10 Outstanding Maid of Honor Gifts That She’ll Absolutely Adore

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Looking for some outstanding maid of honor gifts to give your best gal pal as a “thank you” for all she’s done for you? You’ll love these 10 ideas below! We chose a wide variety of options for all tastes and budgets. Let’s dive in! By the way, while you’re doing your wedding party shopping, you may also like these beautiful mother of the bride gift ideas!

10 Outstanding Maid of Honor Gifts

Maids of honor are special kinds of people, always there for the bride, helping her go through all the wedding preparation, and standing by her side on the big day. She definitely deserves a special little “thank you,” so let’ take a look at these gifts!

It goes without saying, but these gifts are perfect for lesbian weddings with two maids of honor or ceremonies with just one.

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1. Maid of Honor Proposal Gift

If you’re looking for something to propose to your maid of honor, then this bracelet is a wonderful idea. It comes in gold, rose gold, and silver, you can choose the type of box you want it to come in, and you can also add a personalized message for your maid of honor. You can find it on Etsy!

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2. Maid of Honor Gift Set

After a wedding, everyone needs pampering, and maids of honor are no exception. With this gift set from Etsy, she can have a wonderful evening on her own, and completely relaxed after a day of running from place to place. 

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3. Maid of Honor Proposal Mug

Ask your maid of honor to be with you on your wedding day with this special mug from Amazon. Besides being incredibly stylish, it will also be a great memory from one of the best days of your lives!

4. Maid of Honor Apothecary Candle

Most people like to have candles burning all the time, after all this is the Danish secret of happiness. With this personalized candle, your maid of honor will always remember the celebration, and it will be amazing. It’s available on Etsy, it comes with over 10 scents and you can upgrade to a super cute gift box!

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5. Proposal Bracelet

Let your maid of honor know how much you appreciate her with this amazing bracelet from Etsy. It comes in many different variants, with gold, rose gold, or silver finishes, as well as adorable pearls and Swarovski crystals. 

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6. Watercolor MoH & Bride Mug

This is the perfect mug to remind your maid of honor how important she is for you, and about everything that happened at the wedding. It’s available on Amazon and it’s got 10 designs for the maid of honor.

7. MoH Sun Hat

A great gift to give to your maid of honor, especially if your wedding is in the summer, is this incredible hat from Amazon. It’s adjustable and your maid of honor will be more than happy to show it!

8. Special Matron of Honor Ornament

This is one of the special gifts out there, and your maid of honor will definitely feel amazing to receive it. It’s from Amazon, and it comes with the cutest box, so the surprise is complete.

9. Maid of Honor Tote Bag

As long as you’re both trying to protect the environment, this maid of honor tote bag is wonderful. This title is hard to earn, and your best friend will love taking this tote bag everywhere she goes. You can find it on Amazon

10. Friends Maid of Honor Mug

Friends has taught us that the friends we have are our most important assets, and we all think about the bond Monica and Rachel had. However, that kind of relationship is possible, and you can prove it with this Etsy mug.

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With these 10 maid of honor gifts, you will definitely manage to make a wonderful choice!

Looking for some outstanding maid of honor gifts or proposal presents for your best gal pal? Check out 10 ideas she'll adore!

What are your favorite maid of honor gifts? Share below!

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