12 of the Most Unique Wedding Cakes You’ve Ever Seen

Looking for some of the most unique wedding cakes ever to help give you a bit of inspiration for your own big day? Wait until you get a peek at these below! They’re absolutely incredible, and many of them are very gender-neutral! I can definitely see #5 at my friend’s upcoming lesbian wedding.

A blue and white cake topped with flowers, one of the most unique wedding cakes for a beach wedding

11 of the Most Unique Wedding Cakes You’ve Ever Seen

Did you know that wedding cakes were traditionally believed to bring good luck to the couple and all the guests?

Today, they are more of a centerpiece and photo opportunity. With this new role, wedding cakes are becoming super unique and extravagant.

I thought I would list the most unique wedding cakes I’ve ever seen. Perhaps these will act as inspiration, or you can just gawp at them – either way, Enjoy!

1. The gamer cake

This incredible gamer cake from the Reddit user MajesticTechie served as inspiration for this entire post. So, it’s only fair that they get top billing on our list.

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As both of them are gamers, the couple decided to have a cake showcasing their favorite hobby – and perhaps the thing which brought them so close. Amazingly, their actual Destiny characters are on top of the cake – just to make it even more personal.

The Reddit user also notes in the comments that Fallout 3 was their first Fallout game. That’s why it was an obvious choice for them.

This is a classic example of making your wedding super personal to you. So, let’s look at some more cakes which I found just mindblowing.

2. The black cake

Traditionally, wedding cakes were always white. They are very rarely another color, especially not black. That’s why I found this three-tiered, almost gothic-inspired, cake so amazing.

Obviously, the lucky couple is not afraid to go against the norm and chose a cake which reflected them and their likes. Sometimes you just have to choose something which feels right for you.

Side note: How incredible are the intricate details on this cake? The talent and time needed for this is just admirable.

3. The Oreo Cake

Obviously, a special couple just loved Oreos, and had to share that with all their guests.

You can always have a little bit of fun with your wedding, there are absolutely no rules – and this cake almost proves this.

At the end of the day, who doesn’t love Oreos?

4. The grand cake

While everything aesthetically fits the traditional archetype of a wedding cake – it is still so breathtaking.

Perhaps it’s the size or the insane level of detail? Either way, it is just out of this world. This is definitely a cake for a big white wedding.

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5. The Beach-inspired cake

Are you having a beachy wedding? Keep the theme going with a beach-themed wedding cake.

How gorgeous does this look? Complete with tiny waves and giant shells. This would look absolutely perfect at a nautical-themed ceremony. Obsessed.

The creator of this beauty stated that she made it for a private wedding on a beach. Hoe perfectly fitting.

6. The mermaid wedding cake

There’s something just so magical about this wedding cake. From afar, it could look like your typical wedding cake – with the pastel colors and pretty aesthetic. However, close up – you realise that it has a mythical twist to it.

This is truly a wonderful cake for anybody who wants to add a little bit more magic to their day.

7. The fruit cake

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? By @thelemonapron ? The last post of the day is a bit different – instead of a cake that looks like a watermelon, it’s watermelon that looks like cake! ????❤️?? What an absolutely fruit-tastic idea this is!!! It would make a genius alternative to a Summer wedding cake! Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Watermelon Theme Day ?? Unfortunately I just haven’t had the time to post more, but there’s still loads of posts I want to share, so will try to share one a day this week? ? ? ? ? ? #watermelon #watermeloncake #watermelons #watermelonlove #watermelonlover #lovewatermelon #uniquecake #uniquecakes #unusualcake #freshfruits #summerfruit #summerfruits #summerweddings #weddingcakesideas #uniquewedding #uniqueweddingcakes #instaweddingcake #freshberries #berrycake #summerberries #tieredcake #fruitlover #fruitlovers #fruitoftheday #carvedwatermelon #carvedcake #cakeofig #igcake #cakedreams

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Quite literally, a fruit cake. How incredibly unique and amazing is this?

This is actually watermelon that looks like a cake. So, if you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, this could be a fabulous alternative.

8. African-inspired Wedding Cake

This could truly be perfect for a lot of different weddings – especially those with a strong link to the stunning continent. Of course, it could also be the perfect cake for a couple who loves giraffes and elephants!

9. The tree stump cake


If you’re going for a woodland or rustic theme – take a look at this wedding cake. It could absolutely pass as a an actual tree stump. Such talent.

My favorite part is perhaps the initials carved into it. A thoughtful little touch.

10. The butterfly cake

How absolutely striking is this cake? Again, going against the norm by boasting a dark color, but also from all the gorgeous sitting butterflies.

This is such a showstopper of a cake, which I think I would feel guilty about cutting into.

11. The wedding dress wedding cake


This wonderful design perfectly mirrors the back of a traditional wedding dress. It’s such a lovely idea. Of course, this cake works exceptionally well, if it looks a little similar to a dress you’re potentially wearing. If not, it could be a great choice for a fashion lover or designer?

12. Cracked copper

Lastly, we have a cracked copper cake. This has such a gorgeous antique look – perfect for those weddings which are set in old fashioned areas or have purposely tried to achieve a rustic look.

If you're looking for some of the most unique wedding cakes to help inspire you, wait until you check these out. They're beyond epic!

I hope I’ve inspired some of you – these unique wedding cakes are definitely show stoppers, don’t you think! Remember, you only get this day once – why not make the cake one to remember?

Which of these are your favorite unique wedding cakes? Did you do something different with your own? Share below!

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