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Nowadays we use technology and mobile apps for almost everything, and the wedding industry is no exception. Wedbox is a Danish start-up that offers two exceptional free wedding apps, designed to help you create, organize, and manage your big day in a simple way. It is the leader of the European wedding app market, and the apps are available for both Android and iOS.

More than half a million wedding couples have used Wedbox’s wedding apps and the average review on Google Play and the Apple store is 4.5. This small and creative company uses AI in the apps to find the best possible solution for wedding couples. Some of the best features of the apps are completely unique; for example, they are the only multi-language, interactive and cloud-based wedding apps on the market.

The Wedbox team are committed to create an individual wedding experience that fulfills our customers’ needs, providing the best value and high-quality services and a satisfied community that helps each other out.

Hopefully we’ve sparked your interest, but if you’re still not sure then ask yourself this: Do you need any help organizing your wedding? Do you know where you can find the best ideas and inspiration to get you started? Do you want to involve your partner in the wedding planning process?

If the answer is yes, then it’s time to share with you even more details of these fantastic wedding apps. Here are the insights from Alpha to Omega.

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WEDBOX Wedding planner app

Wedbox wedding planner is a way of keeping track of everything wedding-related. The wedding planner app is a smooth, straightforward, and stylish mobile application that contains all the features you’ll need. It includes a wedding checklist, a wedding budget, a wedding guest list, and an overview showing exactly where you are in the wedding planning process. Easy to use, as with just one click you can add, remove, or edit all of the elements in the app.

You can also customize the wedding to-do list and the budget items if the recommended premade template is missing anything you need for your wedding. The planner app offers ideas, inspiration, and DIY suggestions for your wedding, based on the experience of the 300,000 former wedding couples who have used the app.

You can easily find your nearest vendors within the wedding planner app, such as wedding venues, musicians/ bands, photographers, jewelers, wedding dresses, or catering to name a few examples. You can cooperate with your partner by sharing your ideas or delegating relevant tasks as needed.

The wedding checklist feature in the wedding planner app provides a comprehensive list of tasks, with the activities broken down by months so you won’t forget anything. The budget section helps you to organize the expenses, follow which items are paid for and keep a clear overview of your spending.

The wedding guest list section provides a key for who is invited, attending, and waiting for a response, so all these features allow you to track the most important parts of your wedding planning. If you’re feeling lost in the details, then the overview provides a summary of your wedding planning and shows where you’re at right now. Download the app and see how wedding planning can be fun!

WEDBOX Wedding photo app

A lot of wedding couples are struggling to collect and share their wedding pictures after the wedding and they also don’t always receive their guest’s pictures and videos. The Wedbox photo app provides a solution for this issue.

The photo app is a way for the wedding couple, wedding guests and the official wedding photographer to collaborate together, by uploading and sharing all of the pictures and videos in one place. It is the easiest and fastest way to capture the best moments of your big day and share them with the people you want to. Just one click and you can invite your guests through email, text or social media and everybody can share their pictures.

You can also receive all of your guest’s pictures and see your wedding through their eyes for a fun and different perspective. If you would like to upload longer videos (like speeches), need a longer storage time, or you want to download the highest available quality pictures from the Wedbox’s cloud service, you can activate these features with an in-app-purchase.

Wedbox provides smart categorization within the app and supports multiple languages, just for you. Try it now – share, capture, download and collect your memories.

WEDBOX Wedding photo book

Wedbox also has a print option. You can create a stylish wedding photo book with many different design options to commemorate your special day. It is the perfect gift for friends or family after the wedding, anniversaries or even Christmas.

Wedbox gives you a straightforward tool for creating your photo book, which takes a little time, but you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful wedding photo book full of all those unforgettable moments. They will deliver the wedding photo book within 1-2 weeks, depending on the postal service.

Wedbox wedding planner  book

Wedbox vendors

Wedbox cooperates with many different vendors, so the apps will offer you the nearest and smartest choice tailored to provide you with a perfect match. It is up to you if you want to work together – just contact them directly and find what you need.


And last but not least, if you’re a fan of the digital world, I am sure that Wedbox wedding apps will be the best solution for you to keep track of everything and capture all your photos. They provide a crystal clear and uncomplicated solution for creating your dream wedding. I am really happy to share this review because I think there are no better wedding apps on the market at the moment, which cover all of your wedding needs.

WedBox App is available on Google Play and iOS.

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