20 Of The Best Lionel Richie Wedding Songs For Your Special Day

Few artists have been as beloved and successful in the music scene as the legend, Lionel Richie. Known to his most ardent fans by his nickname, Skeet, Richie was a tremendously gifted artist who wrote some of the most iconic romantic songs ever. 

The man who, for a moment, considered studying to become a priest at his episcopal church, became not only a global music star, but a renowned philanthropist. 

However, his philanthropic work with Breast Cancer Research and UNICEF isn’t why we’re here. His hit songs are! The music icon has been on the road lately, touring up to three different countries and scheduled for more than 12 upcoming concerts. 

Without wasting any time, let’s talk about some Richie music and see which of his hit tracks make good wedding songs.

Top Lionel Richie Wedding Songs

Lionel Richie has rendered a countless number of great songs perfect for weddings. These are some of the best ones you can play at yours. 

Check out these other wedding songs for the perfect mood on your big occasion:

1. My Love 

Memorable lyrics: /My love/ Just thinking about you, baby, just blows my mind./

This is a Richie hit song from the 80s with a soft piano intro and marvelous violin accompaniment. In 2012, Richie put a country spin on this song as part of his album ‘Tuskegee,’ and it had vocals from many popular country superstars.

It’s been a go-to song for first dances for decades, and you won’t be disappointed trying it out.  

2. Endless Love 

Memorable lyrics: /My love, there’s only you in my life/ The only thing that’s right./

This is one of those songs with an opening verse that hits the romantic corners of your mind straight away. Lionel Richie’s original rendition of this song was with Diana Ross as part of the soundtrack for a movie of the same name.

There’s also a masterful rendition of it by Luther VanDross and Mariah Carey that’s marvelous for ballroom first dances. 

3. You Are

Memorable lyrics: /Baby you’ll find/ There’s only one love/ Yours and mine/

One very romantic thing about this song, apart from its lyrics, is that Richie wrote it with Brenda Harvey, his high school sweetheart, to whom he was then married.

Unfortunately, their love did not endure, but this song and its upbeat, romantic lyrics make an enduringly splending recessional song if you’re having a rustic wedding. 

4. Truly

Memorable lyrics: /This love will last forever/ Because I’m truly/ Truly in love with you, girl/

This song was not only the first solo single Richie did; it was also his first solo number-one hit.

While the song sees the artist show his personal artistic creativity, it recalls some of his melodic schemes from his time in ‘The Commodores.’ It’s a heartfelt ballad that renders into melody the depths of affection and sentiment that attend love. 

5. Lady

Memorable lyrics: /Oh, lady, your love’s the only love I need/ And beside me is where I want you to be/ 

Though written by Richie, this song was originally recorded in the 80s by music legend Kenny Rogers. It broke the records to become the first song to be on all four Music Billboard charts. The song is an ode to female perfection, and its 1998 rendition by Richie does not disappoint. 

6. Say You Say Me

Memorable lyrics: /Say you, say me/ Say it for always/ 

This melody was written for a 1985 movie soundtrack for which it won an Oscar. Richie later did a fantastic rework of the song as a duet with Jason Aldean. The instrumental of the song is very ideal as a background tune for registry signing.

7. Stuck on You

Memorable lyrics: /Stuck on you/ I’ve got this feeling down deep in my soul that I just can’t lose/ 

Ever had someone stuck in your head—in a good way—and you can’t get them out? This 1980s song from Lionel Richie’s album, ‘Can’t Slow Down,’ expresses this sentiment beautifully. The song uses a catchy, pop-inspired hook and powerful lyrics to express appreciation for a loyal lover. 

8. Still

Memorable lyrics: /Remembering the pain, if I must say/ It’s deep in my mind and locked away/ 

This is a 1979 melody from Richie’s album, Midnight Magic. Potentially one of the artist’s most underrated songs, it was a number 1 hit for The Commodores—the final one before Richie left the band. It talks about the ups and downs of relationships and loving someone through it all. 

9. Just for You

Memorable lyrics: /Golden days, life was play/ Pain was all a world away/ 

This is one of the later songs by Richie, released in 2004 as the title track of its own album. It’s a great song for wedding dances, and if you want a country spin on it, the remix with country singer Billy Currington is worth trying. 

10. Sail On

Memorable lyrics: /I guess I’ll move along/ I’m looking for a good time/ 

This is one of those love songs that isn’t a happy or joyful one. This piece by Richie is a somber love song that tells the thoughts of a man who has ended his relationship and now wishes his former lover nothing but the best. 

11. Dancing on the Ceiling  

Memorable lyrics: /What is happening here?/ Something’s going on that’s not quite clear/ 

This song has one of those inspired music videos, especially given all the retro fashion on display. The song was a hit in the 80s, released as part of Richie’s album with the same title. It’s a fast-paced song ideal for wedding reception playlists and couples’ dances at retro weddings.

12. I Call It Love

Memorable lyrics: /(You Can’t Help It Yeah We’re Feeling Butterflies)/ It’s obvious/ We got some Chemistry/ 

Richie released this number in 2006 after a decade-long hiatus from music, and it quickly became a fan favorite. It’s a marvelous song for beach weddings, especially when instrumentally slowed down. 

13. Sweet Love

Memorable lyrics: /Show me a mountain so high/ I’ll show you love that’ll last forever/ 

This is another masterpiece from Richie’s days in The Commodores, and its lead act is by Richie, while the rest of the band provides some tight background vocals in the chorus. It’s especially great for beachside weddings, especially its acoustic covers. 

14. Three Times a Lady

Memorable lyrics: /Thanks for the times that you’ve given me/ The memories are all in my mind/ 

‘Three Times a Lady’ was a special song for Richie; according to him, he was inspired to write the song after hearing his father’s praise for his mom at their wedding anniversary. It celebrates mothers and wives and is a great way to celebrate a bride on a wedding day. 

15. Do It To Me

Memorable lyrics: /Girl, that look in your eyes/ You’re my everything/ 

Richie wrote this song in collaboration with Stewart Levine, and it has been described as ‘classic, smooth Richie.’ It’s proof that even after a long absence from music, Lionel Richie is still the king of the love serenade.

16. Love Will Conquer All

Memorable lyrics: /There’s no need to worry/ Love will conquer all/ 

A masterpiece from Richie’s 1986 album ‘Dancing on the Ceiling,’ this song features backing vocals from the legendary Marva King.

The music video of the song is truly touching, featuring Richie driving through the rain to meet a woman who currently doesn’t want to hear a thing from him. It’s a great song for moonlit wedding dances. 

17. Easy

Memorable lyrics: /That’s why I’m easy/ I’m easy like Sunday morning/ 

‘Easy’ is a song that masterfully conveys its sentiment with great piano progressions, powerful vocals, and marvelous percussion drum fills leading into the next downbeat. And by the time you get to the guitar solo, you’re bound to be lost in the melody. 

18. Penny Lover

Memorable lyrics: /Penny lover, don’t walk on by/ Penny lover, don’t you make me cry/ 

With its perfect tempo and soft chords floating throughout its instrumentals, this song is one of the best Lionel Richie wedding songs for slow dances. It’s the perfect R&B number to share with that special someone on a special day. 

19. Hello

Memorable lyrics: /I’ve been alone with you inside my mind/ And in my dreams I’ve kissed your lips a thousand times/ 

The opening verses of this song are truly memorable, expressing longing for a lover admired from a distance. It’s a song that conveys all the things you want to say to that special someone. 

20. To Love a Woman

Memorable lyrics: /I don’t know what it is but she drives me crazy/ I don’t know what she does but she drives me wild/

Okay, we may be a bit big on ‘Dancing on the Ceiling,’ we freely admit.

But that’s only because it’s a really sublime album with a lot of really great hits—-hits like this one. ‘To Love a Woman’ features marvelous vocals from the Spanish artist Enrique Iglesias, and it’s a marvelous song for wedding dances. 


As far as melodies for a special day go, Lionel Richie wedding songs are always good for the moment. His awesome tenor-esque vocals and marvelous musical tunes continue to remain a lovers’ favorite.

Whether it’s for father–daughter dances, bride and groom dances, or processions, there is a Lionel Richie number that will hit just right. And so, we hope that you find some you like from the ones we have listed here.

But of course, Richie is not yet done making these masterful lovers’ tunes, and there are many more for you to check out.


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How do I choose a Lionel Richie processional song?

When choosing a Lionel Richie song for wedding processions, you want to make sure you choose one that matches the average processional walking pace. 

Are there any Lionel Richie country songs?

There are a number of songs in which Richie forays into the country music genre, and ‘Stuck on You’ is a prime example. 

Can I use an upbeat Lionel Richie song for the first dance?

While slow songs are the traditional choice for first dances, it’s not inappropriate to use a more upbeat song, especially depending on the type and theme of the wedding event.

Some of the Lionel Richie wedding songs we have mentioned here are upbeat ones that you can use for a first dance.

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