5 Epic Bouquet Toss Ideas & Alternatives That Are Just Perfect for Same-Sex Weddings

Cheerful same-sex wedding brides in beautiful gowns doing their bouquet toss

The bouquet toss is definitely one of everyone’s favorite traditions, but it does raise some challenges for same-sex weddings. If there are two brides, which one gets the honor? What about one with two grooms? Do you even have to throw one at all? Are there alternatives?

The quick answer, as always, is “do what you want, it’s your big day.” For the long answer, keep reading for some other ideas. First, though, take a look at how two TikTok brides handled it at their own lesbian wedding!

These brides really know how to make a bouquet toss more memorable!

If you want to draw out the excitement, take a page from these brides on TikTok! They know it’s everyone’s favorite moment, so why not put a little suspense into it while you’re at it? Wait a few seconds, pretend to throw it a few times, and not everyone will actually expect it in the moment you throw. Of course, if this is not your style, there are other things you can try!

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5 Epic Bouquet Toss Ideas That Are Just Perfect for Same-Sex Wedding

According to the tradition, only garters and bouquets should be thrown to the guests, and they both have the same significance. Of course, the times have changed and people discovered new ways of adapting this tradition. So, what can you do to make your bouquets toss really unique?

Bride carrying a bouquet

1. Share the Bouquet With The Crowd

It can be hard for a couple to synchronize a throw the bouquet at the same time, so actually sharing the bouquet with all the single people in there could be a fun idea for a lesbian couple. Whether you buy a special throwing bouquet that’s supposed to break apart or use your own bouquet, it’s going to be an amazing and very appreciated idea.

2. Have Two Bouquets

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There’s no rule that a wedding can only have one bouquet after all, and having two bouquets can be an amazing idea for any gay couple

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Each can throw his bouquet and then wait and see which ones of your single friends is about to get married!

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3. Gift The Bouquet

If you know for sure that one of your friends is about to get married, you can safely gift them the bouquet. It can be considered a big ‘good luck’ for the soon-to-be-married couple. Additionally, if you know someone is going to propose at your wedding, you can gift the bouquet and give him or her a clue about what’s about to happen!

a bridal bouquet of roses, freesia, eustoma standing on a stone background

4. Have A Single Dance

Instead of throwing anything, you can organize a dance for all the single people at your wedding. Get them all out on the dance floor (and JUST them). It’s going to be a very fun activity and who knows, maybe some of them will actually fall in love!

5. Create Your Own Tradition

If you’d rather make your own memory of the wedding, that’s perfectly fine. Plant a small tree, to create a time capsule to open in ten years, or maybe write a forever letter to your significant other to keep for the years to come. Whatever you choose, it’s going to be your special and very unique moment, so if you like it, then why not go for it?

It’s true that weddings and traditions can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have just the way you want it. If changing the bouquet toss tradition makes you happy, just do it! Whether that means throwing one bouquet together, throwing separate ones and giving your guests double the opportunity to catch one, or skipping them entirely and doing something else to honor your single friends, it’s up to you.

What are some of your favorite bouquet toss ideas and alternatives for same-sex weddings? Share below!

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