22 Best Beach Boys Wedding Songs For Your Special Day

With good music, your wedding ceremony will be one of the best days of your life. That’s why we compiled a list of the best Beach Boys wedding songs for you to make ideal choices. 

Popular for their sweet-sounding vocals, cheerful melodies, and meaningful lyrics, the Beach Boys are exceptional songwriters and musicians. 

So if you’re a fan, you may want to add a touch of elegance and coastal life to your wedding ceremony. Don’t worry; we’ve put together 22 amazing songs from this band that will create a magical experience for you and your guests. 

Get comfortable as we explore these fantastic tunes one after the other!

22 Best Beach Boys Wedding Songs

You also want to include these other popular wedding songs to your playlist:

1. Darlin’

Best Lyrics: I love the way you soften my life with your love/Your precious love uh huh oh

“Darlin'” is a love song that expresses appreciation for a woman whose presence brings joy and fulfillment. Choose this song for your first dance to make the bride feel special. 

2. Kiss Me, Baby

Best Lyrics: Whoa, baby (kiss me baby)/Whoa, baby (love to hold you)

Play “Kiss Me Baby” at intimate moments of your ceremony to create a romantic ambiance. The lyrics express the desire for reconciliation, love, care, and emotional connection in a relationship. 

3. She Believes In Love Again

Best Lyrics: She believes in love again/She believes in me

From the instrumentation to the meaningful lyrics, “She Believes In Love” is an amazing song that will make your day memorable. The song describes the importance of trust, communication, and love in a romantic relationship. 

4. Baby Blue

Best Lyrics: Baby blue eyes, I’m lovin’ you/I hold you in my dreams tonight/Hold you ’til morning light

“Baby Blue” is the perfect song for couples to dance to at your ceremony. The lyrics express the desire for emotional connection and physical intimacy. The song captures the essence of love and longing for a romantic partner. 

5. Let’s Put Our Hearts Together

Best Lyrics: Let’s put our hearts together/And say we’ll leave each other never

Everything about “Let’s Put Our Hearts Together” will make you fall in love with your partner. The song conveys a message of commitment and the desire to build a lifelong connection with a lover. 

6. Forever

Best Lyrics: Let the love I have for you/Live in your heart/And beat forever (together my love)

“Forever” is a heartfelt song with a special meaning that can inspire every listener. It describes a love that remains constant between two individuals despite the circumstances.

Most couples who have gone through ups and downs together will find the lyrics of this song relatable. 

7. Don’t Worry Baby

Best Lyrics: With a girl the lonely sea looks good/Makes your nighttimes warm and out of sight

Looking for a song of reassurance to make your partner feel safe? Add “Don’t Worry Baby” to your wedding playlist. This song serves as a reminder of the love and care between two individuals who are committed to each other. 

8. I Wanna Pick You Up

Best Lyrics: I want to pick you up/Rock you back and forth and make you smile

This fantastic track expresses the desire to care for someone special. The song revolves around the theme of love and the willingness to offer protection and comfort to a lover. 

9. Our Sweet Love

Best Lyrics: A precious love like this can flower/There’s nothing in this world like/Our sweet love

“Our Sweet Love” is a celebratory song that will put smiles on every listener’s face. The song emphasizes the feelings of happiness that come with finding true love. 

10. You’re So Good To Me

Best Lyrics: When I get in a bad mood/You’re so good to me/And I love it, love it

This is a song of admiration and appreciation for a supportive and loving partner. The lyrics describe the positive influence of this individual, which makes them special. 

11. Do You Wanna Dance?

Best Lyrics: Do you want to dance under the moonlight?/Just kiss me baby all through the night

Searching for the best Beach Boys song to activate the party mood? Add “Do You Wanna Dance” to your wedding playlist. This is an upbeat song that will encourage listeners to dance and have lots of fun.

12. Please Let Me Wonder

Best Lyrics: Baby please let me wonder/If I’ve been the one you love

This is a romantic, heartfelt song that describes the vulnerability that comes with being in love. The lyrics express the desire for longing, acceptance, and confirmation that love is not one-sided. 

13. Good Vibrations

Best Lyrics: When I look in her eyes/She goes with me to a blossom world

“Good Vibrations” is a wonderful, romantic song that you can play on your big day to express your joy.

The song talks about the feelings of happiness and satisfaction that come from experiencing genuine love. The lyrics emphasize the need for lovers to stay together to keep the positive energy going. 

14. Only With You

Best Lyrics: I know one thing for sure I want to do/I want to spend this life with you

This song conveys a message of deep commitment and devotion to one’s lover. The lyrics express the willingness of an individual to spend a lifetime with someone special, which relates to the theme of weddings and marriages. 

15. God Only Knows

Best Lyrics: God only knows what I’d be without you/If you should ever leave me

“God Only Knows” is everything you’ve ever wanted in a wedding song and more. The song talks about the value and support a loving partner offers, which can make living without them meaningless.

16. Then I Kissed Her

Best Lyrics: Then I asked her to be my bride/And always be right by my side

Perhaps for your first kiss as a couple, you can play “Then I Kissed Her” to evoke feelings of love and excitement. The song describes how kissing a romantic partner can influence the progress of a relationship. 

17. Dance, Dance, Dance

Best Lyrics: When I feel put down I try to shake it off quick/With my chick by my side the radio does the trick

Set the tone for a celebratory atmosphere by playing “Dance, Dance, Dance” at your wedding reception. It’s an upbeat song that can encourage your guests to get on the dance floor. 

18. Good To My Baby

Best Lyrics: She’s my girl and I’m good to my baby/And I know she’s happy with me

“Good To My Baby” is one of the best Beach Boys wedding songs that listeners can relate to. The lyrics suggest that people’s opinions don’t matter as long as two individuals are happy in their relationship. 

19. Kokomo

Best Lyrics: Baby, why don’t we go? (Ooh, I wanna take you down to Kokomo)/We’ll get there fast/And then we’ll take it slow

“Kokomo” can create a relaxing and magical experience for everyone present at your wedding ceremony. This song encourages listeners to let go of life’s troubles and escape to a place where they can unwind (Kokomo). 

20. I Was Made To Love Her

Best Lyrics: Like a sweet magnolia tree/My love blossomed tenderly/My life grows sweeter through the years

For couples who have been together for a long time, this perfect love song will create an unforgettable experience for them. “I Was Made To Love Her” expresses an enduring commitment and affection for a childhood lover. 

21. All I Wanna Do

Best Lyrics: I hope it makes you happy to know/My love’s with you wherever you go

This song conveys a message of assurance to bring love, goodness, and support to a partner. “All I Wanna Do” is a song that captures the essence of love and devotion to a partner. 

22. Here Today

Best Lyrics: A brand-new love affair is such a beautiful thing/But if you’re not careful, think about the pain it can bring

While “Here Today” is not a love song, it will be a good addition to your wedding playlist. This song serves as a reminder that falling in love requires caution to prevent heartbreak and pain. Every listener can learn a lesson or two from this inspiring song. 

Final Thoughts

Make your big day memorable by choosing from our list of the best Beach Boys wedding songs. Getting married is a big deal; do everything within your power to have a wonderful experience.

Ensure you and your guests have fun by selecting music that resonates around the themes of love, romance, and happiness. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Beach Boys’ Most Successful Song?

God Only Knows“, which was released in 1966, is considered the most successful Beach Boys song. The song is from the album “Pet Sound” and was written by Tony Asher and Brian Wilson. 

In July 1966, “God Only Knows” made it to No. 39 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song reached No. 11 in Rolling Stone’s list of the greatest songs in history in 2021. 

What Style of Music is Before the Wedding Ceremony?

The music played before the wedding ceremony is known as “prelude music”. Usually, the song is played for close to 30 minutes before the ceremony commences. 

Most couples choose soothing songs as the prelude music to set the tone for a meaningful occasion. 

Who Dances First at a Wedding?

In most wedding ceremonies, the bride and groom are the first people to dance. Afterwards, the parents of the couples can dance with them; the father with his daughter and the mother with her son.

The bride may dance with the groom’s father, and the groom may dance with the bride’s mother. 

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