Perfect Gifts To Make Your 14th Wedding Anniversary Memorable

A 14th wedding anniversary is another year of a successful marriage and to celebrate it you need to pick the right gift.

In this article, we have 21 perfect gifts you can choose from to offer to your partner on your anniversary day.

From handmade compasses and wooden picture frames, there’s something for everyone here and while the gift might make them happy, the thing that will make them happier is the love you will show them that day and the love you’ve been sharing together for all these years!

Your 14th wedding anniversary is an important milestone, and choosing the perfect gift for your partner can be a daunting task, but with our list of unique and thoughtful gifts, you are sure to find something that will make your anniversary celebration memorable.

That being said, keep reading below to see what we have in store for you!

1. Personalized Gift Compass

After 14 years of marriage, everyone knows who their heart belongs to but this compass is the perfect little gift your husband or wife can carry around to have something to remind them of you even when you are far away from each other.

You can engrave the compass case and have your own handwritten message on the back side of the compass, which makes it more unique than ever.

Well-crafted, handmade, and of great quality, it will make your day very memorable.

2. Our Little Family Frame

This lovely family frame comes with a big heart on the side where you can highlight the 14 years of bond you have with your partner, whereas the little tin-made figure ‘sitting’ on it can be as few or as many as your family members are.

If you have a big family with more than 3 children you can definitely make this an impressive frame but you can always consider adding any pets, grandmothers, and grandfathers of your kids.

This gift can be added as a home decor piece or work great on the office desk.

3. Wooden Memory Picture Box

With similar tin-made figures at the top of it, this wooden picture frame can be used to display your favorite photos of you, your partner, and your kids.

As your family grows, you can keep adding more of those little statues on the frame so don’t think that you will need to get rid of it once the new member of the family arrives!

4. Engraved Rock

Sometimes simple things make for the best gifts and this rock with an engraved message saying “Happy Anniversary! My heart Beats for you Every second of the clock. I am yours. And you, are my rock” is exactly that.

Your partner will be very pleased to receive this special stone they can keep anywhere they want, with its sleek and simple look making it a subtle yet lovely addition to every room.

5. Personalized Canvas

Does your partner love to play the piano? Or did you perhaps have a pianist play your wedding song? If so, you can go with the piano keys canvas and write on them your vows or the lyrics to that song that sealed your day.

If not, you can always print a picture of you too together or any other memorable moment you had in these 14 years and add any text you want.

Either way, this canvas will become an amazing addition to your wall.

6. Metal Date Night Dice

After so many years you have probably had thousands of date nights in all kinds of settings and contexts, and you might just need some spontaneity again.

This gift can help you with planning your date night for your anniversaries. This pair of dice provides you with 36 different ideas for a date night so you can use them for many more years to come.

7. Elephants Love Candle Holder Statue

Elephants are among the animals that are the cutest and their partnerships with each other are known to be one of the strongest ones in the animal kingdom.

So, what better way to show your partner how strong your bond is too? This candle holder statue has two lovable elephants who have wrapped their trunks together and hold a big heart on top.

Raised trunks are also a symbol of luck and power, making this gift one that also has some meaning behind it.

8. Coffee Mug

Even though it might not be the most unique gift you can ever give to your partner, a coffee mug is certainly useful and something they will see and hold every day.

You can write anything you want on it in vivid and highly readable fonts and if you make it a funny message then it will make their day anytime they see it.

If you know they are a romantic soul, then writing something that will make them feel loved and adored is also a great idea.

The mug is also dishwasher and microwaves safe and its high quality will guarantee you your message will stay there forever, just like your love.

9. Couples Coffee Mugs

If you want to gift something both of you can use together on your anniversary, then instead of buying one mug go for this coffee mug set.

Included in gift-ready packaging, these coffee mugs make up a story together so they are a pair that you cannot separate, just like the two of you.

With sayings and drawings on them, they are a great gift that you can use right away to enjoy your coffee or tea on your special day.

10. Keychain

Something as simple as a keychain can become a unique and meaningful gift when you engrave your anniversary years on it.

Not everyone can be proud they’ve been together for 14 years, so keeping that next to your keys can be a great way to remind yourself of your love whenever you lock or unlock the door.

11. Potted Artificial Ivory Rose Flower

Ivory is a quintessential symbol to mark the 14 years of marriage and this flower pot comes with an “ivory” message for your partner.

There are plenty of flowers to choose from and the fact that they are artificial makes them last for a long time, which is great as you can easily replace them on your 15th anniversary with the same gift or something else!

12. Christmas Ornament

If you got married around Christmas and want a festive gift, then this ornament is the best idea for it. You can get it printed either on one or both sides and then you can hang it on your Christmas tree.

An even greater idea would be to print several of these ornaments and decorate your tree and even your living room with them on your anniversary day to surprise them with a cute and romantic setting.

13. Anniversary Blanket

A blanket is something everyone uses when they sleep, travel, or just sit in the living room or their bed reading a book.

This blanket comes with an encouraging message on it that can make your partner feel more positive at times when life is not that easy for them.

Even if they are doing alright, you can still give them this blanket as a 14th-anniversary gift to make them feel warm on cold nights.

14. Heart Pendant

Women love jewelry and this pendant can become your wife’s favorite one. With the number 14 on it and two hearts interweaved, this is a lovely piece she’ll want to wear every day.

Made of silver and nickel-free, it is a necklace of high quality that is also hypoallergenic, so it won’t cause any skin irritation.

Lightweight and with a “love you for always and forever” message written on one of the hearts, it is a shiny piece of accessory that her friends will commend her (and you) on having.

15. Wooden Gift Set For Wife

A handcrafted wooden box like this that is full of surprises in it is bound to make your wife extremely happy.

The box has an engraved message for her while inside it you can find more gifts, like a crystal engraved heart, a 24k gold-dipped red rose, and a rose stand she can use to put the rose on display for everyone to see the office.

Even if she decides to keep it at home, this box and its contents are perfect for her to wake up and remember how much you love her just by looking at that lovely message on her crystal heart.

16. Bottle Opener

If you have ever said to your husband that you’d take a bullet for them, you can joke about it before handing them these .50 Cal bottle openers.

A previously fired bullet that has now turned into a bottle opener comes with a cute anniversary message on it and can make for a lovely 14th wedding anniversary gift.

At first, they won’t be able to tell what this bullet is for which is going to make the moment even better once you see the surprise on their face when they realize they can always keep this in their pocket to open their bottles of beer wherever they are.

17. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

If your man loves his whiskey, then there’s no better way to celebrate your 14th anniversary than by drinking some together with this whiskey set.

Even if he’s going to be drinking alone, this gift set that comes in a hand-crafted engraved pine box is going to be the best gift he’s ever received.

What’s included in it? Two crystal whiskey glasses, eight natural granite rocks, coasters, tongs, a card, pouch, and gift bag.

The last three things will be unnecessary, though, as this gift is a ‘keeper’!

18. Refillable Journal

A faux-leather refillable journal is another fantastic option for a 14th wedding anniversary gift in which your partner can write for the next 14 years!

Its size is ideal for them to carry around, while you can also use it as a big-size wallet where you can keep your cards or even your phone!

With a lovely message written on it that can show your love and appreciation, it is a simple yet unique piece you can give them.

19. Two Hearts Iron Sculpture

An iron sculpture like this one can become a centerpiece in your living room or add to your office’s décor.

The two hearts are made from iron which means that this is a gift that will last forever, while the amazing thing is that they are made from a single piece of iron, representing how unbreakable and united you are in this marriage.

With a subtle cross at the end of the iron piece, this can be more of a religious gift too for your husband or wife who cherishes the sacredness of your religious marriage.

20. Iron Couple Sculpture

In case you like the idea of an unbreakable iron sculpture but don’t want one that relates to religion or doesn’t like the idea of a heart shape, you can always go for this small and lovely iron couple sculpture.

This couple kissing and holding hands is a perfect and thoughtful gift you can give your partner together with a kiss, but there are more shapes and couple postures you can choose from, like the one where the man is holding the woman up in his arms or the one where they are kissing under the umbrella.

21. Transparent Message

This transparent acrylic piece might look like a heavy one, but it is actually very lightweight and ideal for your indecisive man who keeps changing the decoration in the room.

With a positive and sweet message written on it, it is a gift your husband can even put on his office desk and keep by his laptop so that he can look at it and take all the courage he needs to continue on his challenging day at work.

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The Bottom Line

These 21 gift ideas are definitely going to please your partner and make them feel cherished and loved.

While you might think you need to buy things that are super expensive, when you’ve been with someone for 14 years (and counting), they will certainly not expect you to spend a fortune on gifts but will much rather appreciate the thought of you getting them something to make the day memorable.

So, not that you have all these ideas and options to choose from, just think about what would suit your partner best in terms of their aesthetic and style and pick one of the gifts above for them!

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