35 Best Italian Wedding Songs For A Magical Celebration

In the land where opera was born, where each piazza tells a tale of timeless romance, and where the Renaissance reshaped the world’s appreciation of art, Italy’s musical heritage is as rich as a slice of decadent tiramisu. 

Italian wedding songs are more than just melodies; they are the heartbeat of a culture steeped in love and tradition. Join us on a melodious voyage as we waltz through alleyways of ancient Rome and serenade beneath balconies in Verona, exploring the captivating world of Italian nuptial tunes.

Amore in Melody: The Soulful Symphony of Italian Nuptial Tunes

Italian Wedding Songs

Dive deep into the enchanting world of Italian wedding songs, where each note is a sip of fine Chianti, and every lyric dances like the shadows on Tuscan walls. Let’s journey through a symphony of love, Italian style.

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1. “Con Te Partirò” by Andrea Bocelli

Memorable lyrics: “Con te partirò, Su navi per mari, Che, io lo so, No, no, non esistono più”

English Interpretation: “With you, I will leave, On ships across seas, Which, I know, No, no, no longer exist” 

A soaring ballad that captures the essence of departure and new beginnings, this song is perfect for the  grand exit or couple’s send-off.

2. “I Belong to You (Il Ritmo Della Passione)” by Eros Ramazzotti & Anastacia

Memorable lyrics: “Every day, every night, I wanna see you baby, staying by my side”

A sultry duet blending two powerful voices in a passionate embrace.Best played at the first dance or during the dinner.

3. “Nessun Dorma” by Luciano Pavarotti

Memorable lyrics: “Vincerò! Vincerò!, Io vincerò!”

English Interpretation: “I will win! I will win!, I will win!”

An operatic masterpiece that embodies triumph and fervent hope.suitable for bride’s entrance or climax of the ceremony.

4. “Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu)” by Domenico Modugno

Memorable lyrics: “Nel blu, dipinto di blu, Felice di stare lassù, E volavo, volavo felice”

English Interpretation: “In the blue, painted blue, Happy to be up there, And I flew, I flew happily”

A breezy tune celebrating the joy of freedom and love.Good for reception opening or couple’s entrance.

5. “Un’ Estate Italiana” by Gianna Nannini & Edoardo Bennato

Memorable lyrics: “Un’estate italiana, E un’avventura, È cominciata”

English Interpretation: “An Italian summer, It’s an adventure, It has begun”

A rhythmic anthem echoing the joys of an Italian summer.A good song for the cocktail hour or background song during dinner.

6. “La Solitudine” by Laura Pausini

Memorable lyrics: “La solitudine, È stare senza te, Dimenticare il caffè, senza di te”

English Interpretation: “Loneliness, Is being without you, Forgetting coffee, without you”

A heartfelt ballad that resonates with the emotions of longing and memories. During moments of reflection or a slideshow of the couple’s journey.

7. “L’Italiano” by Toto Cutugno

Memorable lyrics: “Lasciatemi cantare, Con la chitarra in mano, Lasciatemi cantare, Una canzone piano piano”

English Interpretation: “Let me sing, With the guitar in hand, Let me sing, A song softly”

A lively tune that encapsulates the spirit and pride of being Italian.Perfect for getting guests onto the dance floor during the reception.

8. “Più Bella Cosa” by Eros Ramazzotti

Memorable lyrics: “Più bella cosa non c’è, Più bella cosa di te, Unica come sei”

English Interpretation: “There’s nothing more beautiful, More beautiful than you,Unique as you are”

A radiant ode to love that captures the essence of finding “the one.As background music during the dinner or when the couple shares a quiet moment.

9 “Ti Amo” by Umberto Tozzi

Memorable lyrics: “Ti amo, un soldo, Ti amo, in aria, Ti amo se viene testa vuol dire che basta”

English Interpretation: “I love you, a coin, I love you, in the air, I love you, if it lands heads up, it means that’s enough”

A timeless declaration of love, fervent and unwavering.

Ideal for the first dance or couple’s vow renewal.

10. “Sarà Perché Ti Amo” by Ricchi e Poveri

Memorable lyrics: “Sarà perché ti amo, E amore voglio cantarti, Sarà perché ti amo, E amore ti voglio gridar”

English Interpretation: “Maybe because I love you, And in love, I want to sing to you, Maybe because I love you, And in love, I want to shout it out”

An upbeat track that bubbles with the giddiness of fresh love. Cake cutting or a playful moment between the couple.

11. “That’s Amore” by Dean Martin

Memorable lyrics: “When the moon hits your eye, Like a big pizza pie, That’s amore”

A classic tune that’s the very definition of romance, with a sprinkle of charm.

Couple’s entrance to the reception or during the toast.

12. “Time to Say Goodbye” by Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman

Memorable lyrics: “Con te partirò, Paesi che non ho mai, Veduto e vissuto con te”

English Interpretation: “With you, I will leave, To places I’ve never, Seen and lived with you”

An epic duet that beautifully portrays the journey of bidding farewell yet embarking on a new adventure. Use this song for the grand exit or as a concluding song for the evening.

13. “Grande Amore” by Il Volo

Memorable lyrics: “Dimmi che mai, Che non mi lascerai mai, Storicamente per me”

English Interpretation: “Tell me that never, That you will never leave me, Historically for me”

A passionate ballad that emphasises the grandeur and eternity of love.First dance or backdrop for a romantic moment.

14. “Senza Una Donna” by Zucchero

Memorable lyrics: “Senza una donna, No more pain and no sorrow, Senza una donna”

English Interpretation: “Without a woman, No more pain and no sorrow, Without a woman

A soulful tune that delves into the depth of love and partnership.Background music during the dinner or a slow dance segment.

15. “Azzurro” by Adriano Celentano

Memorable lyrics: “Il pomeriggio è troppo azzurro, E lungo per me, Mi accorgo di non avere più risorse”

English Interpretation: “The afternoon is too blue, And long for me, I realise I have no more resources”

An evocative song that paints a vivid picture of blue skies and yearning.Perfect for a summer wedding’s cocktail hour or an outdoor setting.

16. “Vita Spericolata” by Vasco Rossi

Memorable lyrics: “Una vita spericolata, La mia vita, grande senso di vuoto, Che riempio di vino”

English Interpretation: “A reckless life, My life, a great sense of emptiness, That I fill with wine”

A rock anthem celebrating a life lived on the edge, filled with daring and passion.Perfect to energise the crowd and kick off the dancing segment of the reception.

17. “Via Con Me” by Paolo Conte

Memorable lyrics: “Via, via, vieni via con me, Entra in questo amore buio,, Non perderti per niente al mondo”

English Interpretation: “Come away, come away with me, Step into this dark love,, Don’t get lost for anything in the world”

A jazzy, upbeat number that transports listeners to vintage Italian cafes and romantic escapades.Cocktail hour or as background music during dinner.

18. “Questo Piccolo Grande Amore” by Claudio Baglioni

Memorable lyrics: “Questo piccolo grande amore, Solo noi, l’eternità, Noi nella notte, amore mio, solo noi”

English Interpretation: “This little great love, Just us, eternity, Us in the night, my love, only us”

A tender ballad capturing the profound and intricate emotions of love. Suitable for moments of reflection, perhaps during a video montage of the couple.

19. “Laura Non C’è” by Nek

Memorable lyrics: “Laura non c’è, è andata via, Laura non è più cosa mia, E te la prendi, così la notte”

English Interpretation: “Laura isn’t here, she’s gone away, Laura is no longer mine, And you take her, like that, in the night

A pop-rock tune tinged with the anguish of love lost and the longing for reunion. If there’s a segment for contemporary or 90s hits during the dance portion, this would fit right in.

20. “Libiamo Ne’ Lieti Calici” from La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi

Memorable lyrics: “Libiamo, libiamo ne’lieti calici, Che la bellezza infiora., E la fuggevol, fuggevol ora s’inebria”

English Interpretation: “Let’s drink, let’s drink from the joyful cups, That beauty so truly enhances., And may the brief moment be inebriated with voluptuousness”

An operatic gem that embodies celebration, togetherness, and the joys of life.Perfect for a toast moment or the opening of the reception to set an elegant tone.

21. “A Far L’Amore Comincia Tu” by Raffaella Carrà

Memorable lyrics: “A far l’amore comincia tu, E tu lo fai bene, sai, Se lui si avvicina, non ti devi negar”

English Interpretation: “You start making love, And you do it well, you know, If he gets closer, you shouldn’t deny yourself”

A vivacious and catchy disco number that evokes the joyous spirit of the 70s.Perfect for livening up the dance floor during the reception.

22. “A Te” by Jovanotti

Memorable lyrics: “A te che sei l’unica al mondo, L’unica ragione per arrivare fino in fondo, Ad ogni mio respiro”

English Interpretation: “To you, who are the only one in the world, The only reason to go all the way, To every breath I take”

A heartfelt tribute to unwavering love, with lyrics that echo deep devotion. Great as background music during the dinner or a romantic interlude.

23. “L’Essenziale” by Marco Mengoni

Memorable lyrics: “E cancellare ogni bugia, Con abbracci di un’ora, Abbattere un’idea, Che dove non c’è amore”

English Interpretation: “And erase every lie, With hour-long hugs, To break down an idea, Where there is no love”

A contemporary ballad emphasising the essence and purity of love.Suitable for the first dance or during a moment of connection between the couple.

24. “Ancora” by Mina

Memorable lyrics: “Ancora, abbracciami ancora, Un bacio ancora e poi, Ancora, amor, non andare via”

English Interpretation: “Again, embrace me again, One more kiss and then, Again, love, don’t go away”

A classic, sultry tune that carries the weight of yearning and deep passion.A good fit for the slow dance segment or as the evening winds down.

25. “Non Riattaccare” by Gigi D’Alessio

Memorable lyrics: “Non riattaccare, ti prego, Ancora un po’ parlami di te, Stasera ho bisogno di te”

English Interpretation: “Don’t hang up, I beg you, Talk to me about you a little more, Tonight, I need you”

A melodic pop song encapsulating the emotions of distance and the desire to stay connected. Ideal as background music during the cocktail hour or when guests are settling in.

26. “Almeno Tu Nell’Universo” by Mia Martini

Memorable lyrics: “Ma tu che sei diverso, Almeno tu nell’universo, Un punto sei, che non ruota mai intorno a me”

English Interpretation: “But you, who are different, At least you in the universe, Are a point that never revolves around me”

A poignant ballad that speaks of irreplaceable love and its timeless essence.Perfect for a quiet moment of reflection, maybe during candle lighting or a slideshow of memories.

27. “Sally” by Vasco Rossi

Memorable lyrics: “Sally cammina per la strada senza nemmeno, Guardare per terra, Sally è una donna che non ha più voglia, Di fare la guerra”

English Interpretation: “Sally walks down the street without even, Looking at the ground, Sally is a woman who no longer wishes, To wage war”

A deep and evocative rock tune capturing the essence of hope, resilience, and love’s complexities.Ideal for the background as guests mingle or during an introspective segment in the ceremony.

28. “In Alto Mare” by Loredana Bertè

Memorable lyrics: “In alto mare, Ooh, ooh, Tu con chi sei?, Non dire parole, Che non pensi mai”

English Interpretation: “Out at sea, Ooh, ooh, Who are you with?, Don’t say words, That you never think”

A vibrant and catchy tune that whisks listeners away on a musical journey across the high seas of love. Perfect to lift the mood and get guests swaying during the reception.

29. “Senza Più” by Anna Oxa

Memorable lyrics: “Senza più parole, Senza più ragione, Senza più di un cuore”

English Interpretation: “Without any more words, Without any more reason, With no more than a heart”

A beautifully rendered song encapsulating the fervor of emotions and the depth of romance.Suitable for the couple’s first dance or as a backdrop to a touching segment of the ceremony.

30. “Un Angelo Disteso Al Sole” by Eros Ramazzotti

Memorable lyrics: “Un angelo disteso al sole, E’ quello che tu sei per me, Anche se il mondo cade in pezzi”

English Interpretation: “An angel lying in the sun, That’s what you are to me, Even if the world falls apart”

A melodious tribute to ethereal love, akin to an angel bathed in sunlight.Perfect for the bride’s entrance or a magical moment under the setting sun.

31. “Il Mio Pensiero” by Ligabue

Memorable lyrics: “Il mio pensiero sei tu, E non ti lascerò mai più, E il vento porta il mio canto”

English Interpretation: “You are my thought, And I will never leave you again, And the wind carries my song”

A rock ballad that’s both introspective and passionate, delving into the depth of personal reflections.

Ideal during a pause in the ceremony, allowing for a moment of reflection or as the evening transitions to night.

32. “Napule È” by Pino Daniele

Memorable lyrics: “Napule è mille culure, Napule è mille paure, Napule è a voce de’ criature”

English Interpretation: “Naples is a thousand colors, Naples is a thousand fears, Naples is the voice of the children”

A soulful tune that transports listeners to the vibrant streets of Naples, echoing its culture, love, and heartache.Perfect during dinner, especially in an outdoor setting reminiscent of Italy’s charm.

33. “Felicita” by Albano and Romina Power

Memorable lyrics: “Felicità, È tenersi per mano, Andare lontano, la felicità”

English Interpretation: “Happiness, Is holding hands, Going far away, that’s happiness”

An evergreen duet that celebrates the simple and joyous moments of happiness in love.Ideal for the cake cutting or a joyful segment celebrating the couple’s journey.

34. “Quello Che Le Donne Non Dicono” by Fiorella Mannoia

Memorable lyrics: “È difficile spiegare, Certe giornate amare, Senza piangere”

English Interpretation: “It’s hard to explain, Certain bitter days, Without crying

A touching song that dives deep into the unspoken feelings and strengths of women. Suitable for a special tribute to the bride or the influential women in the couple’s life.

35. “La Vita Com’è” by Max Gazzè

Memorable lyrics: “La vita com’è?, Che sembra normale, Ma è straordinaria per me”

English Interpretation: “What’s life like?, It seems ordinary, But it’s extraordinary for me”

A contemporary track that paints life’s ups and downs, emphasising the beauty of embracing it all. Perfect to get the guests dancing or as a spirited backdrop to the couple’s entry into the reception.

Final Thoughts

Embark on a euphonic journey with ‘Amore in Melody,’ a kaleidoscopic exploration of Italy’s most enchanting wedding anthems. 

From the spellbinding opera houses of Milan to Verona’s moonlit balconies, where whispers of Romeo and Juliet still linger, this article is a passionate pas de deux through Italy’s heartbeats and harmonies. 

Delve deep into a realm where each note is steeped in centuries-old romance, every lyric a vibrant brushstroke on canvas, and each song a fervent serenade to the intoxicating dance of amore.


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How Do I Choose the Perfect Italian Song for My Wedding?

Consider the mood you want to set, the cultural significance of the song, and personal resonance. Listening to lyrics and understanding their meaning can also guide your choice.

Are all Italian wedding songs traditional?

While many are rooted in tradition, Italian wedding playlists often feature a mix of classical, contemporary, and pop songs, reflecting the country’s evolving musical landscape.

Are All Italian Wedding Songs Traditional?

Italian wedding songs are infused with the country’s rich cultural heritage, blending traditional melodies with passionate lyrics that celebrate love and union.

What Famous Italian Singers Are Known for Their Romance Songs?

There are a great deal of amazing Italian artists! Some iconic names include Andrea Bocelli, Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti, and Luciano Pavarotti, among others.

Is It Common to Have Live Performances of These Songs at Italian Weddings?

Yes, live music, especially from singers or bands that can perform a range of traditional and modern songs, is a cherished feature of many Italian weddings.

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