The Best Black and Red Wedding Theme Ideas

When we discuss weddings, you visualize color assortments like gold, shades of white, yellow and more. Other couples consider trending palettes. They want to make sure the big day has a modern look. 

But have you considered black and red wedding theme for your wedding in 2023? The powerful color combination is quickly gaining a positive reputation among stylish and trendy couples. 

Red and black are allegorical and gorgeous stand-alone colors. They can also create a fantastic groundwork for other colors. For other additions, you could consider colors like silver, green or gold. 

You might think black and red might be a strange combination for a wedding, but thousands of years of history show brides and grooms in these colors. For instance, throughout China, couples used to wear black robes trimmed with a hint of red. 

If this color combo captures your eye, keep reading as we guide you in infusing them in decor, stationery, attire and everywhere else.

What is the Meaning of Black at a Wedding?

Black has traditionally been worn as a sign of mourning in Western cultures. However, couples have become open to breaking the rules about this symbolism. In non-traditional, modern weddings, dress codes are becoming less common. Today, attire options are becoming more diverse, and there are many gorgeous options in black and red for your wedding.

According to historians, Chinese bridal couples wore black during the Zhou dynasty due to strict laws requiring them to. This is no longer the case today in many places of the world. Most couples can choose what they want their wedding to be.

Around the 17th century, Spanish Catholic brides wore black silk wedding dresses. The color symbolizes the bride’s lifelong commitment to her husband and devotion until death.

In Sarah Jessica Parker’s wedding to Matthew Broderick in 1997, she made a wedding fashion statement with her dramatic black gown. While it may not have been her dream dress, her style choice brought glamorous and unique black wedding dresses to the forefront. 

Black wedding dresses have seen a 75% increase in sales over the years.

You may wonder why the color black is becoming such a popular choice. You might also question what a black wedding dress means to a bride in these modern times. 

Excluding bucking tradition and spoiling the past’s traditional white dress rules, a black wedding gown is also an elegant and fun way to dress up on the best day of your life. Your fancy dress should allow you to express yourself freely.

What is the Meaning of Red at a Wedding?

While many sites will suggest wearing red to a wedding means the individual slept with the groom, you can ignore these rumors. Today’s traditions no longer associate hidden meanings to specific colors of wedding guests.

Previously tradition also dictated guests avoid wearing red to avoid taking the focus away from the happy couple. Visually, it is quite a bold color. Your eye is quickly drawn to the color in a photo, especially if it’s next to neutrals like white, black, gray or beige. So why not have a red and black wedding to help your photographer take memorable wedding photos?

If you are the bride, what better way to take away the issue of being upstaged than to make a red-themed wedding? Utilizing red as a color theme also helps signal the marriage is less orthodox and has a less formal dress code. As the rules at weddings become more relaxed, so do notions surrounding guest behavior. 

Now that we understand the meanings associated with black and red, we should consider how to incorporate it into your wedding plans. 

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Black and Red Wedding Theme Attire

The creativity is endless, whether you’re going for bohemian, classic, rustic or unconventional attire. See some ideas below.

1. Bridal Attire

A red and black theme wedding is a classy idea prevalent among many Asian cultures. The style with stunning red, green and gold hues is becoming more common in other circles. If you cannot commit yourself to a red dress, you can consider your favorite color of red shoes. A black dress is equally impressive with red shoes. 

Another method to spice up your attire is with red lipstick. Be sure the color is a complementary contrast for your face. Add some gold or white highlights and wear a rose flower crown if you consider a rustic wedding theme. The red and black combined colors can be tucked into your hair.

2. Groom Attire

The groom can opt for a dark red tie and vest for a red and black wedding-themed wedding. The sophisticated look is fashion-forward and will complement the bride’s style. 

The look is flawless for a red and black cowboy theme wedding attire. The groom could even wear a black sash. However, it is important to accent the black stash with creamy and neutral touches or the color red. 

However, if that is not your style, you can consider a crimson or berry red tie with a black suit. The groom can accessorize with ox-blood shoes and a black belt. White touches can make the look more elegant.

3. Guests Attire

Guests can dip into accent colors such as aqua, gold and silver. The black and cherry red theme wedding style contrasts sharply with these colors. While they could wear red attire if they please, aqua and black accessories are perfect. 

Your guests could also wear pearl necklaces, red lipstick, gold boutonnieres, aqua fascinators or pastel-toned accessories to your red and black-themed wedding.

4. Red And Black Wedding Bouquets

The red and black wedding theme is unfinished without the chic collection of enchanting bouquets. Take note of some of our concepts to curate help your wedding bouquet visions. 

  • Great flower choices include peonies, dahlias, anemones, ranunculus and roses. The red and black theme is excellent for garden, beach, formal and bohemian-inspired.
  • Those with rustic, country, woodland or enchanted themes should consider a bouquet with greenery. In these settings, carnations, red roses and pampas with long gold ribbons present great textures. Succulents are also attractive acquisitions if you desire a natural but resounding exhibition.

5. Red And Black Stationery

Assemble your wedding stationery with attractive shades of red and black. Here are some black and red wedding stationery ideas.

  • The black, red and silver wedding is ideal if you seek a glam, formal or industrial chic experience.
  • A nature-inspired venue like a country or beach can use a tinge of green, gold, aqua and ivory.
  • However, if you enjoy the traditional stationery, bring in a pop of color with a red satin bow. The addition will make an impressive statement to your guests.

6. Red And Black Wedding Decor

The wedding reception can be challenging to incorporate a perfect red and black wedding theme. Here are some creative ideas for your palette.

  • The ceremony venue could use historic red barns if you have a rustic chic, barn or country wedding. The location could also permit you to use red damask.
  • Going glam and modern with your red and black wedding is excellent. You can decorate the ceremony location aisles with candles and rose petals. The guest’s first sight could be a simple red banner with gold lettering.
  •  A red and black damask is perfect for outdoor weddings. The damask creates a curtain on the arch backdrop. The hook could also fly burgundy and red blooms.
  • Consider red and black bows on white chairs. Top the chairs with white, gold and green colors. Black, green and red flower walls help complement the theme. Touches of silver lining the aisle can bring an added sparkle. You could also go the minimalist path by toiling with pastel flowers and sprinkling them with hints of red and black.

7. Reception Wedding Decor

Create a luxurious, glamorous, sophisticated wedding reception ambiance from your tablescape.

  • Choose black chargers and red plates. Red napkins are also a nice added touch. 
  • Also, contemplate placing black candles in gold candelabras.
  • Adorn the venue with a mixture of red floral arrangements.
  • Include touches of gold on the centerpieces, table runners and table.
  • Update the reception with red and black decor with pale and neutral traces for a chic countenance.
  • You can also investigate textures varying from wood to attractive fabrics and leather.
  • If the black, red and gold wedding theme intrigues you, use fruits like apples, grapes and pomegranates as place cards. Write with gold on these fruits in red and black for a vampire wedding theme.
  • Add antique chairs and red throw pillows to brighten the lounge.
  • Arrange anemones, tulips, poppies or rose centerpieces with tapered black or red candles. Another combination we adore is the pink mix, as there’s no better way to express romance. Adorn your reception tables with red and pink gauze linens and rose-filled centerpieces.
  • For a Halloween theme, put together a red and black tablescape with silver touches and whitewashed at the center.

8. Red Black Wedding Cake Ideas

The wedding cake is one of the most critical pieces for a red and black-themed wedding. Here are some ideas.

  • Order red and black cakes or cupcakes for the wedding and add touches of gold to provide a fresh look. Think of gold leaves and lush burgundy or red floral arrangements.
  • You can also select a white cake decorated with black ribbons and red roses. 
  • Make your cake chic by pairing gold with deep purple and burgundy. 
  • For the ultimate romantic ambiance, pair a modern black cake with textural tiers. 
  • Consider using red and peachy natural berries or sugar flowers.

Tips to help you pull out the black and red theme effortlessly

Being able to pull out an entirely recent color combination is no small feat as there’s very little inspiration to build off. It doesn’t help when the colors are bold and need a lot of effort to tie together. Here are a few tips to make building your dream aesthetic easier;

1. Embrace accent colors

While red and black are becoming increasingly popular wedding colors, we have to admit that these two colors can be a little overwhelming as they are both very bold colors. The good news is you can always balance this combo by adding hints of accent colors all over your wedding party and wedding décor.

This can be done by using gold vases and candle holders or using charger plates with hints of silver or simply using ribbons on your wedding furniture to create a more vibrant aesthetic. When working with a tricky color combo, it’s always best to work closely with your decorator to reach a compromise.

2. White always has a place at weddings

If you’re going all out with the red and black theme, we get the feeling that you are anything but a traditional bride that’s looking for her white princess gown. However, that doesn’t mean you have to cut white out entirely.

Besides being a popular wedding color, white is also a great neutral and brightening color that can help balance and bring out your theme better. For instance, a white walkway scattered with red petals has a better wow factor than a black walkway. It may also be a great base color for the cake with black and red finishing touches.

3. Use different shades of red

Nothing beats a bold and out-there shade of red however you can add a little personal touch by choosing different shades of red on your flower arrangements, decor, and wedding party to bring out the contrast. If your main theme is scarlet, you can incorporate subtle hints of burgundy, wine red, and even cherry red all over your décor pieces to create a tied-together and unique variation of the black and red wedding theme.

After all, you don’t want hints of an entirely shouting color all over your pieces as it may deem the accent colors in your palette.

4. Embrace colors that have tints of red

While there’s very little you can do with the black in your color palette, you can play around with red to create infinite combinations. If you would like your primary red color to shine without the interference of different variants of the color, you can always settle for colors that have hints of red such as blush, pink, magenta, champagne, and purple.

These colors will brighten and add warmth to your primary red without overwhelming it and create a great and unique aesthetic. You can incorporate this in your bouquets and reception décor for a chic atmosphere.

5. You’d be surprised how great green is

If your black and red wedding theme is taking the gothic approach then green may have no place in your wedding. However, if you appreciate the natural ambiance in combination with your bold palette, adding greenery here and there will help tie the look together especially if you’re having your wedding in early fall.

What is a Gothic-Style Wedding?

If you are interested in a red and black-themed wedding, you might also be interested in a theme to go with the colors. A gothic-style wedding provides an extra layer to add to your wedding plans. 

A Gothic wedding is a playful way to celebrate marriage with partners who enjoy more of life’s “darker sides.” Instead of wearing a traditional white gown, the couple can express their offbeat personalities with edgy fashion.

When planning a red and black gothic ceremony, you should pick a theme that fits your aesthetic. Consider a theme such as a New Orleans vampire decadence or Day of the Dead sugar skulls. 

Then, elevate the space with delicate and moody design accents. You can bring props like antique candelabras and place them on long velvet table runners. 

In addition to red and black, you can play with colors like deep purples and starry blues.

Don’t worry though. If a Gothic wedding isn’t your vibe, many other themes go well with red and black.

When is the Best Time to Have a Red and Black Wedding?

You might wonder what time of the year is best to have a red and black-themed wedding to help you be inspired for the overall planning. 

Any day of the year is excellent for having a red and black wedding. However, if the bride is wearing a bright stunning red dress, then February could be a fantastic month to have a red and black wedding. 

Maybe the bride is wearing a black dress. An October wedding might bring an excellent autumn ambiance if this is the case. 

The time of the year might help you come up with other accent colors. Red and black weddings are fantastic contrasts with colors, but if you want a little more, you should consider these colors (insert a link to the best colors throughout the year).

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