What to Wear with a Purple Dress to Wedding? A Comprehensive Guide to a Purple Wedding Attire

As we enter the months of spring and the wedding season begins to blossom, it is likely that any social couples in their marriage years will start receiving invitations to friends’ weddings. With as many unique expressions of celebration as there are couples, there is no shortage of ways a wedding party might come to life.

Whether the couple utilizes a wedding planner or adopts their own style of preparation, there are many ways to celebrate the happy couple — from barn-themed weddings to more formal and traditional weddings.

In this article, we will address what to wear with a purple dress to wedding, both as the bride and an attending celebrant — as well as related frequently asked questions on the topic!

What Shade of Purple Should I Choose?

When it comes to choosing a purple dress for a wedding, whether you are the bride or a guest, there are certain rules that apply to choosing the proper attire for the occasion. In choosing a purple dress, a couple of factors ineffably dictate how you can be not only timely with your choice to break tradition but tastefully as well.

Here are the top three things to consider when selecting a purple dress to wear to a wedding:

Time of year: 

Are you preparing for a spring wedding? Consider choosing a subtle lilac or lavender color that harkens to flowers waking from the dormancy of winter. Pastels tend to be a good choice this time of year. Summertime is a great opportunity to capitalize on more “traditional” shades of purple and indigo.

It’s also a good time to pick a purple dress with a cute print, such as polka dots or cactuses; that is, if you are an attendee, not the bride. The deeper into fall and winter you venture, the deeper and bolder you can take your fabric colors, reaching deep maroons, indigos or royal purples.

Type of fabric:

The type of fabric is going to play a role in what shade of purple is right for your getup. For example, if you’re looking to wear a silk gown for a winter party, consider shooting for a winter wedding with a deep purple color and the sheen that comes with silk.

On the other hand, some summertime brides with a bohemian theme have been making linen wedding dresses trendy — which would lend themselves to earthy tones of purple as well, as if stained by beets or blueberries. Consider your preferred type of fabric and the appeal of various colors with reflective or non-reflective cloth.

Formality of event:

 And finally, is this going to be a seriously traditional affair where the whole extended family comes wearing three-piece suits and slinky gowns? Or are you having a slightly more relaxed outdoor wedding at the family farm?

For a formal event, consider wearing a purple print, dark purple or multiple layers of purple. If you’re getting married at the farm, all the more reason to do whatever suits your fancy that would be comfortable to trek around and party in! Don’t forget the accessories!

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What Accessories Should I Bring?

Weddings can be a fantastic place for single people to mingle and get to know each other. You never know what sorts of sparks might fly at a celebration of love and union! And while it can be tempting to want to feel “prepared” for the event by packing mouthwash, floss, extra deodorant, tampons, makeup and other aesthetic and hygiene toiletries, the truth is you may not need all of these things — not least of all because some wedding venues actually supply them for guests in each restroom.

When it comes to accessorizing, it’s best to keep it simple with the following practices

1. Hat: 

Whether this is a cute 1920’s-style hat to keep your ears warm in the winter or a flowing sunhat for shade and luxury in the warmer months, hats can be a fun accent to your outfit. They can serve not only a functional purpose of keeping your hair out of your face and your head warm, but can also accentuate or draw together the color scheme of your outfit. Never underestimate the power of a good hat!

2. Statement jewelry: 

We’re not saying you have to go overboard here with layers and layers of gold chains around your neck or bracelets around your arms — but intentionally picking jewelry that is sure to leave an impression is an easy way to feel like you stand out without upstaging the bride. Oversized necklaces come to mind, as do earrings, rings and other pieces of jewelry.

3. Comfortable but stylish shoes: 

This is always the trick, right? But you want to be extra sure that the shoes you choose to wear to the wedding. Pick shoes that are not only beautiful, but can support you all night long without leaving you blistered and aching at the end of the night. After all, how many times in life do you have a reason to cut completely loose and boogie down?

4. Clutch or small purse: 

If you must take a purse, consider keeping within it the bare essentials — a wallet, lipstick, lip balm, keys, emergency makeup fix kit, tissues and maybe some breath mints. What you put in your bag is a personal choice, but you want something lightweight, relatively compact and that can be easy to access at all times of the day.

5. Light cover-up or throw: 

If you’re planning on partying until the wee hours of the morning, no matter the time of year, it’s looking like you’ll probably have a chilly walk to your ride after. Not only can a shawl, blazer, jean jacket or some other cover-up provide warmth in colder times, but they can also help to bring your whole outfit together in a way that is uniquely you.

What will look good paired with a purple dress?

Shopping for a wedding guest outfit can be one hell of a task especially when you’re venturing into an entirely foreign color palette. We understand going through your wardrobe and coming out short of options. Fortunately, we’ve put together a few colors you can pair with your purple dress to stand out and look good in those wedding photos. You know they last forever, right?

Purple and white

Yes, yes, we can hear the gasps. Hey, no one should be wearing an entirely white gown to a wedding however you can wear white as an accent color to bring more dimension to your outfit. Think of some cute white sandals, a scarf, or a purse to break the monotony. The point is to look good without raffling feathers.

Purple and Nude

Nude colors are always a win because they blend into your outfit without taking attention away from the standout piece. If you went out of your way to find an attention-grabbing dress, settle for a shoe that features a brownish or tan look to give your pretty dress center stage

A monochromatic look

You don’t always have to decide on a shade of purple as you can easily play around with all the seasonal shades with a monochromatic look. Simply use different shades of purple on your dress and accessories and show up looking sophisticated without the extra hassle.

Purple and pastels

Spring calls for pastels and the great thing is that they fit right in with a purple-themed wedding. This combination is fun, feisty, and seasonal. Not to mention being able to match the flowers in bloom. Seriously, it might be your friend’s big day but you must admit it’s a pretty good opportunity to get some pretty pictures of yourself too.

Purple and gold

As with all formal events, standout jewelry pieces are always a welcome accessory. Fortunately, gold goes well with purple especially if you’re opting for a darker shade as it taps into the royal history of the color and screams sophistication. We recommend wearing gold if you have a warmer undertone as it flatters your features.

Purple and silver

Silver may be a huge step down from gold however white gold and platinum are not. If you have a cool undertone, white metals are your best friend when accessorizing. And yes, they go great with purple and most other colors.

What Type of Jacket Should I Wear with a Purple Dress at a Wedding?

Whether you’re a bridesmaid or an attendee, you may think about what types of jackets to wear to your upcoming wedding. Regardless of your status at the celebration — whether you’re more peripheral or main focus — weddings are a fantastic excuse to look and feel your best. Here are some acceptable jackets to wear with a purple dress all year round:

1. Classic cardigan: 

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this sweet and classic work. And especially if the wedding is in summer or you anticipate warm weather, this is the perfect wrap for you. Another option for less formal weddings in the summertime is a flowing bohemian robe — always a hit!

2. Jean jacket: 

Depending on your dress and the level of formality, a jean jacket almost always fits the occasion. This can even be an additional layer over your cardigan for maximum outfit complexity!

3. Leather jacket: 

Again, this one depends on the formality of the event — but if things are looking pretty casual, rock on with your bad self and a leather jacket! You are sure to stand out in the crowd this way.

4. Sweater: 

Even if you aren’t a cardigan person, it is still possible to find a flattering sweater to hug your curves as the night cools off. It can also be layered with other jackets.

5. Blazer: 

A classic option, blazers are for those weddings that tend to be a little more formal. Look and feel your best with a clean blazer on the outside, perhaps even accented with pins or flowers or layered with other warm materials. 

6. Shawl: 

And finally, the shawl. There are some seriously beautiful lace and woven shawls out there that could easily make a strong statement on your wedding outfit without upstaging the bride. 

What Shoes Are Best for a Wedding?

Picking your cover-up is just the beginning — what types of shoes are you going to wear out!? Don’t forget to factor in any extensive walking you may have to do, as well as shoes that will either be easy to remember or fun to dance and party in! Here are some of the best shoes to wear to a wedding.

1. Flats: 

Truly, you cannot go wrong with a nice pair of classic flats. Comfortable, easy to slip on and off and classic-looking, flats make an excellent choice for those whose primary interests in attending will be socializing, checking out the amazing spread of food and dancing like nobody’s watching. (Side note — flats can be perceived as a little informal, so make sure you wear your nicest pair!)

2. Cowgirl boots: 

Cowgirl boots are never going out of fashion, and we mean that. Whether you were invited to a barn wedding or your cowgirl boots are an integral part of how you like to express yourself through clothing, it’s hard to go wrong with a breezy dress, your trusty boots and a denim jacket. Don’t forget to wear a hat!

3. Stilettos or other heels: 

We’re not saying you have to wear stilettos — at least, not unless you’re into that kind of thing — but there are plenty of other options as far as heels go that can actually be quite comfortable, stylish and appropriate for formal festivities. Look for a heel that demonstrates that you are dressing up for the festivities, but not heels that are cumbersome to walk in or that will cause discomfort, tripping hazards or the potential for you to not enjoy yourself as much as if you had worn other shoes.

4. Wedges: 

Now that we’ve talked about the pros and cons, it’s time to talk about wedges! This can be a fantastic middle ground for someone who wants the height without some of the associated danger that comes with a high heel. These can be especially cute and flirty in spring and summer and are generally considered more sturdy than your average elevated heel. (Side note — wedges come in all shapes, sizes and varieties, so make sure you select a pair that is formal enough for the wedding theme!)

5. Leather lace-up shoes or boots: 

Whether you are channeling your inner Wednesday Adams vibe or simply love the classic and timeless look of lace-up leather shoes, it’s hard to go wrong with a nice pair of leather boots like that. Formal in nature, they can also be dressed down, depending on your outfit — they tend to match with all sorts of fabrics, colors and getups — and they never go out of style. You can look back on the wedding photos feeling confident that you looked amazing then and you would wear the same thing now!

Why Picking the Right Wedding Outfit Matters

Even if you’re of the opinion that clothes are just clothes and are of low priority to you, it is still beneficial for you to take an interest and actively think about your wedding outfit before you make it to the big event. What you wear can impact everything from your interactions with others to your ability to have fun, eat whatever you want and generally enjoy yourself. Here are some other factors to consider when picking a wedding outfit:

1. Season and geographical location: 

Spring in Florida, for example, is going to be very different weather than the same date in Montana. It’s important to know in advance where everyone will be gathering and when — as the date can help you look at weather reports and predict the types of clothing you should pack and plan for on the big day. When in doubt, wear layers!

2. Venue grounds and amenities: 

Will the wedding take place on a farm? Will the barn have operating air conditioning and/or industrial fans? How much walking will be involved between the libations area, bathroom, dance floor and ceremony room? These factors and more will determine what you wear, from your shoes to your jacket.

3. Number of people inside a venue:

 Remember, the more people there are inside a packed venue, the warmer it is going to be in there — especially if the air is stagnant. Again, this is where layers come in, and unless it’s fall or winter, it might be time to leave the wool at home. 

4. Plans for celebrating: 

Are you going to dance in your outfit? Getting wild and looking presentable doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. Wear layers (ideally breathable or loose and flowy layers) that are non-constrictive to movement. This way, you can boogie down on the dance floor while looking like a hundred bucks.

5. Confidence and comfort:

 And finally, it’s nice looking at yourself all “cleaned up” every now and again. Especially if you are not in the habit of dolling yourself up on a daily basis, this process can boost confidence and may even inspire conversation and bold turns of events in the evening. Why not give yourself every advantage for a great time?

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Final Thoughts on What to Wear With Purple Dress to Wedding

What to wear with a purple dress to a wedding largely depends on factors like where and when the wedding will be, formality versus comfort and practicality, aesthetics, wedding theme and more.

Deciding these key factors help you decide what shoes, accessories and jacket to wear to the wedding — and if you are the non-traditional bride in purple, perhaps the most important thing you can do is have your makeup artist flesh you out with a bold-colored, matte lipstick to accent your dress. It’s your special day, so as long as you have fun and feel confident, there are no wrong answers!

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