21 Best U2 Wedding Songs To set The Mood On Your Special Day

If you’re a fan of the legendary band U2, you’ll likely want to add some of their tracks to your wedding playlists. We’ve put together a list of the best U2 wedding songs that will infuse your celebration with love and laughter.

Good music has the power to create an unforgettable experience for you on your special day. While there are lots of songs out there that you can play, only a few of them can express the way you feel. 

With this in mind, we chose 21 U2 amazing songs to make your selection process easy. Whether for your first kiss or the first dance, there’s a song that beautifully captures every moment. 

Get comfortable as we explore these enchanting tracks!

21 Best U2 Wedding Songs

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1. All Because of You

Best Lyrics: I saw you in the curve of the moon/In the shadow cast across my room

Given its catchy melody and touching lyrics, this song will be a good addition to your wedding playlist. The lyrics convey a message of appreciation and introspection, making it ideal for celebrating life-changing events, including weddings. 

2. With or Without You

Best Lyrics: Through the storm, we reach the shore/You give it all but I want more/And I’m waiting for you

“With or Without You” is a powerful and emotional love song that can create a memorable experience for you. Its meaningful lyrics revolve around the themes of love and the complex nature of relationships.

Considering the song’s beautiful melody and exceptional vocal delivery, this song should be at the top of your wedding playlist. 

3. All I Want is You

Best Lyrics: You say you want/Diamonds on a ring of gold

For your big day, this touching song will capture every emotion you feel. “All I Want is You” expresses the desire for longing and devotion from someone special. 

4. One

Best Lyrics: One life but we’re not the same/We get to carry each other, carry each other

“One” serves as a reminder that individuals can work together in unity despite being unique in their ways. The lyrics convey a powerful message that can inspire couples to hold on to each other when they face challenges. 

5. I Will Follow

Best Lyrics: Your eyes make a circle/I see you when I come in here

With this energetic song, your guests can freely express their happiness by partying and dancing. The song speaks of a lifelong commitment to someone special in good and bad times.

6. Every Breaking Wave

Best Lyrics: Like every fallen leaf on the breeze/Winter wouldn’t leave it alone, alone

There’s something unique about this song that will make every listener have a personal reflection. It revolves around the themes of love and the fact that people can retrace their steps after making major mistakes. 

7. The First Time

Best Lyrics: I have a lover/A lover like no other

Create a magical atmosphere by playing this song at intimate moments of your wedding. The lyrics emphasize that having an encounter with something for the first time can have a lasting effect on individuals’ lives. 

8. Beautiful Day

Best Lyrics:The heart is a bloom/Shoots up through the stony ground

Wedding days are one of the most beautiful days of our lives, making this song an ideal choice. To set the tone for a celebratory and lively mood, play “Beautiful Day” at the wedding reception.  

9. You’re The Best Thing About Me

Best Lyrics: When you look so good, the pain in your face doesn’t show/When you look so good, and baby, you don’t even know

Looking for the best U2 love song to express admiration and commitment to your lover? Choose “You’re the Best Thing About Me”.

It’s a simple song that speaks of the impact of someone special, which makes them the best. Guests can sing along to the chorus of this song at the reception. 

10. When Love Comes to Town

Best Lyrics: She was pale as the lace of her wedding gown/But I left her standing before love came to town

No doubt, this passionate song will leave a lasting impression on listeners’ hearts. It speaks of the transformative power of love, which couples will find relatable.

11. Summer of Love

Best Lyrics: Flowers blooming in the shadows/For a summer of love

This inspiring song conveys a deep message of hope in the face of adversity that can encourage your guests. “Summer of Love” speaks of the importance of finding moments of joy and love in challenging times. 

12. The Ground Beneath Her Feet

Best Lyrics: All my life, I worshipped her/Her golden voice, her beauty’s beat

Everything about this song, from the emotional delivery to its powerful lyrics, makes it a perfect addition to your wedding playlist. It captures the essence of love and destiny. 

13. One Step Closer

Best Lyrics: I’m ’round the corner from anything that’s real/I’m across the road from hope

While “One Step Closer” is not a love song, it is an inspiring song that you and your guests will love. It revolves around the themes of change and personal growth, which we can relate to weddings. 

14. Love Is Blindness

Best Lyrics: I don’t want to see/Won’t you wrap the night?

This touching song expresses the vulnerability that comes with being in love with someone special. As “Love Is Blindness” begins to play in the background, it will create an emotional ambiance for everyone present. 

15. October

Best Lyrics: And the trees are stripped bare/Of all they wear

Despite having a melancholic tone, you can play “October” at your wedding ceremony if it fits a particular moment. But it is best to play this song at quiet moments to create a calm and reflective atmosphere. 

16. Song for Someone

Best Lyrics: You got a face not spoiled by beauty/I have some scars from where I’ve been

Dedicate this love song to your partner to make them feel special and happy on your special day. “Song for Someone” talks about the feelings that come with finding love in an amazing and simple way. 

17. Stay (Faraway, So Close!)

Best Lyrics: And if you look, you look through me/And when you talk, you talk at me

“Stay” perfectly explores the complex nature of relationships between individuals. The lyrics talk about the desire to be with someone while feeling emotionally apart from them. It’s a touching song that can create a mesmerizing ambiance at your wedding ceremony. 

18. Sweetest Thing

Best Lyrics: My love she throws me like a rubber ball/Oh oh oh, the sweetest thing

Without including “Sweetest Thing” in the best U2 wedding songs, our list will not be complete. It’s the perfect song for showing appreciation for a loving and supportive partner. The lyrics are romantic, and it has a catchy melody with a feel-good vibe.

19. In a Little While

Best Lyrics: This hurt will hurt no more/I’ll be home, love

This song can serve as a source of encouragement for listeners going through difficult times. The lyrics convey a message of hope for a better future after challenging times. If this song resonates with your life’s journey as a couple, you can play it during the cocktail hour. 

20. Out of Control

Best Lyrics: I got spirit, I’ve got soul/I got some bigger deals, I’m out of control

Set the tone for a lively atmosphere by playing this energetic song at the reception. Its driving rhythm and catchy instrumentation capture the celebratory mood of joyous ceremonies. “Out of control” will encourage your guests to show off their dance moves. 

21. Window in the Skies

Best Lyrics: Please don’t ever let me out of you/I’ve got no shame

This melodic track will create a calm ambiance for you and your guests. Both musically and lyrically, the song has the potential to evoke deep emotions in listeners.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best U2 wedding songs to play on your special day should now be easy. While there’s always a lot of preparation to do before the wedding day, invest your time in selecting appropriate songs. 

Listen to all the tracks you want to play on your big day and choose the ones that you and your guests can relate to. No matter how melodious a song is, if it doesn’t have meaningful lyrics, don’t play it at your wedding ceremony. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is “With or Without You” a Wedding Song?

Yes, “With or Without You” is a song that can be played at a wedding. It’s a song by the Irish rock band U2 from the album “The Joshua Tree”.

“With or Without You” was the band’s most successful track after its release in 1987. The song became a hit in the United States and Canada during that period. 

How Do I Find the Perfect Wedding Song?

When looking for the perfect wedding song, consider the music genre that you and your partner love.

You can also look for songs with lyrics that the two of you find relatable; maybe they describe your love story. Additionally, go for songs that you and your significant other can easily dance to. 

What is the Song Called After You Get Married?

The song played after the couple has been joined together in holy matrimony is called the “wedding recessional song”. As the song begins to play in the background, the newlyweds will leave the wedding venue.

The wedding recessional is like a send-off song for the couples as their family and friends cheer them on. 

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