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Same-sex couple Christina + Katrin in their wedding gowns.

Katrin and Christina were practically designed for each other, which makes sense since they met in a college graphic design class. Three years- and a backpacking trip throughout Europe- later, Christina proposed in the most romantic way possible. Read on for their whirlwind love story, plus check out some of their incredible lesbian wedding photos that we can’t stop staring at!

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Christina + Katrin: A Rustic Wedding for the Ages (Don’t Miss Their Gorgeous Photos!)

Huge thank you to Katrin for taking the time to tell us all about her and Christina’s beautiful day and all the magical moments leading up to it! All photos courtesy of the happy couple, and taken by the very talented Rob Lloyd.

Christina + Katrin lesbian wedding photos, looking out over the bridge.

1- How did you two meet?

Christina and I met in college, taking graphic design. We had been in the same classes but only really officially hung out in second year when a group of class members all went to the pub together.

When I heard Christina speak, I realized we had everything in common. We took the same bus home together (I found out she lived a few blocks from me!) and then we hung out every single day since. I think we both realized how easily our lives clicked together.

2- When did you know she was the one? Tell us about that moment when you knew you wanted to spend your life together.

About two months after meeting Christina, we decided to take a 3-week backpacking trip to Europe. I know, I know, we were bananas. I don’t regret it, but that trip was like taking the first 6 months of any relationship and squeezing it into 3 weeks.

We learned a lot about each other. We fought. We got over it. Both of us were too hard headed and frugal to waste the trip being angry or flying home, which made us have to deal with every argument right away. Being able to overcome such a weird situation we created for ourselves made our bond unbelievably strong, and we have a bunch of stories to tell afterwards! We laugh about it now.

Lesbian wedding photos of Katrin and Christina, staring out the barn window.

3- How long have you been together?

We’ve been together for 4 years.

4- Tell us about your proposal. Who Proposed? How?

Christina proposed to me! It was the most romantic thing that’s ever happened in my life. I came into the apartment after having hung out with some friends and the place was filled with lit tealights. One of our favourite records was playing. There was a red string that was attached to the door and was strung up through the kitchen, to the living room, to the hallway, and into the bedroom.

On the string were little squares of paper and each one had a reason for why our relationship was so amazing or what she loved about me or recounting things we’ve done together. I followed the string, grabbed a glass of red wine she had poured for me, read all the little notes, and was trying so hard not to ugly sob. When I got to the bedroom and opened the door Christina was on one knee.

Lesbian wedding dress
Getting ready for the wedding

5- Tell us about your wedding: theme, organization, what you liked, how you can describe it

We wanted to go more rustic with our theme. We decided to have an outdoor barn wedding with minimal decorations, light flowers, everything natural. Our guest list was on the small side and we only invited 60 people, including the photographer and officiant.

Katrin and Christina designed their own signs for their lesbian wedding photos.

Our colours were gold, pink, and navy but our decorations were pretty neutral as we really wanted to showcase the stunning venue. We made wooden signage for the tables, printed (and sewed together) our own menus, and my father made the wedding cake.

Katrin & Christina's wedding cake, made by Katrin's father.

To keep with the relaxed harvest theme (our wedding was in September) the food was served family-style on 3 long tables so that people would be required to talk to their neighbour!

Christina + Katrin Lesbian wedding photos- long rustic tables set up for reception

We also decided early on that our entire wedding would be vegan, and I think our caterers did an absolutely fantastic job in making the food delicious and accessible to our guests.

Christina + Katrin served vegan food at their lesbian wedding

All in all, we really tried to simplify everything by not having an MC or DJ, to share tasks with family and friends, and just enjoy the process without stressing too much.

Rustic wedding arch at Christina + Katrin's lesbian wedding.

Every wedding is different but we wanted people to feel like this was a small relaxed family get together (with an open bar).

Instant photos of the couple, hung on twine

6- What is the one thing (aside from saying I Do, of course) that made your wedding special, that made it truly yours?

Our wedding was in the countryside and we rented busses for people who didn’t want to drive or wanted to drink. We also wanted to make sure people didn’t have to bring home awkward wedding favours on the bus. Instead, we decided to donate money to 3 different charities in lieu of giving knicknacks to our guests. I think, for us, it was important to give back and people don’t need more stuff from a wedding.

Christina + Katrin made their own guest books.

Also, because we are both graphic designers, we designed all our own menus, signage, and a wedding website for people to RSVP and find information they’ll need on the day of.

7- If you could tell newlyweds just one thing about how to have a successful and happy marriage, what would it be?

Listen, understand, apologize. Communication. Being absolutely honest when you feel a certain way, and not disregarding your partner’s feelings on the matter. Christina and I discuss and compromise and listen to each other, which solidifies our relationship and helps with our relationship growth as well as our own personal growth.

Christina + Katrin kissing on a bridge

8- Anything else you want to add to inspire other couples?

Weddings should be fun! Sometimes there’s family drama, bad weather, global pandemics… The best wedding plan is an open mind. You’re going to remember how you felt on your wedding day, not the drama. So relax, breathe, and just have an awesome time.

Christina + Katrin wedding party
Rustic barn wedding venue
Rustic wedding arch at Katrin and Christina's wedding.

We’re just in love with all the photos from their stunning yet totally laid-back rustic wedding, how about you? If you can’t get enough of them either, visit photographer Rob Lloyd’s website to see all of them.

What is your favorite thing about Katrin and Christina’s rustic wedding? What would you love to incorporate into your own same-sex wedding? Share below!

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