Top 5 Best Romantic Lesbian Movies To Watch on Valentines day

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Looking for some of the most romantic lesbian movies to watch on Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered! Typically, we focus on more modern romantic lesbian flicks.  

Today, though, we’re digging a little deeper and heading around the globe to really find some touching and passionate tales. Sit back and relax with a warm blanket while we provide you with exciting plans to make your Valentine’s eve memorable.

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Top 5 Romantic Lesbian Movies To Watch on Valentines day 

Valentine’s day is around the corner, and love will be in the air again! While such a special occasion is coming your way, why not share some love with your girl and create a strong bond?

In this article, we will list out 5 incredible romantic lesbian movies that will make both of you warm and cozy. So, if you want your love day to go well with a touch of romance in it, then follow us till the end.

1. Fingersmith

Fingersmith is a classic lesbian movie full of romance and much more. This timeless mini-series made its red carpet entry in 2005 on BBC.

The narrative revolves around two ladies, Maud Lilly and Sue Trinder. Trinder is portrayed as a pickpocket, while Lilly is an aristocratic lady full of arrogance.

Born in London’s slums, Trinder eventually falls head over heels for Lilly, and from that point, their love blossoms that crosses all boundaries. If you love your lady passionately, this movie is made just for you.

The passion sketched here is impeccable and defines the true meaning of love that has no gender restrictions. 

2. Wedding Song

This move is set in Tunis in 1942 when the Nazis have all the commands. Wedding Song is another great lesbian movie wherein two girls in their teenage fall for each other. Since this movie was set in 1942, World War II plays a significant role.

This couple in love faces trauma and experiences horror because of their religious differences. The Muslim-Jewish relationship sees many odds and defies them to stay close to each other and share the love they have had since their childhood. 

3. Entre Nous

A French love classic written and directed by Diane Kurys made it to the theatres in 1983. Because of its minor complexity, it is not referred to as a lesbian romance, but the viewers get to see it somewhere or the other.

Based on two married women, played by Isabella Hupert and Miou-Miou, this French movie witnesses the magical bond between these two characters. The hidden love that they share is impressive, but it is not spoken or highlighted.

Both of them are married, but after having interacted with each other, their frequencies match. This sudden spark of emotions eventually leads them to leave their respective husbands and live together.

They are portrayed as two heterosexual personalities, but their inseparable connection doesn’t satisfy the audience to believe that they didn’t have love. They stay together with their children and work to earn bread. However, in the end, one of the two love birds, unfortunately, dies. 

4. The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister

Do you maintain a diary of confession where you confess your unspoken love for your partner? If you are a diary person, you should definitely watch this movie.

The secret diaries of Miss Anne Lister is not a fictious movie, instead it is a true incident. The name Anne Lister is not imaginary, and this element makes the film much more special for all the couples out there. This movie is a must-watch on Valentine’s eve.

The story revolves around three female characters, Anne lister, Ann Walker, and Mariana Belcombe. The narrative is the same as all other lesbian movies, where two women fall in love with each other, but a twist awaits.

While Lister and Belcombe are the first love couple, the entry of the third person, Ann Walker, changes the plot. Lister then starts living with Walker and leaves Belcombe.

However, the love for Belcombe doesn’t abandon its place in Lister’s heart as she keeps confessing her love and passion in the secret diary that she has. The element of love that makes this movie worth watching with your partner is the love scenes that are filled with sensuality and romance.

Those scenes are realistic and highly affect the viewers because they ignite a spark in the viewer’s heart and make them much more affectionate towards their partners.


5. Butch Jamie

If you are not intensely in a romantic mood and want to tickle your partner’s funny bone with some humor, Butch Jamie is the way to go.

The protagonist Jamie, a struggling actor, has no work, and love is not on her cards. With her fallen relationships and hatred for men, she travels to the South to try her luck. Fortunately, she bags up a lead role, but her role demands her to act like a man.

Cursing her luck, she makes a step forward to find herself falling in love with another girl, Jill. Since Jamie is playing a man in the movie, Jill is casted as her reel life crush.

Fate has its plans, and Cupid strikes his arrow at Jamie, who finds a perfect partner in Jill, who is unknown about Jamie’s intentions. The humor starts when Jamie turns the entire world upside down to propose to her girl and make her hers.

Grab a blanket and get comfy! We're checking out the most romantic lesbian movies to watch on Valentine's Day. Take a look!

While there are plenty of more modern American films that make great Valentine’s Day viewing, there’s just something about these five romantic lesbian movies that really makes us think “passion.” What do you think?

What are your favorite romantic lesbian movies? Do you prefer modern films or classics? Share below!

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