22 Best Willie Nelson Wedding Songs

Thinking of picking the best Willie Nelson wedding songs for your big day? We’re here to help you out!

If you’re a huge fan of Willie Nelson, you may want to choose some of his romantic tracks for your wedding day. In this article, we’ve selected 22 songs that you can play when the guests begin to arrive or at your first dance. 

One of America’s best artists, Willie Nelson, has proven over the years to be an excellent musician and songwriter. Listening to his soothing songs at your wedding can set the mood for a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. 

Here is a list of Willie Nelson songs that you can play at your wedding:

22 Willie Nelson Wedding Songs

Check out these other wedding hits to get everyone dancing on your big day:

1. Let It Be Me

Best Lyrics: If you must cling to someone/Now and forever/Let it be me

A romantic ballad that describes a lasting devotion for a lover, “Let It Be Me” is a great wedding song choice. Considering its tempo, this song will be great for a first dance or to welcome the bride. 

2. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

Best Lyrics: My heart would break into two if I should lose you/I’m no good without you anyhow

With its romantic feel and special lyrics, this song will surely capture the emotions you want to express. Its lyrics express affection between two lovers, making the song a wonderful pick for couples on their big day. 

3. From Here To The Moon And Back

Best Lyrics: Who else in this world will I love like that/Love everlasting, I promise that

Searching for a romantic song with emotive vocals and soft guitar strumming? This song should be on your wedding playlist. Its lyrics express a long-lasting love and devotion between two lovers. 

4. Always On My Mind

Best Lyrics: Give me, give me one more chance/To keep you satisfied, keep you satisfied

For couples who are committed to giving each other the best, despite past mistakes, “Always On My Mind” is a nice wedding song. Its grand, deep arrangement and powerful vocals can create an emotional atmosphere for everyone present. 

5. You Are My Sunshine

Best Lyrics: I’ll always love you and make you happy/if you will only say the same

Conveying personal lyrics that can be used to express deep affection for a loved one, “You Are My Sunshine” should be on your song list. Nelson’s soulful voice in this song evokes a wide range of emotions that the couple can relate to. 

6. It Will Always Be

Best Lyrics: And when I look into your eyes, I see/ All the love there is inside of me

Even though everything may change, certain things will always remain the same, such as love for a partner. This soulful Nelson song arrangement can make the couple shed tears of joy. 

7. All of Me

Best Lyrics: You took the part that was once my heart/So why not take all of me?

Another soulful classic to include in your wedding song list is “All of Me”. Everything about this song, from the vocal delivery to the tempo and lyrics evokes raw emotions. It simply speaks about couples giving their all to each other despite being imperfect. 

8. Good Hearted Woman

Best Lyrics: She talks about the good times they’ve had and all the good times to come

For a partner who has been loyal from the beginning of your love journey, this timeless piece should be played. “Good-Hearted Woman” describes the enduring support of a lover despite being faced with temptations. This soulful music features a steady rhythm and emotional vocal delivery. 

9. Remember Me

Best Lyrics: Remember me at the close of a long, long day

You can play “Remember Me” for a first dance; it starts with soft guitar strumming and then Nelson’s soulful voice. Although the song’s lyrics don’t relate to a new beginning between lovers, its subtle instrumentation makes it a perfect pick.

10. Can I Sleep In Your Arms

Best Lyrics: Can I sleep in your arms tonight, lady/ It’s so cold lying here all alone

Thinking of a song that can set a romantic pace for the wedding night? “Can I Sleep In Your Arms” can do the magic. The song’s melody is comforting, and its lyrics describe the desire for an emotional connection with a lover. 

11. A Song For You

Best Lyrics: Now we’re alone and I’m singing my song for you

Every lyric and tone of this Nelson’s song is filled with emotions that go deep into the soul. “A Song For You” is captivating music that will create a great impression in your hearts for years to come. 

12. Valentine

Best Lyrics: You’re the sweetest of all sweethearts/Won’t you give your heart to me?

Getting married around February 14 or thereabouts? Choose this romantic song. Its enchanting lyrics and unique vocals convey a deep message that couples will find relatable. 

13. Send Me The Pillow You Dream On

Best Lyrics: Send me the pillow that you dream on/So darlin’ I can dream on it too

Include this heartfelt song in your wedding song list to have a memorable experience. “Send Me the Pillow You Dream On” expresses the desire to get closer and more connected to a lover. Its evocative lyrics capture feelings of love and yearning. 

14. My Favorite Picture Of You

Best Lyrics: My favorite picture of you is the one where you’re staring straight into the lens

Transform your wedding atmosphere into a calming and romantic one with this emotional song by Nelson. In this song, the talented singer remembers the time he spent with his lover and the laughter and bond they shared. “My Favorite Picture Of You” evokes a deep sense of love and longing. 

15. Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground

Best Lyrics: If you had not fallen/Then I would not have found you

This is one of the songs that expresses the desire to find comfort in the presence of a lover. From its title “Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground”, you can begin to picture celestial beings flying around you and your lover. Play this song in the background when your guests begin to arrive at the wedding venue.  

16. Loving Her Was Easier

Best Lyrics: Loving you is easier than anything I’ll ever do again

Whichever way this song’s title is interpreted, its meaning will remain beautiful. “Loving You Was Easier” has captivating lyrics that can create an awesome image for the wonderful love journey ahead. For couples who have gone through challenging times together, this is the perfect song to dance to. 

17. There You Are

Best Lyrics: There you are, standing right in front of me/There you are, as lovely as you’ll always be

Willie Nelson’s wedding songs will not be complete without this great track. Emotional, calming, and breathtaking with a heartfelt tone are the words we can use to describe “There You Are”. Everything about this song, including its instrumentation, is superb, making it an awesome choice. 

18. Dreams Come True

Best Lyrics: I know that it seems like I am full of hot air/But my heart is in the right place

For most couples, getting married is one of their lifelong dreams. Playing this touching classic at a wedding venue can evoke a sense of fulfillment and happiness. From its lyrics, “Dreams Come True” talks about the desire to make someone’s dreams come true.

19. Mom And Dad Waltz

Best Lyrics: For my mama and daddy/I want them to know how I feel/My love is real

For a father-daughter dance or mother-son dance, this timeless song is a perfect choice. “Mom and Dad Waltz” describes the unconditional love between parents and their children. The song’s lyrics touch the souls of listeners and create a sense of gratitude for supportive parents. 

20. Rainbow Connection

Best Lyrics: Look what it’s done so far/And what’s so amazing/That keeps us stargazing

“Rainbow Connection” is a great song choice for the wedding reception or processional. The song’s vocal delivery, lyrics, and instrumentation will be perfect for the calmer moments of the occasion. Everyone listening to this special Nelson rendition will be able to connect with it on a deeper level. 

21. Moment Of Forever

Best Lyrics: I’m so glad I got to dance with you/For a moment of forever

With a song like “Moment Of Forever” playing in the background, you can’t help but feel emotional. The song’s soothing melody and calm instrumentation complement its powerful lyrics. If this song invokes a particular feeling that you or your partner wish to express on your wedding day, go for it. 

22. Wind Beneath My Wings

Best Lyrics: You’ve been content to let me shine, you always walked a step behind

Perhaps your lover is your number one support system, you may want to play this song at your wedding. “Wind Beneath My Wings” expresses appreciation for someone special. The song’s touching lyrics and exceptional melodies make it a great choice for your wedding ceremony.

Final Thoughts

From our list of Willie Nelson wedding songs, we believe you’ll make the best choices for your special day. Whether you’re having a simple or big wedding, choose lyrically meaningful songs. 

If you’re too busy with preparations, consult with close family members and friends to help you with this decision. In the coming years, you should feel fulfilled when you remember the songs that were played at your wedding. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is the Bride Supposed to Dance With?

Usually, the bride is supposed to dance with her father after the couple’s first dance. But in a situation where the bride’s father is absent, someone from the family can represent him.

What Is the Famous Wedding Song Called?

‘Here Comes the Bride’ is the name of the famous song that is commonly played at weddings. It was one of Richard Wagner’s Bridal Chorus from the 1850 opera Lohengrin

Who Dances First At A Wedding?

According to most traditions, the bride and groom will be the first to dance. Thereafter, the parent can dance with both of them; the bride with the father and the groom with the mother. Then, the groom’s father may dance with the bride and the mother-in-law with the groom. 

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