20 Beautiful Sunflower Cake Designs

There are loads of fantastic ways you can decorate a cake, giving them all kinds of different styles, colors, and edible additions.

However, one of the most beautiful ways to design a cake undoubtedly involves sunflowers.

Everybody loves sunflowers, those bright, brilliant yellow flowers that light up everything.

They’ve got a unique look that singles them out from all other flowers, and this is why they make such great cake designs.

In fact, a sunflower cake would be the perfect choice for a sunny wedding day.

This isn’t just because of their attractiveness but also the fact that they can come to represent good fortune in some places. 

Sunflowers are not only perfect for wedding cakes but they are also great for other occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. The bright and cheerful nature of sunflowers is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

In our handy guide below, we’ve got a packed list of 20 beautiful sunflower cake designs! With each one, we’ve got a breakdown of what makes it a great choice, with every design having its own unique style. 

1. Sunflower And Butterflies Cake Design

We’re starting off our list with a cake that really embodies the beauty of nature! This is a single tier cake decorated with small sunflowers going up its side, as well as beautiful yellow twirls and orange butterflies settled on the flower.

2. Sunflower Chocolate Cake

This brilliant cake looks like a wicker basket of sunflowers, with the delicate edible flowers coming out of the top of a chocolate cake that’s modeled after a wicker basket. 

3. Sunflower Cake With Dripping Yellow

This sickly-looking cake design involves a single tier of white iced sponge, with some delicate edible sunflowers on top and at its base.

However, it also has yellow icing dripping down the sides of the cake, which makes it look very artistic and delicious.

4. Sunflower Cake With Berries And Ruffles

Another beautiful design, this cake has three yellow tiers, each with ruffled icing surrounding them.

The sunflowers are displayed on the sides, along with gentle blue flowers and an assortment of berries. 

5. Sunflower Cupcakes

Of course, it doesn’t just have to be large cakes! A really cute idea for some weddings is to do cupcakes instead, which the guests will love.

These beautiful cupcakes have swirling icing on top, as well as small edible sunflowers and leaves. 

6. Sunflower Cake With Chocolate Dripping

This fun cake would be the perfect pick for a wedding, with its mix of beauty and tastiness.

It’s got two tiers of cake, with edible sunflowers dotted all around. Better yet, it’s got luxurious chocolate dripping down the sides of both tiers.

7. Black Sunflower Cake

This cake has three separate tiers, but they’re all coated in sheer black icing.

It gives the whole thing a very elegant, rich look and contrasts brilliantly with the bright yellow single sunflower on its side.

8. Yellow Sunflower Cake

This design has a beautiful image lovingly crafted on top of it. In icing, it’s got drawings of gorgeous sunflowers, along with swirling leaves and stalks. 

9. Cake Covered In Sunflowers

For this cake design, you’ll see that it’s absolutely covered in edible sunflowers! The flowers are big and bright, with loads of fire-like petals surrounding them, and lush green leaves contrasting with the yellow.

10. Bee Sunflower Cake

Bees are a big part of the life of a sunflower, and this cake has cute little bee decorations flying all around it. 

11. Tall And Thin Sunflower Cake

This cake has a tall, thin single tier that’s covered yellow, with beautiful sunflowers on its top and around its base. Simple, gorgeous.

12. Cake With Large Sunflower

For this one, it’s a simple white tier of cake that has an enormous, single sunflower on top. The detail of the petals and the center of the flower are incredible. 

13. Van Gogh Sunflower Cake

Van Gogh painted one of the most famous sunflowers ever, and this cake replicates his painting! The flowers are vibrant and the cake is a calming, serene sky blue.

14. Cube Van Gogh Sunflower Cake

This takes the classic look of the Van Gogh sunflower and puts it on a cube cake instead! 

15. Multi-Tier Sunflower Cake

This sunflower cake towers over all the rest, with loads of tiers of chocolate goodness!

16. Sunflower Cake With Cupcakes

Get the best of both worlds by combining a sunflower cake design with loads of sunflower cupcakes dotted around it!

17. Another Bee Sunflower Cake

This is another cake that uses bee decorations and fake honeycomb alongside beautiful sunflowers – gorgeous for a wedding!

18. Sunflower Barrels Cake

This garden-esque cake uses edible sunflowers around a cake designed to look like a barrel.

19. Sunflower Bouquet Cake

This is a topping for your cake depicting a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers.

20. Sunflower Cake Tower

This intricate design is a tower of cake slices, each decorated with little edible sunflowers.

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Final Thoughts

Use our guide to find the perfect sunflower cake design to brighten up your wedding!

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