30 Best Lady Gaga Wedding Songs to Amp Up Your Big Day

When it comes to giving your wedding playlist a dash of glitz and romance, Lady Gaga‘s music is a top pick! Songs by Lady Gaga are ideal for various moments throughout your big day because of her strong vocals and evocative lyrics. 

We have compiled a list of the top 30 Lady Gaga songs that we definitely think should have a spot on your wedding playlist whether you’re a die hard fan or you’re just looking for the ideal music to add a touch of classic elegance to your ceremony.  

So, if you are a bride or groom searching for a dramatic entrance, an emotional first dance, or a joyous party anthem, here are the top 30 Lady Gaga wedding songs to take into consideration for your playlist. 

Top 30 Lady Gaga Wedding Songs 

Let’s dive into the top 30 Lady Gaga wedding songs that would spice up your reception. 

You should also incorporate our other favorite wedding songs o your playlist for a memorable celebration:

1. “Hold My Hand”

Memorable Lyrics: “Hold my hand, let’s take this chance, dance through life, in sweet romance”

The lyrics capture the emotional connection between two people in love, making it perfect for a wedding.

2. “Shallow” (from A Star Is Born soundtrack)

Memorable Lyrics: “In the shallow, shallow, we’re far from the shallow now.”

A powerful and emotional ballad about the depth of love, as heard in the movie “A Star Is Born”. It’s an excellent choice for a couple looking to share a dramatic moment during their wedding.

3. “Million Reasons”

Memorable Lyrics: “I’ve got a hundred million reasons to walk away, but baby, I just need one good one to stay.”

A heartfelt plea for love and commitment, showcasing Lady Gaga’s vulnerability. This song is ideal for walking down the aisle or as a background track to your vows. 

4. “Always Remember Us This Way” (from A Star Is Born soundtrack)

Memorable Lyrics: “So when I’m all choked up and I can’t find the words, every time we say goodbye, baby, it hurts.”

A tender and timeless love song, capturing the bittersweet essence of love. It’s a moving choice for a first dance or a slower part of your reception.

5. “I’ll Never Love Again” (from A Star Is Born soundtrack)

Memorable Lyrics: “Don’t wanna feel another touch, don’t wanna start another fire. Don’t wanna know another kiss, no other name falling off my lips.

An emotionally charged ballad expressing the fear of moving on after losing a great love, perfect for those who want to evoke strong emotions during their ceremony or reception.

6. “Speechless” (from A Star Is Born soundtrack)

Memorable Lyrics: “You left me speechless, so speechless.”

A song filled with raw emotion, highlighting the strong impact of love and loss. Its piano-driven melody and raw lyrics create an intimate atmosphere.

7. “The Edge of Glory”

Memorable Lyrics: “I’m on the edge of glory, and I’m hanging on a moment of truth.”

An anthem of embracing life’s uncertain moments with courage and enthusiasm. It’s an excellent choice for a fun and carefree dance session with your guests.

8. “Alejandro”

Memorable Lyrics: “Don’t call my name, don’t call my name, Alejandro. I’m not your babe, I’m not your babe, Fernando.”

A catchy and danceable track with a touch of mystery, exploring complex relationships.

9. “Bad Romance”

Memorable Lyrics: “I want your love, and I want your revenge. You and me could write a bad romance.”

A bold and provocative song that delves into the darker side of love and attraction.

10. “Born This Way”

Memorable Lyrics: “I’m beautiful in my way ’cause God makes no mistakes. I’m on the right track, baby, I was born this way.

An empowering anthem of self-acceptance, diversity, and individuality that can make for a fantastic addition to your wedding playlist.

11. “Marry the Night”

Memorable Lyrics: “I’m gonna marry the night. I won’t give up on my life. I’m a warrior queen, live passionately tonight.”

A high-energy track about embracing the night and facing life’s challenges with positive energy. 

12. “Electric Chapel”

Memorable Lyrics: “My body is sanctuary, my blood is pure”

“Electric Chapel” captivates with its powerful lyrics, combining themes of love and spirituality, making it a great choice for a modern and unique wedding. 

13. “Do What U Want” (feat. R. Kelly)

Memorable Lyrics: “You can’t stop my voice ’cause you don’t own my life”

This song’s empowering lyrics paired with Gaga and R. Kelly’s vibrant vocals create a bold message about self-expression.

14. “G.U.Y.”

Memorable Lyrics: “I wanna be that G.U.Y., I wanna be that”

“G.U.Y.” showcases Lady Gaga’s desire for love and empowerment, backed by a catchy chorus and an unforgettable melody that will make for a great background track at your reception. 

15. “Dance in the Dark”

Memorable Lyrics: “Silicone, saline, poison, inject me, baby, I’m a free bitch”

Gaga’s evocative lyrics in “Dance in the Dark” explore a theme of fame. The tune is set to a mesmerizing beat that will have your guests on their feet. 

16. “Just Dance” (feat. Colby O’Donis)

Memorable Lyrics: “Just dance, gonna be okay, da da doo-doo-mmm”

The infectious chorus and carefree lyrics in “Just Dance” introduced Lady Gaga to the world and became an instant party anthem.”Just Dance” is a hit that’ll get everyone on the dance floor, setting the tone for a night of celebration.

17. “Paparazzi”

Memorable Lyrics: “I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me”

“Paparazzi” embodies the darker side of fame with its captivating melody and lyrics about obsession and celebrity culture. This tune would be a unique pick for a non-traditional wedding. 

18. “LoveGame”

Memorable Lyrics: “I wanna take a ride on your disco stick”

“LoveGame” is a playful and provocative track that showcases Gaga’s fearless approach to handling attraction.

19. “Monster”

Memorable Lyrics: “He ate my heart, he a-a-ate my heart”

With its eerie lyrics and unique sound, “Monster” delves into themes of love and danger, creating a memorable and haunting experience for a non-traditional wedding theme. 

20. “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich”

Memorable Lyrics: “Beautiful, dirty, dirty, rich, rich, dirty, beautiful, dirty, rich”

This track is a celebration of an extravagant and glamorous lifestyle. With catchy lyrics that stick in your head, all your guests will be caught singing along! 

21. “Grigio Girls”

Memorable Lyrics: “We could just belong together, artpop”

“Grigio Girls” is a heartfelt tribute to Lady Gaga’s friend who passed away. It’s a touching song that blends friendship and the joy of living.

22. “Heal Me” (from A Star Is Born soundtrack)

Memorable Lyrics: “Kiss the part of me that needs a little healing”

“Heal Me” is a soulful ballad from “A Star Is Born,” showcasing Gaga’s powerful vocals and the song’s emotional depth.

23. “Is That Alright?” (from A Star Is Born soundtrack)

Memorable Lyrics: “Is that alright? Give you my life”

This heartfelt song expresses unconditional love and commitment, making it a touching moment in the film.

24. “Diamond Heart”

Memorable Lyrics: “I might not be flawless, but you know I got a diamond heart”

“Diamond Heart” is a high-energy track with lyrics that convey strength, a signature theme in Gaga’s music.

25. “Dope”

Memorable Lyrics: “I need you more than dope”

Gaga’s emotional vulnerability shines in “Dope,” a piano-driven ballad that delves into the story of addiction and love.

26. “Angel Down”

Memorable Lyrics: “Doesn’t everyone belong in the arms of the sacred? You take the things you love and tear them apart”

This song addresses issues of social justice, displaying Gaga’s willingness to tackle important topics through her music. Its infectious beat and lyrics will have everyone dancing and singing along, ensuring your wedding ends with a bang.

27. “Brown Eyes”

Memorable Lyrics: “In your brown eyes, I walked away”

“Brown Eyes” is a touching, acoustic ballad that reflects on lost love and the emotions that come with it.

28. “Speechless” (Original Album Version)

Memorable Lyrics: “How? How can you go on, go on, go on? If you can’t find a chord to strike, then you find yourself alone”

Gaga’s raw and emotional vocals shine in “Speechless,” a song that explores the power of music and speaks to the depths of love.

29. “I Like It Rough”

Memorable Lyrics: “My wicked tongue, where will it be?”

This energetic track explores themes of desire and excitement, showcasing Glaga’s ability to mix sensuality into her music. The upbeat tune would make for the perfect entrance into your reception. 

30. “So Happy I Could Die”

Memorable Lyrics: “I love that lavender blonde, the way she moves, the way she walks”

This upbeat song captures the joy of youth and the thrill of being alive, all while dancing to an infectious melody, this makes it a great song to add to your wedding playlist. 


From passionate and emotional to exciting and energizing, Lady Gaga’s music offers a wide variety of songs to fit different moments of your wedding day.

Add these top 30 Lady Gaga wedding songs to your playlist to bring the magic of her music to your big day and make memories that will last a lifetime with your loved ones. Let Lady Gaga’s intriguing voice and lyrics serve as the background music to your love story! 


Can I Hire a Live Band to Perform These Songs at My Wedding? 

Yes, having a real band play Lady Gaga songs at your wedding will add to the excitement and authenticity. Make sure the band can play flawlessly and is at ease performing the selected tunes.

How Do I Choose Between These Songs For My Wedding?

You should consider your emotional connection to the words and melodies of each song and consider the atmosphere you want to create for each event, from the ceremony to the reception, on your wedding day. This should help you decide which songs to choose. 

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