10 Splendid Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue Wedding Ideas

Whether you’re planning a gay, lesbian, transgender, or opposite-sex wedding, there’s one tradition that you don’t want to miss- something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

After all, who wouldn’t want to start their marriage off with a little extra boost of luck, right? Sure, it’s a bit superstitious, but all of the best traditions are!

If you’re struggling to find a way to incorporate each part of the rhyme into your own ceremony, read on for our favorite tips and recommendations. 

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Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue Wedding Ideas

Need ideas for your something old, new, borrowed, or blue wedding items? Check out some that we are just madly in love with!

We’ve all heard the saying before; something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. It’s a long-standing tradition dating back to Victorian times that’s still practiced to this day. Each part has a different meaning, they are:

  • Something old – helps you stay connected to your family and heritage.
  • Something new – Will help you gain good fortune in your life
  • Something borrowed – Your friends will always be there to support you
  • Something blue – A symbol of loyalty and faithfulness in your marriage

Lastly, you can have a silver sixpence in your shoe (if you can find one) which wishes you wealth on your new journey.

Whether you believe in the meanings or not, it’s always nice to follow some traditions. So here are some ideas on how you can do that in the 21st century, with extra help from the internet.

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Something Old ideas

Usually, this is a family heirloom passed down through generations. However, we know this isn’t possible for everybody. If this is the case, it’s just time to get creative. First, it can be something of your own that you’ve just had for years. If that doesn’t work, though, here are a couple of great ideas I love.

Antique button pendants

Etsy Seller JuniperJewelleryCo creates repurposed jewelry from old buttons, like the one pictured above. While that seller lives in the UK, they do ship abroad. The most amazing thing about Etsy is that you can message local sellers, and explain your specific needs. Most are completely accommodating.

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Something New

This is a little bit easier to complete, especially with the internet on our fingers. However, don’t just buy anything – this has to be special. It’s very likely people will ask about your old, new, borrowed, and blue, and you want to be ready with a good tale. 

Something that takes center stage could be a great contender for the something new choice. If you’re both going with wedding suits instead of dresses, how about a new tie, like the one above that has a cute little message in it. You can buy each other one of these, and then you can hold onto them forever.

Something new could also be shoes, earrings, hair clips, and cuffs. It’s entirely your choice, just make sure it’s brand new and shiny.

Something borrowed

If you’re renting a tux (or even a dress), technically this one is covered. While this isn’t necessarily something I can overtly help you out with, something borrowed is so lovely.

The internet can technically let you borrow items – some fashion stores allow you to rent various pieces of clothing or jewelry. So, if you’re really struggling to find something to borrow that will match your style or theme, that is always a choice.

Let us know what kind of items you borrowed for your wedding day, we’d love to know.

Something blue ideas

I have a few suggestions on what you can have for something blue. It’s such a gorgeous and varied color, that belongs everywhere.  

Remember, if it doesn’t match your style, that’s totally fine. You can make your something blue item hidden or covered. Many people decide to make their something blue stand out. Become a statement piece in its own right.

Whatever you decide, I’ve made choices.So, here are my favorite blue items that you can rock on your wedding day. Bonus- if you choose to buy any of them, they fit your “something new” too!

A blue hairclip 

Sapphire blue hair pin Jewel hair pin Dark blue wedding hair image 0

I don’t think this one needs much explaining – it looks stunning, and adds so much to the big day. Even with just a little twinkle.

A sapphire blue hairpin like this is also the perfect accessory for anybody born in the month of September – it’s your birthstone.

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A blue garter 

Wedding garter blue embroidered lace image 0

Obviously, this one is a lot more hidden – it still totally counts though. Garters are a great way to incorporate something blue. This super delicate, lacy one is lovely.

Blue bottle openers

Actually, your something blue doesn’t have to be on you – it just has to be at your wedding. So, this something blue bottle opener could be absolutely perfect. You can also personalize it.

This is an amazing conversation creator, too. When people ask where the something blue is, you can hint at the need for a drink.

On that note, you can also make your plates blue or even your confetti. It still counts and it will still symbolize that loyalty. Traditions are beautiful.

Blue Embroidered Handkerchief

An embroidered hanky is always a good pick, as you can tuck it pretty much anywhere. I love this one pictured above. It’s simple and elegant.

A Personalized Blue Charm

If you want something a little more unique, this charm is subtle yet beautiful. Have it engraved with your initials and wedding date. After the big day, keep it on your keychain!

Old, New and Blue Pin

Bridal Pin, Something Old, New, Borrowed, Something Blue Wedding Pin, Silver or Gold Personalised Pin, Bridal Gift

This beautiful pin from Etsy hits everything except “borrowed.” Where it proudly on the outside of your dress or tuck it underneath inside, totally up to you.

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A Silver Sixpence in Your Shoe

silver sixpence for bride

While this part of the rhyme got a little lost along the way, if you want to include it Etsy is- again- your best source. Most sellers are in the UK and shipping can be pretty crazy for something that’s worth roughly 3.5 cents. However, there are some US sellers, like this one, that is a bit more reasonable. 

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Final Words

Well, there we have it. A guide on the (arguably) most well-known wedding tradition. Whether you proudly display your “something old, new, borrowed and blue” items or tuck them away, taking part in this tradition helps connect you to every bride and groom that’s ever come before. Well, at least since the Victorian era!

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Need ideas for your something old, new, borrowed, or blue wedding items? Check out some that we are just madly in love with!
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What are some of your favorite something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue items? Share below!

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