15 Amazing Hers and Hers Jewelry Ideas That Are Just Perfect for Two Brides

From matching bracelets to stunning necklaces, these hers and hers jewelry ideas make beautiful gifts to give each other or the happy couple. Check them out!

Whether you’re giving hers and hers jewelry as a wedding gift for two brides or looking for something beautiful to give each other, I’ve got you covered. Below, we’ll take a look at some of my favorite matching bracelets and necklaces for women. I even included a couple that make perfect alternatives to engagement rings for those who can’t (or just plain don’t want) to wear bands.

Hers and Hers Jewelry Ideas That Are Just Perfect for Two Brides

We’ll break this down into two sections- one for  bracelets and one for necklaces. As with our Hers and Hers Wedding Rings ideas, I’ve gone about this two different ways. While some actually are actually matching sets, I feel like there’s really no reason to limit yourself to ideas marketed specifically as “hers and hers jewelry.” So, I picked out a few beautiful single pieces. If you love them, just buy two! 

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Hers and Hers Matching Bracelets

When it comes to finding actual hers and hers matching bracelets, Etsy is your best bet. So, we’ll start with a few of my favorite offerings from the craft site, then we’ll look at those aforementioned single pieces that you can double up on. 

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1. Tinaco Matching Bracelet for Couple

Tinaco Matching Bracelet for Couple

With 9 different options– including engravings on one or both sides- it’s super easy to customize this affordable hers and hers bracelet set. While they may look like gold, they’re actually made from stainless steel. So, you don’t have to worry about them rusting or tarnishing. 

Tinaco Matching Bracelet for Couple Personalized Couple | Etsy

This Couple Bracelets Set is Made Of Quality 361 Stainless Steel, Well Made And Extremely Sturdy, Do Not Rust or Tarnish, High Polished Making. Personalizable

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2. All of Me Loves All Of You Bracelet Set

All of Me Loves All Of You Bracelet Set

I love this set as a little gift to give each other before your big day. It’s inexpensive and simple, yet so full of meaning. Wear her initial and she’ll wear yours! It comes in a myriad of colors in just about every shade of the rainbow. 

Couples Bracelet with Initial

Handmade item. Legend says that the wearer has to make a wish while tying on the bracelet, and when the bracelet falls off naturally, their wish will come true.

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3. Matching Lesbian Bracelets

Matching Lesbian Bracelets

These lesbian bracelets are engraved with matching heartbeat waves, signifying your two heats beating in unison. Choose from over 20 different band colors, a ton of fonts, and three different bar styles. 

Matching Lesbian Bracelets with Heartbeats

Personalized hers and hers leather/faux suede wrap bracelets made with Aluminum, Bronze, Copper, Faux leather, and/or Leather

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4. “Where it All Began” Coordinate Bracelets

"Where it All Began" Coordinate Bracelets hers and hers jewelry

This is one of my favorite hers and hers jewelry ideas! The bracelets feature the coordinates of where the couple first met. Of course, you can change it to any other coordinates (where they tied the knot, got engaged, etc), then customize the card. Choose from a 15 different cord colors and engraving on both sides or just one side. 

Couples Coordinate Bracelet Matching Bracelets

Charming handmade bracelets with adjustable closure on inspirational quote card “Where it all Began." • Stainless steel bar available in silver, gold and rose gold.

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5. Stamped Hers and Hers Bracelets

Stamped Hers and Hers Bracelets

This set of handstamped engraved matching hers and hers bracelets features the couple’s wedding date (or any other date you choose). They’re super affordable and come in two bar choices as well as 25 different colors for the bands. Plus, you can choose from dozens of fonts and symbols for the engraving. 

Hers and Hers Bracelets With Engraved Anniversary Date

Perfect for you and your girl: the hers and hers leather or faux suede wrap bracelets are affordable and stylish! Simply wrap the leather around your arm and either tie off or twist and tuck.

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7. Pandora You Are Loved Bracelet

Pandora You Are Loved Heart Padlock Bracelet


While this one doesn’t come in a matching set, there’s no reason why you can’t buy two! I love the idea of giving each other a matching charm bracelet as a pre-wedding gift to signify the love you share. Then, each year, add a new charm unique to your own personalities.

For example, if you love reading, your wife could give you a book charm. If she loves dogs, give her a paw. As the years go by, you’ll have a visual representation of how different you are yet how love is always the thing you have in common. 

Pandora You Are Loved Heart Padlock Bracelet

From Pandora, reveal the fact that you are loved with this modernist bracelet in sterling silver. The snake chain style is detailed with a detachable padlock clasp that's stamped on the front with the word 'Loved' and engraved on the back with the message 'You are loved.' Wear or share this versatile piece.

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8.  Bond Touch Matching Bracelets 

BOND TOUCH Pair of Bracelets, Silver Loop – Long Distance Connection Bracelets

I saw these on Amazon and they are just so neat! While they’re made for couples who spend a lot of time apart (maybe one of you deploys overseas, for example), I think they’re perfect for any couple. Hey, you don’t spend every waking moment together, right? Well, maybe during these times… Still, at some point, one of you will leave the house. With these bracelets, when you touch yours, she feels it! How sweet is that? 

BOND TOUCH Pair of Bracelets, Silver Loop – Long Distance Connection Bracelets
  • STAY CONNECTED: Bond Touch will keep you connected and always stay in touch with your loved ones while apart, by mimicking the natural vibration of their touch.
  • A PRIVATE CHAT FOR TWO: The private space is encrypted and secure, so you can share intimate moments safely even when you are apart.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Easily swap accessory bands for different and unique styles, choose a different color to switch up your style or match your outfit of the day.
  • DURABLE AND STYLISH: Enjoy a battery life of up to 4 days and stay in touch all day and night.
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX: 2 Bond Touch bracelets with Silver Loop and black TPU band, 2 USB chargers and 2 user manuals.

Hers and Hers Necklaces

Finding hers and hers necklace sets was a little trickier, but I did manage to round up a few options that I love. For the rest, I shared single pieces that would make beautiful matching sets, you just need to buy two. 

1. Personalized hand stamped Matching necklaces

her one her only hers and hers jewelry

These sweet bar-style necklaces say “her one” and “her only,” and can be stamped with your wedding date, or any other date you choose. They’re perfect both as gifts to give each other or to give two brides, as they’re incredibly reasonably priced. 

Personalized hand stamped MATCHING SET necklaces. Wife gift. | Etsy

Made from 18g copper tags, each 1/2" by 2". Her one/her only, and Personalized with the date of your choice! Also included is an arrow charm on one, and an open heart on the other

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2. Matching Partner Necklaces

hers and hers jewelry heart necklaces

I’m so in love with this matching necklace set! Isn’t it just so pretty? I love the way they fit together, and that amethyst charm is lovely. Both necklaces are cut out of one piece of metal, so they truly do fit together perfectly.

Matching Partner Necklaces Matching Couple Necklaces Heart | Etsy

One pendant has a wire wrapped rock crystal drop attached, the other pendant a wire wrapped amethyst. Both drops are faceted and measure approx. 1/2 inch. Natural gemstones.

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3. Birthstone Necklace

hers and hers jewelry birthstone necklace


Bear with me, because I know the one above looks like a “Mother Birthstone Necklace,” and it is. However, I have this idea of how to turn it into beautiful hers and hers matching necklaces. For the first two stones, use each of your birthstones. Then, for a third one, use the stone for the month of your wedding.

If you really want to go all out, add in the month you met as the top stone. So, it would go “month we met, two stones representing each of us, month we became one.” I hope that makes sense!  Of course, you could just get one with both of your birthstones and skip the others, too. That would be just as lovely!

Customized Birthstone Necklace

Create your own birthstone necklace with 2, 3, or 4 stones. Available Metal Types: Sterling Silver 925, 10k White Gold, 10k Yellow Gold, 10k Rose Gold, 14k White Gold, 14k Yellow Gold, and 14k Rose Gold

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4. Personalized Sterling Silver Infinity Necklace

Personalized Sterling Silver Infinity Necklace

An infinity necklace makes the perfect hers and hers jewelry gift. After all, your love is never-ending, right? While it doesn’t come in a set, it’s affordable enough to buy two matching pieces. Comes in silver, gold and rose gold. 

Personalized Sterling Silver Infinity Name Necklace with Date Custom Name Infinity Jewelry Anniversary Date Necklace Mother Gift
  • Here’s the classic infinity name pendant necklace! Every stylish woman should have a Custom Nameplate Necklace in their jewelry box. Our Infinity Name Necklace provides the best way for you to show off what the word "forever" means to you. You can get up to two names or words on each loop of the infinity symbol. This is the perfect personalized infinity necklace to wear.
  • Fashioned in sleek sterling silver, rose gold, or 18K gold plated - sculpted in a flowing script font. Spell out your name with sharp style! All of JOELLE JEWELRY Infinity Name necklaces have a polished surface so that they gleam beautifully in the light. You' ll adore the fanciful look of this personalized name necklace. Classic glossy design never goes out of style.
  • If you are on the hunt for a thoughtful gift for a loved one, this would be a wonderful piece to present them with. Wear yours, you and your significant others', or your children's names to make a unique statement that you keep close to your heart. Simple and sweet, these make an amazing gift.
  • CUSTOM YOUR OWN 1 - Choose your favorite pendant style. 2 - Click on "Customize Now" for personalization. 3 - Type in your name letters to preview then add it to basket.
  • Perfect Shopping Experience: JOELLEJEWELRY are committed to providing the best customer service. If you are unsatisfied with the product or the product are broken, please contact us. We offer a 60-day returns policy.

5. David Yurman Double Heart Pendant Necklace

David Yurman Double Heart Pendant Necklace hers and hers jewelry

This one is pricier, so it makes a better gift for two brides to give each other rather than presents to buy for a lesbian couple. The two hearts entwined together beautifully represent your two lives becoming one. It’s a great ring alternative, thanks to the diamonds. That way, you get the traditional gemstone, just on a piece of jewelry that better fits your style. 

David Yurman Double Heart Pendant Necklace

From David Yurman, a double heart pendant necklace in 18k yellow gold. 18-karat Yellow Gold Pavé Diamonds, 0.05 total carat weight Total length, 18" Lobster clasp

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6. Tree of Life Silver Matching Necklaces for Couples

hers and hers jewelry tree of life


If you’re looking for matching hers and hers necklaces that are a little more unique, this is a great pick! The Tree of Life represents different things to different cultures-eternal life, a link to the 9 worlds, wisdom, and so on. Each of you gets one half, and only together is the tree complete. While it is more towards the “give to each other” price range because it’s handmade, it also makes a wonderful group gift for a wealthy couple who already has everything. 

Silver Matching Necklaces for Couples Tree of Life | Etsy

Handmade item Necklace length: 46 Millimeters; Pendant height: 35 Millimeters; Pendant width: 35 Millimeters Materials: Silver Style: Art deco Made to Order

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7. Diamond Infinity Necklace

Infinity necklace hers and hers jewelry


This last one is another twist on the infinity symbol. It’s a little more upscale than the one above, making it a perfect gift to give each other on your wedding day. However, it’s affordable enough to also work as a gift to give the happy couple! It’s made from sterling silver and features 19 round single cut diamond accents.

Diamond Infinity Necklace in Sterling Silver | Helzberg Diamonds

Sterling silver infinity necklace with 19 round single cut diamond accents 18 inch sterling silver rope chain

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From matching bracelets to stunning necklaces, these hers and hers jewelry ideas make beautiful gifts to give each other or the happy couple. Check them out!

Honestly, literally any bracelet or necklace can become “hers and hers jewelry.” Don’t feel like you have to stick with specific matching sets. If you see something that you both like- be it a diamond necklace, a matching bracelet set, or even just some pretty beads on a string- go for it! 

What are some of your favorite hers and hers jewelry ideas? Share below!

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