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#115. Sunflowers – large yellow flowers; Baby Breath – small white flowers

A lovely wedding bouquet consisting of small white flowers, green leaves and sunflowers
Credit: Luke and Cat Photography

#116. Baby Breath – fine white flowers; Dusty miller flat – silvery leaves; Peony – orange flowers; Chrysanthemum – large white flowers

A beautiful bridal bouquet consisting of small white flowers, big pink flowers and grey leaves
Credit: Avi Stoddard

#117. Dhalia – orange flowers with black center; Chrysanthemum – purple flowers from the left side of the bouquet; Peony – white and yellow flowers at the bottom of the bouquet on the left; Dusty Miller Flat – silvery leaves

A beautiful bouquet made of round white, pink and green flowers
Credit: Jeremy Chou photography

#118. Calla Lily – white flowers with ornaments

Credit: noaki jewelry

#119. Sunflower – large yellow flowers; Roses – violet flowers; Lavender – blue flowers;

A small wedding bouquet consisting of yellow, black, purple, white and green flowers
Credit: Mikkel Paige photography

#120. Decorative thistle – bows in a bouquet Roses – bright bouquet flowers

Credit: 1486 Photography

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