20 Of The Best Spanish Father-Daughter Wedding Songs F or Your Special Day

Whether you are of Spanish heritage or the language had you at ‘Despacito” you will agree that Spanish songs have a unique musical quality.

The language lends itself quite famously to passionate expressions, and in song, passionate Spanish lyrics evoke the most intense emotions—even when you can’t understand a word. It’s not a romance language for nothing, evidently. 

Songs in Espanola are great for almost every moment of a wedding, including the special father-daughter dance. And so, for that moment that’s all about the pristine, boundless bond between father and daughter, check out this list of Spanish father-daughter wedding songs.

Top Spanish Melodies for Father-Daughter Wedding Dances

This list will contain some old and some new titles, and it’s not limited to any particular genre. And no, you won’t be seeing ‘Despacito’ here—it’s not very appropriate for the dance anyway. 

Check out these other wedding songs for the perfect mood on your big day:

1. “Tu Guardian” by Juanes

Memorable lyrics: “Duérmete pronto mi amor, Que la noche ya llegó, Y cierra tus ojos que yo, De tus sueños cuidaré

English Translation: “Fall asleep soon, my love, Because the night has already come, And close your eyes, for I, Will watch over your dreams”

What this song is about is immediately discernible from the title, even if you don’t speak the language.

Translated to “Your Guardian” it expresses a sentiment universal to all fathers regardless of language or ethnicity, and it takes the listener through the singer’s experience of caring for and protecting his little angel from childhood till forever. It’s the perfect father-daughter dance serenade. 

2. “Papa, Quiero Decirte” by Lali Torres

Memorable lyrics: “Todo me lo has dado, Todo a manos llenas con amor”

English Translation: “You’ve given me everything,, all of it in spades, with love”

Lali Torres croons a melody of appreciation and admiration for a father’s love, protection, sacrifice, and devotion. The song is truly emotionally moving, and its tempo lends itself perfectly to a slow, graceful dance.

There’s no better song for a father-daughter dance, and it will absolutely bring happy tears to any father’s eyes. 

3. “De Niña A Mujer” by Julio Iglesias

Memorable lyrics: “Eras niña de largos silencios y ya me querias bien, Tu mirada buscaba la mia jugabas a ser mujer”

English Translation: “You were a girl of long silents, and you already liked me”

Relationships grow and evolve, and that between a father and daughter is no exception, as this song by Julio portrays beautifully.

It’s a melody that takes you through all the years spent between a father and daughter, telling of how their bond grows and how a father-daughter relationship evolves into something like the closeness between the father and his friend.

4. “Stand By Me” by Prince Royce

Memorable lyrics: “When the night has come and the land is dark, y la luna, es la luz que brilla ante mi, Miedo no, no tendre, oh I won’t, no me asustare, Just as long as you stand, stand by me”

English Translation: “When the night, you have come and the land is dark, And the moon is the light that shines before me, Fear not, I will not have, Oh I won’t, it will not scare me, Just as long as you stand, stand by me”

Originally sung by Ben E. King, this song has been remixed a thousand times over, but none of the English remixes hit quite like this excellent, half-Spanish rendition by Prince Royce.

The song follows a pattern of one line in English and every next line in Spanish, which means you can sing along with the English parts.

5. “Por Siempre Tu” by Christina Aguilera

Memorable lyrics: “Cuando estoy, por caer, Yo sé que tú amor me volverá, a socorrer”

English Translation: “When I am about to fall, I know that your love will return to aid me”

Who said popular English-speaking artists can’t sing excellent Spanish songs? The meaning of this song’s title is ‘I turn to you” and Aguilera expresses the feeling of having someone that you can always turn to, no matter the situation. Sounds just like a father. 

6. “Si Tuviera Que Elegir” by Ricardo Montaner

Memorable lyrics: “Si tuviera que elegir, Entre la luz de la mañana, Y la luz de su mirada”

English Translation: “If I has to choose, between morning’s light, and the light of her look”

This song expresses the sentiment of the moment from the perspective of the father, and it’s a heartfelt song for a heartfelt moment.

Watching the video, this becomes obvious, with scenes portraying how a father cares for his daughter through the years, raising her to be the fine woman whose hand he must now give in marriage.

7. “A El Padre” by  Oscar de Leon

Memorable lyrics: “Ahora quiero cantarle a mi padre que está viejo, Largos años de consejos él ha sabido brindarme, 

English Translation: “Now I want to sing, To my father who is old, Long years of advice”

This marvelous salsa swinging song by the Venezuelan Oscar de Leon is a heartfelt reflection on all the years a father devotes to nurturing and building his child’s character. It has a traditional Spanish ring to it, and it’s the perfect song for father and daughter to swing to. 

8. “Hoy Se Casa Mi Niña” by Honorio Flores

Memorable lyrics: “Hoy se casa mi niña, mi bella flor, mi novia pequeñita, mi dulce amor”

English Translation: “Today my girl, my beautiful flower, my little girlfriend, my sweet love is getting married”

This beautiful father-daughter song expresses a father’s pride in his daughter on her special day. It’s just so great for the moment, and even the very title, which translates to “Today, my little girl is getting married,” shows it.

It’s slow, but it’s moderately so, and it’s the type of song you can add your own dance flair to.

9. “Mi Nina Bonita” by Chino and Nacho 

Memorable lyrics: , Lo que siento por ti, Es ternura y pasión/

English Translation: “What I feel for you, Is tenderness and passion”

This artistic masterpiece is from the album of the same name by the pair of Chino and Nacho. Its sweet sound and powerful Spanish lyrics express in melody the love a father has for his daughter. 

10. “Hija” by Abraham Valezquez

Memorable lyrics: , Hoy te llevaré al altar, Sé que estás emocionada, 

English Translation: “Today I will take you to the altar, I know you are excited”

This song is an absolute tear-jerker, with its completely apt and emotionally moving lyrics. The song is from the perspective of a father about to walk his daughter down the aisle and into the arms of the love of her life. 

The verse with the lyrics that say, ‘You are not my girl anymore’ will make it hard to stop the tears from flowing. 

11. “Yo Primero La Ame” by Martin Tremolada

Memorable lyrics: “Los veo bailando con tanta ilusión, perdidos el uno en el otro de amor, Enamorados completos… Los dos, 

English Translation: “I see them dancing with so much enthusiasm, lost in each other’s love, Completely in love… Both of them”

This is another one of those tear-jerkers you’ve got to play. It’s the Spanish version of the popular wedding song by Heartland titled “I Loved Her First.”

12. “Hermoso Cariño” by Vicente Fernandez 

Memorable lyrics: , Hermoso cariño, hermoso cariño, Que Dios me ha mandado, 

English Translation: “Beautiful love, beautiful love, That god has sent me”

The heartfelt lyrics of this song express the depth of fatherly affection for one’s daughter and how she remains a treasure every day. It’s the song to play if you’re out for something neither too fast nor too slow. 

13. “Y Como Es El” by Vicente Fernandez

Memorable lyrics: , Mirándote á los ojos juraría, Que tienes algo nuevo que contarme, 

English Translation: “Looking into your eyes, I would swear, That you have something new to tell me”

This melody is another one of Vincente’s masterpieces, and it expresses even more of that fatherly affection. It’s a song sure to make a wonderful father-daughter dance moment. 

14. “Vals Para Una Novia” by Alejandro Jaén

Memorable lyrics: , Que bonita estás, que bonita vas, con tu vestido blanco bailando este vals/

English Translation: “How pretty you are, how pretty you look, with your white dress dancing this waltz”

Alejandro helps us appreciate the moment as a father admiring how beautiful his daughter looks on her special day, and then he takes us back down memory lane, recalling the days you watch your little girl take her first steps.

It’s an elegantly performed song with a sophisticated flair that’s perfect for a special moment. 

15. “Bendita Tu Luz” by Mana

Memorable lyrics: , Bendito el lugar, y el motivo de estar ahí, Bendita la coincidencia/

English Translation: “Blessed be the place, and the reason to be there, Blessed be the coincidence”

This is not a father-daughter song per se, but its overall theme is about love and the joy that comes into your life with the arrival of someone special. It’s a great song to help reminisce on that joyous day your little angel was born. 

16. “Para Tu Amor” by Juanes

Memorable lyrics: , Para tu amor lo tengo todo, Desde mi sangre hasta la esencia de mi ser/

English Translation: “for your love, I have everything, from my blood to the essence of my being”

This song by Juanes is about the love of someone that means everything to you and is a very great song for a father-daughter dance. 

17. “Es Por Ti” by Juanes

Memorable lyrics: , Y es por ti… Que late mi corazón, Y es por ti… Que brillan mis ojos hoy”

English Translation: “And it’s thanks to you, That my heart beats, And it’s thanks to you, That my eyes sparkle today”

The lyrics of this song are expressive of undying love and an unbreakable bond, not unlike that between a father and a daughter. It’s a great song for a lively father-daughter dance. 

18. “El padre que siempre soñé” by Sara Escobar

Memorable lyrics: “Estás conmigo, Desde antes de verme nacer”

English Translation: “You are with me , Since before I was born”

This perfect father-daughter dance song is a cover of the original number by Abel Zavala, and Sara’s vocals bring an even more refreshing feel to it.

19. “Ese Que Me Dio Vido” by Alejandro Sanz

Memorable lyrics: “Con tu sonrisa de medio lao, Cuántos te quiero te habrás callao”

English Translation: “your half smile, How many I love you must you have kept quiet” 

This beautiful piece by Alejandro is about the love of a parent for their little angel, and it’s another great number to dance to. 

20. “Y Solo Se Me Ocurre Amarte” by Alejandro Sanz

Memorable lyrics: “Tan dura la vida y tú, Tan llena de paz, Y sólo se me ocurre amarte”

English Translation: “Life is so hard and you, So full of peace, And it only occurs to me to love you”

While not exactly a father-daughter song, this tune expresses the feeling of undying love for someone who brings joy to your life. For a father, it’s a great song to express how much joy your daughter has brought to your life. 

Final Thoughts on Spanish Father-Daughter Wedding Songs

To be frank, there are not very many Spanish songs that are exactly about fathers and daughters—artists tend to spend more time singing about lovers. 

However, this list of Spanish father-daughter wedding songs contains all the best ones, so you don’t have to search too hard. We hope that you enjoy a splendid and unforgettable time on the dance floor, happy childhood memories and present appreciation. 


Are romance songs good for father-daughter dances?

Romantic songs are usually inappropriate for a father-daughter dance. However, some express the sentiment of love in broad enough terms that the lyrics still work well enough for these dances. 

What’s the best Spanish artist for a father-daughter song playlist?

There are not exactly any artists particularly known for father-daughter tunes, but all the artists here have at least one title that’s relevant.

 Are upbeat songs good for father-daughter dances?

While a song for a father-daughter dance is ideally slow, there’s no reason a more upbeat song is necessarily bad. It depends largely on whether you have a slow or fast dance in mind.  

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