10 Amazing Anniversary Gifts For Gay and Lesbian Couples for Years 30 to 39

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We’ve reached the 30-39th years of our ongoing anniversary gifts for gay and lesbian couples series. This is where things really start to get tricky! Don’t worry, though; we have some great recommendations for you! Whether you’re looking for a gift for your spouse or parents, check out ten that we love!

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10 Amazing Anniversary Gifts For Gay And Lesbian Couples for Years 30 to 39

At this point, I’d offer up a handy table with all of the traditional and modern gift themes for each year, along with the special gemstone and flower that goes along with them.

Unfortunately, whoever came up with the list many moons ago apparently ran out of energy. Only the 30th and 35th years have special themes attached to them.

While we’ve broken the list below down into those two big years, many of the ideas are perfect for the years in-between as well. Take a look!

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Year 30

The specifics for the 30th anniversary are diamonds, pearls and the color green. However, if pricey gemstones aren’t in your budget and your favorite couple really doesn’t like green, these creative ideas work wonderfully, too!

1. Personalized Newspaper Poster

Personalized Newspaper Poster Anniversary Gifts For Gay And Lesbian  Couples

On Etsy, you can find this incredible personalized newspaper poster, where you can write a small history to remind the couple about the most amazing years spent together!

Digital Board offers this in other years as well in their shop, including the 35th anniversary.

2. Custom Collage Canvas (for years 30-39)

 Custom Collage Canvas Anniversary Gifts For Gay And Lesbian  Couples

If you want to go for something a little extra, then this collage from Etsy can be filled with the best pictures of the couple. There are definitely many memories to remember from 30 years of being together! You’ll find collages for others years in their shop as well.

3. Sundial Anniversary Gift

Sundial Anniversary Gifts For Gay And Lesbian Couples

Since the main theme of the 30th anniversary are pearls, then this pearl-white sundial is just perfect. It offers two personalization options, and there’s not a moment to lose! You can find it on Amazon!

The Metal Foundry Personalized Pearl 30th Sundial - Heavy Duty Recycled Brass Home Decor, Garden Present Made in The UK for Parents, Grandparents, Friends, Couples 30 Years Marriage
  • AN ANNIVERSARY GIFT THAT STANDS IN TIME: If you are looking for the ultimate personalized anniversary gift for your beloved one, then we got you covered. We proudly present you, our modern collection of sundials! Choose the right one and pleasantly surprise your partner!
  • PREMIUM CRAFTSMANSHIP: All of our sundials are handmade by skilful English craftsmen. Meticulously designed from high quality cast aluminium so as to last forever! Fully lacquered for extra protection! It can be mounted almost anywhere.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR ALL: Forget all about tacky and same old anniversary gifts and invest in one of our sundials. Ideal for Pearl wedding anniversaries, for him and her, your favourite couple, your parents or grandparents, dear friends and beloved ones!
  • IDEAL FOR ANY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY: The beautiful black background compliments the polished brass detail that will be cherished by your wife or husband. Our sundials are marked with your own personalized message containing up to 80 characters (40 around the top and 40 around the bottom)
  • DIMENSIONS: 6¼" diameter, ¼" Thick Solid Cast Brass, Stands 3" Tall with Gnomon.

4. 30th Pearl Wedding Set Ceramic Mugs

30th Pearl Wedding Set Ceramic Mugs

These beautiful ceramic mugs fit the pearl theme perfectly, and the silver hearts and lettering look stunning against the pearl-white background. Find them on Amazon.

5. Broad Bay Personalized “Forever More” Sign for Years 30-39

Broad Bay Personalized

We shared this one in our 21-29th anniversary gift guide, but I just noticed that they actually have one for every single year in their Amazon store. It’s such a cute idea that shows how many days, minutes, and even seconds the couple have spent together.

Personalized 31 Year Anniversary Sign Gift Thirty-First Wedding Anniversary 31st For Couple Him Or Her DAYS MINUTES YEARS
  • PERSONALIZED! This Wonderful, Personalized 31st Anniversary Gift Is Handcrafted From Solid Wood.
  • A ROMANTIC 31ST ANNIVERSARY GIFT! The Perfect Thirty-One Year Anniversary Gift That Will Be Cherished As For Years To Come.
  • This Broad Bay Solid Wood Plank Style 31 Year Anniversary Sign Is Customized For You Here In Virginia And Is The Perfect Size At 16.5 in x 10.5 in .

Year 35

For the 35th anniversary, we’re talking jade and coral, so the gifts can be anything containing one of those elements. When it comes to coral, though, try to improvise and get something artificial, yet beautiful. There are some ethical concerns regarding real coral.

1. Coral Wooden Coasters

Coral Wooden Coasters

As it’s best to avoid real coral, these beautiful wooden coasters from Etsy can make an incredible present. They resemble corals and can have a wonderful meaning for the new couple. Since these don’t specifically say “35th anniversary,” they’re perfect for other years as well.

2. “Back in…” Wedding Year Poster (for all years)

wedding year poster

Here’s a neat idea that doesn’t cost a fortune! While it’s technically meant for birthdays, you can get this “back in…” poster as an anniversary gift, too. Just plug in their wedding year instead of a birth year.

Katie Doodle Rose Gold 24th Birthday Decorations Anniversary Party Supplies Card Gifts for 24 Year Old Woman Her - Includes 8x10 Back in 1998 Print [Unframed], Rose Gold
  • Get the best rose gold 24th birthday decorations and gifts for 24 year old woman with this back in art print (unframed) designed exclusively by Katie Doodle
  • This sign is the perfect conversation piece for any room! People will love recalling popular events, movies, music and facts.
  • Looking for 24th wedding anniversary gifts or 24th birthday decorations? Well look no further! This sign makes the perfect gift, decoration and card for any 24th birthday party or anniversary!
  • Professionally edge printed on premium 8x10" cardstock (unframed). Fits in any 8x10 inch frame.
  • Designed and made in the USA. Please note any copies or unauthorized reproductions of this art work is strictly prohibited under United States copyright law.

3. Gemstone Tree

Gemstone Tree

To maintain the theme, you can think of this jade gemstone tree from Amazon. It’s absolutely beautiful and can make a wonderful decoration in every house. It comes in dozens of other styles as well, so it makes a beautiful gift for all years from 31-39.

Green Jade Chakra Tree of Life - Crystal Tree for Positive Energy, Feng Shui Home Decor - Handmade Gemstone Tree, Money Tree Bonsai - Green Healing Crystals, Wealth & Good Luck Stones, Spiritual Gift
  • ✨ GREEN JADE GEMSTONE MONEY TREE: This Feng Shui Green Jade Gemstone Money Tree of Life (Golden Wire) Size: 10-12 Inch, Handmade in INDIA, It is said to Brings wealth, Prosperity & Good luck, as well as an excellent Feng Shui Figurine, Something simply beautiful like a gemstone tree can create a space where positivity can freely flow and also attract good things, Useful for Positivity, Healing, Balancing, Devotional & Spiritual.
  • ✨ GREEN JADE stimulate the heart chakra, it enhances love and nurture, jade attracts good luck and friendship. It stabilizes personality and promotes self-sufficiency, a clear meaning of jade stone is purity or purification. Jade supports the loving heart vibes. In Feng Shui, jade has been used for centuries for its abilities and to create a sense of harmony. Jade is also used for good luck feng shui stones.
  • ✨ USES & BENEFITS OF GOOD LUCK TREE: In Vastu and Feng Shui, Gemstones Tree is used to enhance the positivity in the surrounding and balance the external influences. This tree is not a person per say but benefiting everyone in the premise. It is also known as Wealth or Money Tree as it can help to invite Wealth Luck based on its placement, After all, the tree symbolizes stability, growth, as well as a long life blessed with abundance.
  • ✨ FENG SHUI CHAKRA TREE: Gemstone Tree Create a strong healing vibration and clear the negativity from atmosphere. A tree represents stability as well as the overall growth in life, thus loaded with the powerful gemstones, Money tree brings good luck, prosperity, provides positivity and enhances the power of your surroundings, Gemstone Tree represents self-reflection, prosperity, calmness, balance, optimism, and creativity.
  • ✨ ATTENTION Our all products are handcrafted and handmade you will receive the similar item as picture shown, there always exists slight or minor deviations in size, color, shape and looks Due to natural Gemstones. Customize note: if you want to make your product in your own way, please let us know we will make any stone in any shape for you with any of the symbols.

4. Hand-Carved Jade Birds

Hand-Carved Jade Birds

A gift that will stay with the couple for a while, is this small bird statue from Amazon, made out of jade. Since it’s the year’s element, the couple will be more than happy to keep it around. 

Canadian Nephrite Jade Love Birds - 37 mm
  • Canadian Nephrite Jade
  • 100% Natural
  • 37 mm
  • Hand Carved

5. Sea Turtle Figurines

Sea Turtle Figurine, Wood Carving, Wooden Statue, Nature, Couple Sculpture, Coral Reef, Hand Carved, Beach Decor, Love, Gift for Girlfriend

How do turtles work as a coral alternative? Well, when I hear “coral,” I think “Great Barrier Reef.” That leads me to Finding Nemo, which wouldn’t be the same without sea turtles! See, makes total sense!

Even if you didn’t quite follow that logic, these hand-made turtles are absolutely beautiful You can find it on Etsy, and since they’re handmade by artisans, every single one is unique!

Searching for some beautiful anniversary gifts for gay and lesbian couples for years 30-39? It was tough, but we found 10 perfect options!

In order to find the perfect gift, you need to know what the couple likes. Some love to stay inside with each other, others will really appreciate a tropical vacation together. These 10 gay and lesbian anniversary gifts for the years 30 to 35 can definitely give you a starting point, or at least some ideas of what the perfect present looks like!

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