Funny Wedding Entrance Ideas – 19 Exciting & Creative Options

Planning for a wedding takes a lot of work. Like, a lot. There’s finding a venue, finding tuxedos and bridesmaid dresses, sending out invitations, planning the food and drinks for the reception, and too much more to list here. But, while you’re planning all the beautiful and memorable details of your big day, don’t forget to consider some funny wedding entrance ideas.  

The grand entrance happens after the seriousness of the ceremony is over and the reception is about to begin. As the bridal party and the happy couple make their way into the reception venue, they make what is known as the grand entrance.  

It usually consists of the DJ announcing the bridal party and then announcing the new couple to a roar of applause from guests. Many people decide to get creative here because, after all, a reception is about celebrating and having a great time! Why not start it off right by using one of these funny wedding entrance ideas?  

Funny Wedding Entrance Ideas

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1. Arrive in Style  

Who wants to just walk into a party the old-fashioned way? Your grand entrance is your moment to shine. Get creative with your mode of transportation! For instance, if you’re having an outdoor, country-themed wedding, you could arrive on the back of a tractor. Or even horseback ride your way into the ceremony. Make it funnier by riding donkeys! Get yourself some second-hand go-carts, or even child-sized motorized vehicles for what’s sure to be a great photo opportunity.   

2. Dance The Night Away  

What is a wedding reception without a little bit of dancing? There are so many options for making your entrance into the party a groovy one. Let each member of the bridal party dance their way down a soul-train line. Or, if country music is more your thing, get everyone in on a group line dance. Twist the night away. Or choreograph your own humorous group dance. Just make sure you allow for plenty of practice time beforehand, so everyone involved gets their moves down!  

3. Wear a Funny Costume  

There are so many ways to include a funny costume in your funny wedding entrance. You could dress in a couple’s theme, like superman and superwoman. Go old-school and dress from a specific decade, like bell bottoms and tie-dye for the 1960s or leg warmers and neon colors for the 1980s. Of course, you can also include costumes inspired by celebrities, pop culture, or your favorite movie genre. Or go simple and just don some funny masks or hats.   

4. Have a Celebratory Drink  

Every good wedding reception includes a few adult beverages, right? Get the party started by toasting the happy couple right away. Have the bride and groom crush a beer together. Or even break out that old beer bong left over from your college days. This is a reminder that you don’t have to chug real alcohol for the joke to be funny. Substitute some sparkling wine or grape juice for the same effect.   

5. Have the Groom Carry the Bride Caveman Style 

Make a real caveman-style entrance by throwing the bride over your shoulder on the way into the reception hall. Make it extra fun by dressing in prehistoric wear like an animal print loin cloth. Complete your look with a hefty club. Don’t forget to add the sweet kiss at the end so your guests know it’s all in good fun.  

6. Have the Bride Drag the Groom Behind Her  

Turn the tables on our last funny wedding entrance idea by having the bride drag the groom into the party kicking and screaming. You could drag him by his collar, or handcuff, blindfold, and gag him. Then pull him in using a wagon or some other wheeled device. Just don’t lose the handcuff keys!  

7. Make Fun of the Wedding Party  

One of the most popular funny wedding entrances involves the wedding DJ and his trusty microphone. Take some time to craft a humorous introduction for each member of your bridal party and allow them a moment in the spotlight before you take the floor. The DJ can share a funny story or a humorous anecdote about the way you met or some crazy adventure you shared. The crowd will be laughing along with you!  

8. Bust Your Way Through a Banner  

Got a sports fan in the mix? Go all in by creating a paper banner that announces the happy couple and then burst your way through the sign in football style! It will also make a great photo opportunity and get the crowd cheering along with you. Add some extra laughs by making the bridal party your cheerleaders, complete with pompoms and cheerleading outfits for both the men and women.   

9. Dirty Dance Your Way into the Party

Remember that scene at the end of dirty dancing where Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey get their own groove on at the country club? Start the night off right by allowing the groom to channel his inner Swayze. Start the dance off right by quoting the famous line, “Nobody puts baby in a corner.” Then do your best to recreate the dance number, complete with the infamous lift at the end. Just don’t injure yourself in the process, because you’ve got a lot of partying left to do!  

10. Ride in Piggyback   

A really cute way to make a funny wedding entrance is to ride in piggyback style! Let the bride hop up on the back of her new husband and ride her way into the celebration. Or, if you happen to be a particularly strong bride, hoist your groom on your back and carry him in!  

11. Switch Up Your Outfits  

Into a lit bit of crossdressing to get a laugh? Have the bride and groom switch outfits before making their grand entrance for what’s sure to be a great response from the crowd. If you’re attempting to pull this one off, you might want to invest in a secondary wedding dress and tux for your bride and groom – ones that fit better and won’t hold any sentimental value after the event. Just in case of a wardrobe malfunction!  

12. Have a Dance Off  

Here’s another fun way to two-step your way into the reception party. Give the bridal party scorecards and have a dance-off between the bride and groom. Take turns busting a move and then see who gets the highest score. Or give the scorecards to some guests and include the entire bridal party for even more fun and laughs.   

13. Glam It Up Hollywood Style  

Roll out the red carpet and get your flashbulbs ready. Make your grand entrance a Hollywood-themed one by strutting your way down the red carpet. Use Hollywood theme props to add an extra touch, like nominating the wedding party as paparazzi, compete with flashing cameras. Throw on a boa and some cool sunglasses for that full-on California royalty vibe.   

14. Bust Out a Flash Mob  

Flash mobs are all the rage today, and a grand wedding entrance is a perfect opportunity. Include some wedding guests who happen to be talented dancers or singers and surprise the rest of your guests by busting out a full-on song and dance number. This one will take some rehearsal and practice to pull off, but the results will certainly be memorable.  

15. Limbo Your Way In  

Get your limbo on and shimmy your way into your wedding reception! A limbo theme is a funny wedding entrance idea that won’t cost any extra money but will still get the party started right. You could even add a bit of a Caribbean theme with steel drum music and tropical-themed decorations! See which member of your wedding party can take home the limbo prize. How low can you go?  

16. Choose a Theme  

If you and your new husband or wife happen to have a shared interest in movies, sports, or literature, a funny wedding entrance is a great opportunity to share it with your guests! Into Star Wars? Incorporate a light-saber battle. Share a favorite sports team? Make your entrance with the mascot. Love Harry Potter? Ride in on your broomsticks! Get creative and don’t be worried about letting your inner nerd shine.   

17. The Music is Everything  

You’re not going to be able to pull off the ultimate funny wedding entrance without the right entrance music. Choose a song that compliments your entrance theme or go with a selection that highlights the humor of the moment. There are so many choices you can consider. Make it something funny and memorable. Choose a song that represents both the bride and groom and includes some tongue-in-cheek lyrics that will leave everyone singing along and laughing the night away.  

18. Incorporate Your Careers or Interests  

Do you and your new spouse have interesting careers or hobbies that you could incorporate into your grand reception entrance? Pull your inspiration from real life and include some funny costumes and scenarios that include references to your real lives. For example, is the happy couple into fishing?

Maybe the bride could “hook” the groom and reel him in. Do the bride and groom enjoy surfing? Deck yourselves out in some summer wear, throw on a pair of shades, and hang ten. Get as creative and silly as you want. You can always change back into your formal wear after the party gets started!  

19. Make it a Sports Theme  

If you and your partner are sports fans, you can always incorporate your favorite team into your grand wedding entrance. Break out your favorite jerseys or sports apparel, grab some sports equipment, and include some sports-themed music. Don’t forget to dress up one of the members of the wedding party as the mascot!  

Make it Your Own  

When planning your grand entrance, get creative and look for ways to bring a laugh and a smile to your guests while highlighting something about you and your partner that make you smile. After all, this day is all about the two of you celebrating your love for each other and commemorating the joining of your lives. So, enjoy it!  

There’s no right or wrong for putting together a spectacular funny wedding entrance. The most important thing is to make sure that you have a good time! Your wedding is a special day that, hopefully, only happens once in a lifetime. So, enjoy the parts that are meant to be sentimental and filled with a celebration of your love. And as for the rest – break loose and have some fun!   

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