Laugh Out Loud Maid Of Honor Speeches For Sisters

Your sister has just got engaged and her special day is now on the horizon.

As family, this is an incredibly important event to you, and you love to see her so happy! However, she’s asked you to be her maid of honor. 

This is certainly a beautiful honor, but how can you do the maid of honor speech?

It’s a crucial part of the wedding and you’ll want to do your sister justice in front of your family and the family of her partner. That’s a lot of pressure!

Not to worry, we’re here to help! 

No matter how confident you are about delivering such an important speech, whether you’re a speech pro or somebody who’s shy with that kind of thing, we’ve got all the advice you’ll need below. 

In our handy guide, we’ve got tips for delivering a laugh out loud maid of honor speech for your sister.

On top of that, we’ve got detailed examples of humorous maid of honor speeches for all types of sisters – whether you’re a younger sister, an older sister, an adopted sister, and so on!

What Is The Maid Of Honor Speech?

First things first, let’s have a look at what the maid of honor speech actually is, so that you can ensure you’re doing the best job of it possible.

Put simply, the maid of honor speech is delivered by a special woman chosen by the bride, likely the closest person to her.

The speech is a chance for the maid of honor to tell all the guests about their loving, unique relationship and bond to the bride, and all the great things about the bride that will make her marriage a beautiful one.

The maid of honor can go into her history with the bride, share personal anecdotes and funny stories about things they’ve done together, and tell the audience about the bride and groom’s history together.

On top of that, the maid of honor can use it as a chance to wish the very best to the bride and toast them. 

The maid of honor can choose the way that they do their speech, but it’s best to have one that has a perfect blend of heartfelt positivity, respect, sincerity, and a bit of humor.

Giving a funny speech can go a long way, because it gets all the families extra involved and makes the event an even more memorable, heartwarming experience. 

Tips To Making A Great Maid Of Honor Speech

There are plenty of things that you can keep in mind when writing and delivering the maid of honor speech for your sister, and we’ve highlighted the key ones below. 

It Should Be Personal

Some people can shy away from making things too personal, and it’s easy to see why.

After all, you won’t have met many of the people at the wedding before, and it can be awkward to talk so personally about your relationship to the bride when it’s in front of a room of hundreds of strangers. 

With that being said, the maid of honor speech needs to be personal! It’s a chance to show your sister how much you love and respect her, and you shouldn’t shy away from that.

The speech is a chance for the audience to learn how someone close to the bride views her, and a great opportunity for you to show how happy you are that your sister has found someone (the groom) who loves her as much as you do.

Don’t Be Offensive

Of course, you need to ensure that you’re not being offensive with your funny, laugh out loud maid of honor speech.

You must not deliver any offensive jokes, because there are lots of people at the wedding and you have no idea about all their opinions, sexualities, ethnicities, and so on.

On top of that, an offensive joke can really sour the mood, and it risks ruining your sister’s big day. Make kind, gentle jokes that are still funny and won’t offend anyone.

Don’t go into sensitive topic areas.

Be True To Yourself

Given the pressure of delivering a maid of honor speech to hundreds of people, it’s easy to worry so much about what everyone will want and what will look good that you lose sense of yourself.

You need to be yourself when delivering the speech – after all, that’s the person your sister knows and loves!

So, if you’re only comfortable putting in a couple of jokes, then that’s alright.

On the other hand, if you’re somebody who really loves an audience and you’re confident in delivering lots of jokes, then do that!

Whatever you’re most comfortable with is what you should go for.

Avoid Uncomfortable Material

This is similar to avoiding any offensive jokes.

Laugh Out Loud Maid Of Honor Speeches For Sisters (1)

You must not include any information, completely embarrassing stories, or secrets in your speech that you know would make the happy couple uncomfortable and your sister upset. 

If you know there’s a sensitive story that your sister doesn’t like being brought up, leave it out of the speech. 

A lot of laugh out loud maid of honor speeches will include embarrassing stories, but they’re always ones that are only embarrassing to an extent, and you know that the bride would be happy having them shared with an audience.

When that isn’t the case for an embarrassing story, don’t include it in the speech. 

Don’t Talk About Flaws

Although you’re looking to make a funny maid of honor speech, it’s important that you don’t talk about your sister’s flaws.

You want to be painting her as the perfect person and bride that she is.

Keep The Speech Focused On Your Sister

It can be easy for maids of honor to focus too much of their speech on themselves, rather than focusing it on the bride. 

This is your sister’s wedding, and so the speech should be about her and her groom.

As a result, talk about all the great qualities and characteristics that your sister has, how she’s helped you in the past, the nice things she’s done, and so on. 

On top of that, talk about how great her relationship is with the groom, and what a brilliant marriage it’ll turn out to be. 

Don’t Get Drunk

When you’re delivering an important thing like a maid of honor speech in front of hundreds of guests, it can be easy to get anxious, and you might feel tempted to have some champagne to ease your nerves.

On top of that, weddings are full of celebration, and there’s usually alcoholic drinks being handed out anyway as part of that atmosphere. 

However, you need to make sure that you don’t get drunk!

A drunk speech delivery always goes down poorly and it could ruin your sister’s special day. So, try to stay off the champagne until after the speech!

Speak Up

Not all of us are born speech-givers and that’s okay, because it’s no easy thing to do.

However, no matter how shy you might be, you need to try to speak up and be loud enough for everybody to hear you.

If half the audience can’t hear the heartfelt, funny speech you’re delivering, then it’s going to deflate the event a bit. 

You may be given a microphone or not, but either way it’s important to speak so that everyone can hear you – even the people at the back!

Include Beautiful Memories

Part of the reason that your sister will have chosen you to be her maid of honor, and therefore give the all-important speech, is because you’ve got a great deal of history together.

As a result, you should use it!

Make sure to have a good amount of happy shared memories in your speech, telling fond anecdotes of lovely things you did together or funny things that happened to you. 

Be Confident

This is, of course, much easier said than done. However, it’s important that you deliver your maid of honor speech in a confident tone, speaking clearly and audibly. 

Have An Effective Ending

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that your maid of honor speech finishes with an effective, strong ending.

There are plenty of different ways you can do this, just make sure it ends on something impactful! 

For example, you can end with a famous quote that relates to your sister, or is perhaps one of her favorite quotes.

On the other hand, you can end with a beautiful well-wishing to the happy couple and their future, along with raising your glass in a toast.

This will encourage everyone in the audience to raise their glasses too.

Laugh Out Loud Maid Of Honor Speeches For Sisters

Now that we’ve looked at the top tips for things that you should do when writing and delivering your maid of honor speech, it’s time to put the advice into practice and look at a few great examples of these speeches. 

Of course, there are all types of different sisters out there, and we’ve accounted for all of them.

Whether you’re a younger sister delivering a maid of honor speech to her older sister, an older sister delivering it to your younger sister, an adopted sister, or even a twin, we’ve got examples to go with every type. 

You shouldn’t copy these speeches word for word, but instead use them for inspiration.

Take the bits you like, tailor it to be more specific to your sister and your history, and so on. A maid of honor speech should be deeply personal!

1. Maid Of Honor Speech For Your Elder Sister – Funny And Heartfelt

“Hello all, I hope you’ve been having as lovely a time so far as I have. My name is Peg, I’m the younger sister of the bride and honored to be her maid of honor on this very special day. 

Now, when I say honored, I really mean it. Anyone who knows my sister Josie will know that she surrounds herself with really close friends, so she’s spoiled for choice when it comes to picking out a maid of honor. 

But somehow she went for me, the person who stole her hairbrush when we were ten! And twenty…

I joke, but it really does mean a lot to be standing in front of all of you here today, and this is a day that I’ve been hoping for for a very long time. 

You see, Josie and Dan have been together always, in my eyes at least. They’ve got one of those bonds that just can’t be broken, and it’s been that way forever. 

Ever since they first met outside a movie theater, Josie being there with me and Dan being with his friends, you could see the sparks flying a mile off.

In fact, we didn’t even need to then go into the movie, because all the chemistry and romance we needed was right there on the sidewalk outside the theater. 

They set up a date and then another date, and another…well, you get the picture of how it went, because here we are today!

These two have been inseparable since that first meeting. 

Seriously, inseparable! I remember plenty of times where I’ve tried to drag Josie away from her beloved, but she always sticks!

It’s something I’ve teased her about a lot. Each time her cheeks have gone red and she’s got annoyed, but I tell you one thing – she’s never denied it!

And why would she? This beautiful, happy couple you see before you is as good as it gets, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for them today.

Josie has always been the best sister and friend I could ever have hoped for, and now she gets to marry her best friend.

I know what you’re thinking, aren’t I her best friend? Well, in this case I’m willing to give up the title, but only because Dan is such a great guy. Seriously, he’s been like a brother to me.

Okay, I’ve got a brother (sorry Jonathan!), but Dan is like my other brother.

He’s always taken an interest in me and helped me out when I needed it. I’ll be happy to finally call him family. 

And today’s the day that he becomes family. Going into your new married life together, I know that you’re both going to nail every aspect of being husband and wife. 

Marriage is a game that takes two, and I know you’re already the ideal pair for it.

You support each other, you have the strongest bond imaginable, and beneath all the love you’re great, great friends. 

So, I’d like to propose a toast to Josie and Dan. Raise your glasses! I may have had some champagne already, so ignore the raised glass wobbling. 

May you two have all the love, happiness, and health you deserve. 

To Josie and Dan.”

2. Maid Of Honor Speech For Your Younger Sister – Funny And Heartfelt

Laugh Out Loud Maid Of Honor Speeches For Sisters (2)

“I’d like to thank you all for taking the time to come on this special day and celebrating the wonderful love of Karen and Hank that you see before you. It’s not everyday that you come across a bond as strong as these two, and it means an awful lot to me to be standing here today.

It also means an awful lot to be chosen as Karen’s maid of honor.

I’m Karen’s older sister, Bella, and I’ve seen this brilliant bride growing up throughout her life, from a great young girl into this strong woman you see before you now.

She learned from the best, of course!

It’s always easier for younger sisters, because they’ve got the idol of their older sister to follow and copy, and let me just say that I helped to mold Karen into the person she is today.

Well, okay, I helped a bit. A little. Alright, she did it all herself! 

But that doesn’t mean our connection as sisters has been anything less than inseparable, and that’s just like the bond connection you have with this man beside you, Hank.

Since the moment these two met, they’ve been destined for this very day. 

I’ll always remember when Karne came home, the night that she had first run into Hank.

Their eyes had met across a busy bar, smiles had followed, and then the two had settled into a booth together to talk the evening away.

As most of you will know, Karen is the type of person who likes things low-key rather than large – although this massive wedding reception is her one exception! 

That’s why some of you might have thought it odd she was in a busy bar in the first place.

But it was all worth it for meeting Hank, and the two kept it dreamy and low-key in their booth, chatting. 

It’s easy to see how, too, because these two are birds of a feather. Hank has exactly the same feelings as Karen, keeping it low-key and one to one, and he shares the same sense of humor too. 

That’s why I’m so delighted that my sister is here with Hank today. He’s the best man possible for her, and he’s going to be a brilliant addition to our close family.

He’s a great man that’s helped bring the very best out of Karen. That’s usually the job of a big sister, so Hank, thanks for taking the weight of my shoulders.

It’s a cliche to say this is a match made in heaven, but sometimes cliches can be reality.

I know that you’re going to both make as much of a success out of your marriage as you have of six beautiful years of dating.

So, I’d like us all to raise our glasses and toast to Karen and Hank.

Here’s to a new husband and a new wife, who I know will stay lovers for life.

Karen and Hank.”

3. Maid Of Honor Speech For Your Elder Sister – Cheeky But Sweet

“It’s great to see you all gathered here today for such a special occasion. For those who don’t know, I’m Amelia, the younger sister of this important lady, Sophia. 

I’ve been her younger sister for all of my life, but I guess that’s how it works.

Anyway, it’s been an eventful 24 years in my eyes at least, and we’ve spent plenty of time chatting, sharing secrets, falling out, making up, laughing, and so much more. 

We have such a history, in fact, that I would have been offended if she hadn’t chosen me as her maid of honor today. But thankfully she did, so it’s all okay!

Jokes aside (though there are plenty more coming!), I am truly honored to have been chosen to fill such an important role, and you can bet that I’ve put loads of time and stress into crafting the perfect speech.

Unfortunately, I left the speech at the bar, so this one I’ve just thrown together will have to do.

The role of a younger sister is always an odd one, because you grow up looking up to your older sister.

It doesn’t quite work the same for an older sister, because they’re supposed to be the one setting the example. 

As you can imagine, though, Sophia set the perfect example. She taught me how to be kind, how to laugh, how to love, and how to throw a tantrum when I didn’t get my way.

Alright, maybe not that last one, but that’s something I did plenty as a child. 

Our childhood together was a dream and it’s been such a heartwarming experience to see Sophia grow into the incredible woman she is sitting before you today.

It fills my heart completely, and it’s just as sweet to see that she’s ended up with a man as incredible. Well, at least half as incredible!

That man, as you all know, is Todd. He’s an incredibly caring, sensitive guy, and it’s been a pleasure getting to know him all the time that he and Sophia have been dating.

I know that he’s been the best partner for her, and now he’s going to be the best husband too.

Ever since the two met at a fairground, they’ve been inseparable.

Of course, they were inseparable on the big rollercoaster there, too, because my scared sister was clinging to Todd for dear life. Or was it the other way around?

Whichever it was, the two have gone from strength to strength since that wonderful night, and now they’re here to make the ultimate commitment.

I’d like us all to raise a toast to Sophia and Todd: the dream team.

May your marriage be as blissful as the years you’ve spent together so far.

To Sophia and Todd.”

4. Maid Of Honor Speech For Your Sister – Affectionate With Humor

Laugh Out Loud Maid Of Honor Speeches For Sisters (3)

It’s my greatest honor to welcome you all here today as the maid of honor to this incredible woman sitting next to me, Charlotte.

For those who don’t know, I’m her sister, Emma. In fact, that’s how I like to introduce myself to everyone I come across, because I’m so proud of that fact.

Growing up alongside Charlotte has been an adventure, and then some. Over the years, we’ve laughed together, bonded, got each other through tough times, and supported one another constantly. 

I couldn’t have asked for a more faithful partner in crime when growing up, and now that we’re adults she has never ceased to continue helping me too. 

That’s just how generous a person Charlotte is, because she finds the time for those she loves, even though that time is contending with work and life. Oh, and her relationship! How could I forget?

This couple right here has been the dream combination for as long as I can remember. Ever since the night they first met, these two have been made for each other. 

I remember when Charlotte came home from high school that day. She had this glint in her eyes that I’d never seen before. I could tell it was about a boy, because I’m intuitive about these things! 

It took a while to get the info out of her, but she eventually spilled the beans and told me that she’d met this guy, Tommy.

He had been in football practice and she had been hanging out with her friends on the bleachers.

Tommy kept stealing looks over towards her, even if it meant he got accidentally hit with the ball one or two times.

I don’t know about you all, but I’d say it was worth it to be where we are today!

Of course, Tommy is the ideal catch for Charlotte. He shares her interests, her sense of humor, and her sense of ambition. I think that’s what they call a triple threat! 

I know that all these elements have made them a perfect couple for all that time since school, and that they will make them a perfect couple in marriage too.

I’d like us all to raise a glass to Charlotte and Tommy, offering the most enormous, heartfelt toast of good luck to their new union. 

All the best to love, laughter, and that sweet happily ever after.

Charlotte and Tommy.”

5. Maid Of Honor Speech For Your Twin Sister – Sweet And Funny

It’s my great honor to welcome you all to this incredibly important day, the wedding of Harper and Kevin. 

Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking: am I seeing double? How much did I drink?

Well, although there’s been plenty of champagne going around today, I can assure you that you aren’t seeing double before you now.

I’m Harper’s twin sister, Gwen. That’s correct, this incredible woman to the right of me has a twin sister who, let me say, is just as incredible. And beautiful. And funny. 

No, I’d never say those things about myself, of course.

But anyone is welcome to say them for me! Of course, what I was really doing was highlighting all the qualities that make my sister Harper such a terrific person and a total catch. 

Growing up with a twin sister is not easy, as you can all guess.

You kind of alternate being in the shadow of one another, and people regularly confuse you, whether it’s genuine or as a joke. Either way, it can be tough for two people to go through. 

With that being said, I couldn’t have hoped for a better twin to go through it all with.

Harper was always there for me, supporting me when I needed it, gossipping with me, sharing things, and the two of us just having an all around great time together. 

That tells you the kind of person that Harper is, so it’s easy to understand why Kevin fell for her. 

But why did she fall for him? You can see one of the reasons in front of you right now: he’s a looker! But beneath the good looks is a true heart, a selflessness and a desire to help others. 

When Harper first introduced me to Kevin, I was hesitant. I’d shared everything with my sister for our whole lives.

We shared birthdays, clothes, secrets. Now it felt like there was an outside who was going to come into our lives and shake that sharing up a bit.

For the first time, Harper would have something of her own. 

However, just five minutes into meeting Kevin and I knew that all would be okay. He was a gentleman from the start, and clearly cared a great deal about her. 

I don’t want to say that I’m a fortune teller, but I kind of am: I knew that these two were the real deal and I knew that one day we’d be where we are today. 

It’s everything that Harper deserves. She’s a gorgeous woman who simply radiates kindness, warmth, heart, and love.

I’ve never known a kinder person, and she’s found herself a great man. 

So, let’s raise a toast! Lift up your glasses with me and toast one to Harper and Kevin.

 Let’s all have a drink to love – which is nothing unless divided by two.

To Harper and Kevin!”

6. Maid Of Honor Speech For Your Adopted Sister – Heartfelt And Humorous

Laugh Out Loud Maid Of Honor Speeches For Sisters (4)

Welcome one and all to this beautiful, important day. My name is Phoebe.

Standing up here is one of the honors of my life, and I was absolutely touched to be chosen by my sister, Ellen, to be her maid of honor. 

I noticed a few surprised looks around the room when I said “sister”, but it’s to be expected. I know, I look nothing like her!

You see, I was adopted by her family back when I was just 3, and I’ve always felt that she’s a proper sister to me. 

Why? Well, she’s been everything that you hope a sister to be. You know the dream sisters you read about in kid’s books?

That’s Ellen. She’s always been there for me, just as she’s always been there for every important person in her life.

To Ellen, caring is just a part of life. She’s always there with the best advice when I need it, or a hug, or some cake. Speaking of, save me a slice of that wedding cake, yeah?

I remember a time back in high school, it was the night before a big essay. Being me, I’d totally forgotten to do it.

Or maybe, just maybe, I’d deliberately not been bothered to do it.

Anyway, Ellen leaped to my rescue, even when she didn’t have to. She helped me write the whole thing, giving me tips and helping my phrasing. 

It was the best C- grade I ever got.

I joke! Seriously, though, she’s the most compassionate and helpful person you could hope to find. 

And this man to my right, John, certainly found her. 

Since they first met, Ellen and John have been the perfect match. Even after five years, their love is as strong as ever, and I know it’s only going to grow now that they’re married. 

Marriage takes two, though, and you can bet that John is a great partner.

He’s always there to listen when you need him, and he’s caring and kind. It’s no mystery as to why he and Ellen are such a great couple.

In a sense, it’s a neat reversal. Ellen’s family adopted me long ago, and now I get to adopt John into the family!

I’d like to raise a glass and have us all toast this brilliant pair, Ellen and John!

May your love continue to grow and grow.

To Ellen and John!”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should A Maid Of Honor Speech Be?

It’s not only the content and delivery of the maid of honor speech you need to get right, but also the timing of it.

If it’s too short, it won’t do the couple justice, and if it’s too long then people might lose interest! 

As a result, you should try and make the speech about three minutes long, letting it run no longer than five. 

How Should You Begin A Sister’s Maid Of Honor Speech?

As you’ll have seen from our examples above, it’s always good to begin your maid of honor speech by welcoming everybody, naming the bride and groom, naming yourself, and stating that you’re the bride’s sister. 

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Final Thoughts

There you have it! The maid of honor speech is, you guessed it, a big honor.

If you follow our tips on what to include and avoid, and use our examples for inspiration, you should have a speech that goes down brilliantly with the audience.

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