How to Write a Memorable Lesbian Wedding Officiant Speech 

In a bit of a panic because you need to write the perfect lesbian wedding officiant speech and have no idea where to start? Relax! I’ll give you tips on how to write an epic one below. I’ve prepared a simple template and guide on how to fill in the details to ensure your speech is customized.

How to Write a Lesbian Wedding Officiant Speech

two lesbians getting married with their officiant

When my cousin told me I would be officiating her wedding, I was all over the moon.

I went through the ‘Aaawh, are you sure?’ phase and broke into tears of happiness (that part was fun).

Then I researched online courses for wedding officiants and relaxed. A few months down the line, my best friend asked me if my speech was ready. That’s when the panicking started, and everything went south.

I realized it was more complex than I thought, and there was absolutely nothing helpful on the internet on how to officiant a same-sex wedding.

Here is a guide on how to go about it based on my personal experience.

#1 Binge-Watch on All Lesbian Weddings You Can Find on the Internet

woman watching a wedding video on her phone

Seriously, browse on Youtube, Instagram, Google, etc. Every officiant has something unique that you can incorporate into your speech.

You’ll come along the funny officiant, the impatient officiant, the formal officiant, among others.

Watching multiple videos really helped me because this was the first wedding I was officiating.

I was stuck on this step longer than necessary, avoid that and move on to the next step.

#2 Start Writing the Speech

a lady thinking how to write a lesbian wedding officiant speech on her notebook

I know you’ll probably feel like you need to research just a little more, but procrastination doesn’t help.

It’s just a draft, and you can edit it as much as you please, or even have several drafts.

So, just do it, don’t overthink it. Let words flow out of you. You’ll be shocked at how much you have in mind.

Below is the template I promised.

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3 Special Templates for Writing the Lesbian Officiant Speech

You can call this a template or a step-to-step guide. Here is the order I used to write my speech and what I included in each step.

#1 Welcome People

The first thing you do as an officiant is to welcome and thank all the guests. Some of the guests have sacrificed a lot to be at the wedding. Thank them for their support and their presence to witness the union of the two brides.

It’s always a good idea to ensure the guests know the wedding wouldn’t have been the same without them.

If there are people the brides would love to give special thanks to; this is your opportunity. For me, it was my cousin’s dad, he didn’t support LGBT relationships back then, but he showed up to walk her daughter down the aisle anyway.

#2 Talk About Marriage

While the wedding day is a joyful and merry day, it’s essential to remind a couple of what they’re getting themselves to. Define what marriage is and what they should expect, and offer a little bit of advice.

Here is a simple example.

“Marriage is the most important commitment you’ll ever sign up for. It’s the scariest and most exciting adventure you’ll ever be in. It’s unpredictable, and it’s different for every couple. Some days you’ll feel like you’d die if you lost your partner, and some days you won’t want to see them. The most important thing is to remind yourself what you mean to each other. And the special love that you share, and most importantly why you got married.’

#3 Give a Personal Story

This is the part that differentiates your speech from any other speech out there. The fact that you’re the officiant means you have a special bond and history with the brides.

For me, the hardest part was to choose what story to share because I had so many in mind. Some were emotional, others were embarrassing (I was more inclined to this one), and others were funny.

The choice of your story depends on the audience at the wedding. You don’t want to say anything naughty in front of Aunty Sally. Just think of a moment that you and the couple shared that was really special and led to this moment.

For me, it was the day that my cousin finally came out to me and introduced her girlfriend. It was a beautiful moment for us; we cried, hugged, and let our emotions do the talking.

At this point, you’ve nailed your lesbian officiant speech, and you can move to the ‘I Dos.’

Final Thoughts

A lesbian officiant speech isn’t very different from any other officiant speech. The only way to make your officiant speech special is by customizing it with real experiences that you’ve shared with the couple.

One thing that’s really special about same-sex couples is that they’re authentic and brave. They’ve conquered all odds in a world where people have opinions on who they should love. Ensure this shows in your speech.

two lesbian getting married at the field

What do you think is the hardest part of writing a lesbian wedding officiant speech?

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