of the Etta James masterpiece could not be more perfect for your wedding day. 
  10. Tenderly” by George Van Eps — This jazzy, swing-filled cover is perfect for couples with lots of style.
  11. A Thousand Years” by The Piano Guys — One of the most popular wedding songs ever gets a stunning instrumental cover with this flawless version! 
  12. When You Say Nothing at All” by Francesco Parrino — This classic country song gets a classical piano makeover in this tender cover.
  13. Hallelujah” by Tritonia Music — This beautiful, dramatic cover does justice to one of the most recognizable songs of all time!
  14. Careless Whisper” by Acoustic Trench — This plucky, upbeat version of the 80s classic will add some groove to your special day. 
  15. Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Leon Alex — Another universally-adored wedding song, this Elvis classic works well as an instrumental, too!

Check out these other playlists to lit up the crowd on your big day:

Why does the music at my wedding really matter?

With all the planning that goes into a wedding, it’s easy to wonder why you have to go over the music selection over and over again. Can’t the DJ just pick a playlist? Surely, he’s done this countless times before! Well, here is why you should go the extra mile to choose your wedding music;

The music at your wedding sets the mood

Naturally, you want your wedding to have an atmosphere of love and happiness. While this is easy for you since you’re celebrating your love story, the guests may need a little motivation. Choosing the right playlist will allow your guests to be a part of the experience and keep them reeled in on the joyful mood.

Your music choice keeps guests engaged

While you’ll be up and about taking part in the activities of your wedding, your guests are stuck to their seats for the better part of the event. The music you choose directly affects them and can lull your guests to sleep or keep them active and excited about the wedding. The last thing you need is a dead crowd while you’re full of energy.

The music at your wedding will stick with you

We often remember the smallest of details when recalling significant events in our lives. The song you walked down the aisle to or had your first dance to will stick with you for a long time and will invoke memories every time you hear the song. Music holds memories and it’s best to take the time to establish which songs you want to be associated with your love.

The music at your wedding energizes your guests

If you went the extra mile to have a dance floor, it would be a shame to have it empty for the entire ceremony due to a bad music selection. While some alcohol might get the guests a little loosened up, nothing beats a good playlist to allow everyone to party with you.

Your music determines whether your guests stay or leave

If your guests are bored, they’ll likely be ready to leave once you’re done with the cake-cutting part of your ceremony. Similarly, if your guests are having a great time dancing, interacting, and vibing to a good playlist, they are more likely to stay long after you’re done with everything and may even suggest heading to an after-party to keep the fun going.

With all the pressure placed on the music list at your wedding getting it is non-negotiable. Here are a few tips to help you out.

  • Keep the music appropriate: You’ll probably have a lot of different guests at your wedding with different belief systems and varying ages. Try to choose less controversial music for the ceremony and reception. You can always go crazy at the reception.
  • Ensure the music matches the ambiance: The music you have at your wedding should match the ambiance you have set at the venue, this means allowing the music to take a background sit and act as an assisting feature in place of blaring speakers.
  • Avoid last-minute changes: It’s easy to second-guess yourself over important decisions but we always maintain the notion of sticking to your original playlist instead of making last minute based on current hits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Was the Most Popular Wedding Song of Last Year? 

Last year’s most popular wedding song was “Perfect Duet” by Ed Sheeran and Beyonce. A song about loving another person fully and completely, it’s a perfect choice and we totally get why it was the top choice for last year! 

Do Grooms Walk Down the Aisle to Music? 

Everyone knows that the bride walks down the aisle to the music of her choice, but less is known about the groom. While it doesn’t always happen, the groom can most certainly walk down the aisle to the music of his choice. It’s important that both the bride and the groom feel that the day is about them. 
This song is called the groom/officiant song because it plays while the groom and wedding officiant take their places. Traditionally, this song can be either serious or funny — it all depends on the groom’s personality. 

How Many Songs Do You Need for a Wedding Playlist? 

While there’s no exact number of songs in a wedding playlist, it’s crucial to have enough songs to avoid repeats. The classic rule of thumb is that 15 songs make an hour. So, if you plan on having a 5-hour reception, you’ll need at least 75 songs if you want to completely avoid repeats. 

What is the Most Played Wedding Song for the First Dance? 

The most played wedding song for the first dance is “Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers. It’s been a wedding staple ever since it came out, which may affect whether or not you want to play it at your wedding.

What is a Unity Song at a Wedding?

A unity song at a wedding is the song that plays while the bride and groom perform their unity ceremony. The ceremony symbolizes the ways in which the bride and groom are coming together and the song should reflect that. Acoustic or instrumental songs are perfect for accompanying a unity ceremony. 

Final Thoughts on The Best Acoustic Wedding Songs

When it comes to what songs you should have at your wedding, it’s completely up to you. However, since acoustic songs have a soft, tender quality to them, they tend to be more popular at weddings. 

You just have to remember that this is your day, so you should only have to listen to songs that you truly love. Whether you like covers, instrumental songs or country music, we hope we gave you a few great places to start! 

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