Expert Advice on Digital Wedding Invitation Wording

Digital wedding invitations have surged in popularity among modern couples, complementing beautifully designed wedding websites. These digital alternatives to traditional paper invitations are widely accepted and come with numerous benefits. From what to include to when to send them, here’s everything you need to know about digital wedding invitations.

Are Digital Invitations Really Acceptable for Weddings?

Absolutely! Digital invites are perfectly suitable for all types of celebrations, including weddings, in today’s world. If you’re concerned about missing out on the elegance of paper invites, rest assured that you can still achieve a stylish look with digital invitations. Many online platforms offer beautiful templates that allow you to create custom electronic invitations that fit your wedding’s theme perfectly.

Platforms like Say I Do offer over 50 stunning templates to choose from, ensuring you’ll find one that suits your unique wedding style. These templates also include wording examples to help you get started and ensure you don’t miss any important details.

What Are the Benefits of Sending Digital Invitations?

Eco-Friendly Choice: Opting for paperless invitations is an environmentally responsible choice. If you aim for a greener wedding, digital invitations are a great starting point.

Cost Savings: Digital invitations can significantly reduce your expenses. High-quality, handmade invitations with features like calligraphy and embossing can consume a large portion of your budget, but digital invites offer an affordable alternative without sacrificing style.

Time Efficiency: Digital invitations save time. Guests can send their RSVPs immediately after receiving the invite, helping you stay organized with guest numbers and other planning aspects.

When to Send Digital Invitations?

Even though digital invitations are convenient, don’t wait until the last minute to send them. Ideally, send your save-the-dates and invitations six to twelve months before the wedding. This gives guests ample time to respond and plan their attendance. Platforms like Say I Do offer RSVP tracking, making it easy to stay organized.

Determining Your Tone of Voice

Before crafting your invitations, consider the overall style and feel of your celebration. Are you hosting a formal, traditional event or a more laid-back, relaxed gathering? Keeping your wedding vision in mind while writing your invitations will ensure they make the right first impression and set the appropriate tone for your day.

What to Include in Your Digital Invitations?

While it’s tempting to focus on custom designs and favorite photos, remember that functionality is key. Ensure your invitations include the essential details:

  • Your Names
  • Request for Attendance
  • Wedding Date
  • Ceremony Start Time
  • Wedding Venue
  • RSVP Date and Method
  • Wedding Website Link (and password, if relevant)

Use your wedding website to provide additional information such as accommodation options, dress code, and FAQs. This approach prevents overwhelming your guests with too much information in the invitation itself.

Digital Wedding Invitation Wording Examples

Formal or Traditional Wedding Invitation Wording:

If the groom and/or the bride’s parents are hosting:

Mr. & Mrs. French and Mr. & Mrs. Jones

request the honour of your presence

at the marriage of

Jakob Henry French


Emily Francesca Jones

Saturday, the twenty-fifth of May, two thousand and twenty-four

at 3 o’clock

Two Ton Max, North Melbourne

Reception to follow

Your reply is requested at: (wedding website link)

If the couple is hosting:

Jakob French and Emily Jones

request the pleasure of your company

at their marriage

Saturday, the twenty-fifth of May, two thousand and twenty-four

at 2 o’clock

Two Ton Max, North Melbourne

Reception to immediately follow

For further details, please visit: (website link)

Casual Wedding Invitation Wording:

Informal or modern invitation wording is ideal for small, intimate weddings. Use numbers for dates and times, and keep the tone conversational:

Jake and Emily are getting hitched!
We’d love you to join us
25th May 2024 at 4.00pm
Two Ton Max, North Melbourne
Dinner, dancing, and drinks to follow
Additional details can be found here: (website link)

Jake and Emily are tying the knot!

Please join us for a celebration of love, friendship, family, and laughter

4pm on 25.05.2024

Two Ton Max, North Melbourne

Festivities to follow

Please RSVP at: (website link)

Fun Wedding Invite Wording Examples:

Adding humor to your invites can give them a unique touch. Feel free to use puns, nicknames, and playful language:

We’re having an open bar!
…oh, and a wedding
We’d love you to join us at 4.30pm on the 25th May, 2024
Two Ton Max, North Melbourne
Find all you need to know right here: (website link)

You’re invited to our wedding!

Jake and Emily

25th May, 2024


Two Ton Max, North Melbourne

Dinner, drinks, and Dad dancing to follow!

For RSVP and transport details, visit: (website link)

Set the Scene with Invitation Wording

Your wedding invitations are the first point of contact with your guests and play a significant role in setting the scene for your celebrations. Thoughtful wording and tone can prepare your guests appropriately and leave a lasting impression.

Whether you’re planning a formal, informal, or fun-filled casual wedding celebration, these tips and examples will help you create the perfect digital invitations for your special day.

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