72 Astounding and Creative Wedding Decor Ideas

bride and groom kissing with a beautiful flower decorations background

Wedding décor plays a major role in making your day truly special. After all, it’s the very first thing your guests seem even before you begin your stroll down the aisle!

When you are planning the decorations for your space, consider the mood or theme of your wedding and let that determine its design. Need some inspiration? Here are some amazing options we love!

72 Astounding and Creative Wedding Decor Ideas

1. A white table decorated with small tree logs with burning candles and green flower decorations

2. A floor spread with white flowers and laid with frames carrying burning candles and white flowers seats

3. A white wooden door decorated with strings of green leaves and candle frames in the entrance of an open field filled with seats

Credit: The Nochols

4. A slice of a piece of a log with a black candle frame and a glass jar holding small white flowers

5. Wedding reception tables laid with white tablecloths and tall glass jars holding pink and orange flower bouquets

6. A white pot carrying a bouquet of red, cream, and grey flowers

7. A wooden photo-shooting stand in the center of a field decorated with white and green flowers

Credit: Jose Villa

8. A wedding reception table with a brown candle frame holding a burning candle and other small stands of white and green flowers

9. A black frame holding purple, white and green flowers inside it

10. Bouquets of flowers consisting of white, pink and black flower

11. A big suspended bouquet consisting of pink, white and green flowers and small glasses

12. A wooden stand decorated with strings of green leaves and white flowers in the entrance of a photo-shooting stage

Credit: The Nichols

13. White wooden seats set in a green field decorated with brown fabrics and sunflowers

14. A wedding reception table laid with brown fabric, wine glasses, and cutlery.

15. Amazing lighting!

16. A well decorated groom and brides’ high table

17. A table with a ‘pineapple flower’ with a table number tag

18. A clear message: Love is in the air!

19. A creatively done décor of a tree on a table

20. A tree flower with glass well arranged

Credit: Agaton Strom

21. Decorated benches along the entrance

22. An attractively done menu

23. Beautiful flowers on a rustic bench

24. Breathtaking candles and flowers

25. Beautiful flowers on pots

26. A well laid long table

27. Colorful and bright flowers

28. Flowers on a box-like holder. Beautiful.

29. A beautiful pumpkin guest book

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30. Amazing big flowers at the center of a long table

31. Three clear glass candle holders with lit candles add a nice and warm touch to a table.

32. An elegant way to categorize table settings, gold writing on a gold-framed mirror.

33. A rustic table setting complete with pinecones, tree bark, candles, and flowers.

34. A wonderful table setting in the shape of branches on a tree that holds glass votives.

35. Beautiful candles sitting in large glass holders dot the aisle during a wedding ceremony.

36. A stunning table setting complete with flowers, a mirrored vase, crystal, and fine china.

37. A decor piece consisting of a basket and pinecone perfect for a winter wedding.

38. A flowing and sheer cream-colored curtain perfect for an outdoor wedding.

Credit: Haute Floral

39. A natural and pretty table runner that includes leaves, white roses, and candles.

40. An elegant wedding style that includes hanging white material on the ceiling, green table settings, and gorgeous fresh flowers.

41. Hanging white balls full of light and purple flowers make for wonderful wedding decor.

42. A bride and groom sitting in their customized wedding chairs with gold lettering and leaves.

43. A sweet and kitschy style with blankets available for guests during a chilly wedding.

44. Spectacular numbered table settings complete with a rhinestone brooch and red ribbon.

Credit: TakeNoteCreations via Etsy

45. A creative and attractive way to showcase the initials of the couple.

46. A flowered trellis and sheer pink curtains makes an outdoor wedding even more beautiful.

Credit: Colin Miller photography

47. Three plastic flower containers holding white, red and green flowers. Two containers are blue, and one is red

48. A church laid with a brown carpet with names of the wedding couple. It has white and blue flowers along its edges

49. A big glass signboard with the names of the wedding couple. It is decorated with red and green flower

50. A wedding reception table decorated with white and green flowers laid with glass candle holders carrying burning candles inside

51. Two wine-fermenting containers holding a table top with a wedding cake. It also has hanging lights on its top.

52. A wedding reception hall decorated with purple lights and multicolored

Credit: Brett Matthews Photography

53. A glass flower container carrying yellow and red flowers

54. A wedding reception hall decorated with green leafy flowers

Credit: Lauren Kinsey

55. A glass candle holder put together with bouquets of red and green flowers

56. A wedding reception table with glass wines on it and green and white flowers on it and others hanging on the roof

57. A photo-shooting stand in a field decorated with green, white and red flowers

Credit: Kristyn Hogan

58. Wedding reception tables laid with white clothes and white bouquets of flowers

59. Wedding reception tables with wine glasses and tall glass flower jars holding white, blue, purple, white and green flowers

Credit: Jen Osulliva

60. A wedding hall laid with white sheets of clothes all around its walls.

61. A light brown wedding reception table laid with glass jars carrying burning candles and green and red flowers

Credit: Kina Wicks

62. Wedding reception tables laid under a tree with a white tablecloth, black seats, wine glasses and bouquets of white and green flowers. It also has glass frames with burning candles.

63. Glass jars with bouquets of small white flowers laid on a red and brown carpet

64. Tall white glass jars holding bouquets white, orange, pink and cream flowers on a table with picture frames with writings

65. A tall glass of green flowers and red fruits and a burning candle and red fruits on its base

66. An entrance to a wooden hall decorated with white sheets of clothes and pink and white bouquets of flowers a big “S” shape on top

67. Silver colored frames with white candles inside and blue and purple flower decorations on top

68. A photo-shooting stand made of wood and decorated with green, purple and white flowers set on a green field

69. A wooden cross decorated with white, orange and green flowers and a white table beside it on a green field

70. A venue with sunflower decorations

71. A wedding hall with walls decorated with white balloons and white furniture with shapes reading MR&MRS.

72. A white wooden door with pink and green floral decoration set on a green field

Credit: Kim and Phil photography
beautiful flower arrangements on the wedding table

What are your favorite wedding decor ideas on the above list? Do you have other ideas? Please share with us!

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