15 Best Tim McGraw Wedding Songs For Your Special Day

Country music is known for having classic and heartfelt love songs. Tim McGraw has been a key player in the industry for three decades, and his timeless love songs are a popular addition to many wedding playlists.

Not only that, but the musician has a notable love story himself, and frequently produces music with his wife, Faith Hill, who is also a country artist.

Whatever part of your big day, there are plenty of Mcgraw wedding songs that are perfect for each activity for the big day. From first dances, dinner, ceremony music, and everything in between, there’s a perfect Tim McGraw song for that! 

Get ready for your personalized wedding soundtrack, courtesy of the music legend himself. Read on for 15 of the most popular Tim McGraw wedding songs. 

Tim McGraw Wedding Songs 

Check out these other popular wedding songs to incorporate in your big day play list:

1. “It’s Your Love” (feat. Faith Hill)

Lyrics to adore: “Better than I was, more than I am, and all of this happened by taking your hand”

This song is without a doubt one of McGraw’s most popular hits, and it continues to be a common choice for first dance songs. A beautiful duet sung with his wife, Faith Hill, this song is a timeless choice for your wedding day to highlight the bond between you and your partner. 

2. “Humble and Kind” 

Another chart topper, this song outlines the principles for a good life and having important values. This song works perfectly for a parent dance, as the song was written as the kind of person that a parent would want their children to be.

3. “The Rest of Our Life” (feat. Faith Hill)

Lyrics to adore: “So I take your hand and ask you, have you made plans for the rest of your life?” 

This song is a perfect ballad to capture your everlasting love for your big day. This is another big number from this timeless country duo that was released decades after “It’s Your Love”, but remains just as heartfelt and beautiful. 

4. “My Little Girl” 

Lyrics to adore: “Chase your dreams but always know the road that’ll lead you home again, go on take this whole world, but to me, you know you’ll always be my little girl.” 

One of McGraw’s greatest hits, this heartfelt tune reflects a special message from a father to a daughter, but it can make as a sweet song for any parent dance, as well as for any special ceremonies involving children of the couple. 

5. “Felt Good on My Lips” 

Lyrics to adore: “By the second chorus, I was singing along with it, I don’t know what it meant, but it felt good on my lips.” 

This fun, upbeat number talks about a chance encounter, but still maintains McGraw’s classic story-telling. This song would work well for a fun entrance song, as well as an upbeat song to dance to during the reception. 

6. “My Best Friend” 

Lyrics to adore: “Every time I look at you, i don’t know where I’d be, without you here with me.” 

Another timeless classic, these lyrics perfectly capture that “best friend” type of love. This song would be a perfect first dance song, and will no doubt tug at the heartstrings of your guests.

7. “Just to See You Smile” 

One of McGraw’s older hits, this tune is sweet and fun, and will really echo the love shown on your wedding day. You can’t go wrong with this one, but it would be a fun last dance or send-off song.

8. “She Never Let’s It Go To Her Heart”

A beautiful song highlighting a woman’s beauty but her love for her partner, this would be a great song to highlight the bride on her big day. Consider using this tune for the bridal procession for a sweet song that she will adore. 

9. “Highway Don’t Care” (feat. Taylor Swift and Keith Urban 

Lyrics to adore: “The highway won’t hold you tonight, the highway don’t know you’re alive, the highway don’t care if you’re all alone, but i do.” 

This fun, upbeat song talks about the joys of a carefree love. Featuring two other big music icons, this would be a perfect song for your reception entrance or a fun sing-along for dancing the night away. 

10. “You Just Get Better All the Time” 

Lyrics to adore: “Oh I get the feeling, we can make it baby, as long as you are by my side.” 

Another classic love song, this would be a sweet first dance song, or even work well as a cermony processional or special song. Guests will adore the heartfelt lyrics as they celebrate your love. 

11. “My Next Thirty Years”

Lyrics to adore: “Now it’s time to focus on where I go from here, lord have mercy on my next thirty years”

One of McGraw’s well known songs, this is an upbeat number that talks about looking into the future, growing old with your partner, and starting a family. This song would make a fun ending to the reception or an exciting send-off track.

12. “I Need You” (feat. Faith Hill)

Celebrating a marriage also means celebrating the partnership between two people, and this is a great song to celebrate that. Another great number by the timeless country music duo, this song will be a great highlight to your day.

13. “Something Like That” 

Lyrics to adore: “She had a suntan line and red lipstick, I worked so hard for that first kiss, and a heart don’t forget something like that”

A great story-teller, McGraw brings us a lovely story about the first time meeting your partner, in this instance at a county fair. This would be a fun number for a first dance or special dance. 

14. “All We Ever Find” 

Lyrics to adore: “Every breath of who you are, tells a story that I love.” 

One great thing about marriage is finding a person to trust and rely on above anything else. This sentimental number would be a great processional ceremony tune as well as a lovely first dance.

15. “She’s My Kind of Rain” 

Lyrics to adore: She’s my kind of rain, like love in a drunken sky, like confetti falling down all night”

Another one of McGraw’s older hits, this ballad talks about that intoxicating kind of love that will have you and your partner swooning on your big day, It would be well-used as a first dance number or final song to end the night. 

Final Thoughts

Tim McGraw continues to be a country music legend, with numerous love songs and powerful ballads among his list of hits. From fun, upbeat stories about carefree love, to slow ballads about growing old together, there is certainly a song or two that will be perfect for your big day. 

Dive into the soothing charm of McGraw’s musical collection and find the perfect song to echo your love on the day you celebrate your forever.


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Is “Humble and Kind” a good Mother-son dance song? 

Absolutely! The songwriter actually wrote this song about what principles she wants her children to live by. It is a great song to reflect on the pride a Mother would feel seeing her son become a kind and loving young man, perfect for a wedding day! 

Why should I use Tim McGraw’s songs for my wedding? 

McGraw has been releasing classic love songs for three decades, and because of that he is mostly a household name. Not only are these tunes widely known, but they’re also sweet and sentimental, to make the perfect soundtrack for your big day.

What was Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s wedding song? 

This information is not publicized or widely known, however the couple does have a handful of ballad love songs outlined above that can be perfect for your personal wedding song. 

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