100+ Best Bridal Shower Captions and Quotes for Social Media

So you just had the best time with your girlfriends at the best bridal shower you’ve ever been to. Now you are going through your photos, wondering how to find the perfect caption for the image. 

Should you use a funny quote? Do you use a hashtag? Don’t worry; we have plenty of helpful bridal shower captions and quotes for Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms.

If you are at the bridal shower, take a selfie and add one of the fun captions below.

Capture the joy and memories of a memorable bridal shower with the perfect caption that reflects the fun and excitement of the occasion.

From hilarious quotes to heartfelt messages, our curated list of over 100 bridal shower captions and quotes will inspire you to find the ideal words to accompany your photos on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platform.

Whether you’re celebrating as a guest or the bride-to-be, these captions will add a touch of charm and personality to your posts, making them even more memorable.

Witty Captions for Bridal Shower Social Media Posts

If you want a funny bridal shower caption for your social media posts, this is your section. These are excellent for those with a delightful sense of humor. 

  • A picture-perfect weekend with a picture-perfect bride!
  • Beautiful shower for the bride-to-be.
  • Grab the umbrella. It’s time for (name of bride-to-be)’s bridal shower.
  • Old, new, borrowed and blue: 30 days till they say “I do”.
  • The countdown starts right…NOW!
  • She found her lobster.
  • Alright! I will be the 2nd most gorgeous woman in the room on your wedding day. However, you owe me big time!
  • She is about to go from Miss to Mrs.
  • Frank Sinatra was correct: the best is yet to come.
  • I’m just here for the snacks.
  • She got it hot to tie the knot.
  • I know it’s only the bridal shower, but I’m already ugly and crying.
  • Shoutout to Pinterest for making this shower possible.
  • Smiles, love and mimosas for this gorgeous bride-to-be.
  • I love that our family finds the motivation to throw a killer party!
  • The fantastic food and drinks are among the most outstanding items about a bridal shower. Oh, and the company’s good too.
  • First came love and now comes marriage.
  • There’s something about a bridal shower that has a ring to it.
  • Today’s weather forecast calls for bridal showers.
  • Miss to Mrs.
  • After the “yes” and before the “I do” happy shower to you!
  • Last sail before the veil!
  • Nothing is better than the beauty of a bridal shower. Well, except the bride.
  • Pop the champagne; she’s changing her last name.
  • You better be tossing the bouquet my way on the wedding day!
  • It’s bridal shower time. Hand me the Kleenex for the bride tribe.
  • The bridal shower: where we watch our bestie act shocked while opening pre-selected wedding registry presents.
  • Bridal shower this weekend with future Mrs.
  • Today was a perfect celebration of a lovely bridal shower. However, this is just the beginning.
  • Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up! It’s bridal shower time!

Sweet and Cute Bridal Shower Captions and Quotes for Facebook and Instagram

If you have bridal shower pictures you want to showcase, you’ll want to mention how the host did an excellent job hosting. Your captions should also convey thoughts about a happy marriage. Maybe you want it to be sweet or cute. But fitting everything you want to say into the perfect bridal shower caption can be difficult. 

You will love these captions and quotes if your aim is a few friendly words that cover it all. 

  • A shower of wishes to you for your beautiful bridal shower.
  • I love this girl so much! I cannot wait for next month’s wedding.
  • Congratulations! May your love story be an inspiration.
  • Saying I do SOON!
  • (Groom-to-be’s name) is one lucky guy. Congratulations and best wishes to you both.
  • It’s bridal shower time. Someone hand me the Kleenex.
  • We are celebrating the soon-to-be Mrs.!
  • Such a picture-perfect bride. She is a lovely being inside and out. She deserves all the love she is getting and more.
  • Our lovely bride-to-be has so much love to give and deserves the best. Congratulations on your wedding day!
  • Bridal shower success!
  • What a perfect day to celebrate with the bride-to-be.
  • I did not know love of this quantity could fit in a single room.
  • Judging by how awesome the bridal party is, I’m sure you’ll have the best wedding ever!
  • Sweetest wishes for the soon-to-be Mrs.
  • Love makes the world a happier place to live. So pleased the two of you found each other.
  • Tears of happiness, cheers of joy!
  • Welcome to the family, my sister-to-be.
  • A bridal shower that is fit for a queen!
  • A gorgeous bridal shower for the magnificent bride.
  • You are lucky to have met someone as awesome as (future husband’s name). A ravishing person like you deserves nothing less.
  • Cheers to the beautiful bride!
  • What a lovely shower for the bride-to-be!
  • The best bridal shower ever! I had a precious time yesterday. Thank you so much for including me.
  • Life of the party and soon-to-be a Mrs.
  • The beauty of the night, THE LOVELY BRIDE!
  • The soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. are such an attractive couple! I wish you all the love and the best of fortune.
  • Commemorating the future Mrs. (Bride’s new last name)
  • Showering you with a lifetime of happiness and love. 
  • Bride-to-be goals!
  • Fantastic weekend with amazing people. See you all in 2 months!
  • The best is yet to come. Thirty-one days until this gorgeous bride-to-be gets married!
  • The countdown is officially on!
  • Perfect afternoon with fantastic family and friends! Celebrating a beautiful bride.
  • From Miss to Mrs. 32 Days until they say “I do”! 
  • Brunch and a beautiful bride! Congratulations!
  • I am showering this beautiful bride-to-be.
  • Having some tea with our bride-to-be.
  • Congratulations on finding your happily ever after! 

Bridal Shower Captions for Instagram for the Bride-To-Be’s Social Media

You have just had a fantastic day with your family and closest friends. It is time to find a few of the best photos from the afternoon. Grab a few of them and add a caption when you get on Instagram or Facebook. To help get your creativity started, here are a few captions:

  • Fantastic weekend with amazing people. See y’all in a few weeks!
  • Thank you to my family and friends for this perfect bridal shower party. Is it legal to feel this happy?
  • I couldn’t get married without these people by my side.
  • I couldn’t get a better #bridetribe. Thanks for the amazing shower, girls!
  • Thank you to everyone who joined us today!
  • Thank you so much for your love and support, my friends. What a gorgeous shower!
  • WOW! I am feeling incredibly blessed. My best friends and family showed up to celebrate at the bridal shower. Thank you ladies for throwing me such a beautiful bridal shower today.

Bridal Captions for the Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor’s Social Media

The team bride can unite together to continue celebrating the happy bride. The beautiful bride will be delighted to know you had a fantastic weekend with a picture on social media. Here are a few compelling captions to use if you are in the bride tribe:

  • Call us the “I Do” crew.
  • Always a bridesmaid, never the bride.
  • Can I still have my drunken nights at Rock’n’ Sushi, please? 
  • Some call us the gangstas of love; we call ourselves the bridal party.
  • The “I Do” crew was well represented at the bridal shower.
  • My bride is cuter than yours.
  • See you all on the wedding day. I CAN’T WAIT to dress up again. 
  • Our bride is prettier than your bride!
  • My best friend is one step closer to being a Mrs.
  • Fun Fact: we will always be entertained by our shenanigans!
  • A picture-perfect weekend with a picture-perfect bride!
  • One of the numerous maid of honor duties I get to do is crown our queen on her bridal shower day.
  • Bridesmaids for a day, best friends for life.

Social Media Captions and Quotes for A Wedding Shower 

Many couples decide to have a wedding shower. Wedding showers are where the bride and groom attend the shower together. Both families and groups of friends attend the reception. Here are a few great Instagram captions for your couple’s wedding shower:

  • Here’s to many happy days together.
  • I cannot wait for these fantastic people to tie the knot.
  • Our room is all about love and laughter!
  • Best wishes to the most awesome couple ever.
  • You both deserve all the fairest things in life.
  • To two of the most remarkable people I know, cherish and love!
  • What a beautiful wedding shower! I love these two to the moon and back!
  • Just brilliant! What else can I say to the bride and groom? Cheers to both of you! 
  • We all love you guys to the moon and back! Here is to the start of your beautiful journey together.
  • I wish you both the best life together.
  • 41 days until the big day! I love you both so much.
  • Celebrating the two most amazing people at their beautiful wedding shower.
  • A match made in heaven!
  • We cannot wait for the wedding so we can recreate these two smiles. They brighten the whole room.
  • We celebrated two of our favorite people at their wedding shower today with friends, family and loved ones. 
  • Cheers to the bride-to-be! #TeamBride

Social Media Bridal Shower Captions from Family Members 

These captions are great if you are the current or soon-to-be family of the bride. Family attending bridal showers can be wonderfully memorable (even if there is some ugly crying). 

Here are some fantastic ideas for expressing how much you love the bride and groom.

  • I cannot wait for the big day! My fantastic (cousin, sister, sister-in-law, etc.) will finally say “I do”!
  • Welcome to our family!
  • Congratulations to my little sister on her upcoming wedding.
  • Let’s welcome (bride’s name) to this wacky family. Buckle up!
  • I had a blast showering this beauty today!
  • My sister loves to look at the bride’s side of life.
  • Showered my gorgeous sis with love & sangria!
  • I can’t contain my excitement for my best friend!
  • I am shocked I am not on your wedding registry because being related to me is the best gift you can get.
  • Congratulations to my stepson and the beautiful future bride.
  • Happy bridal shower day to my brilliant sister!

Bridal Shower and Wedding Shower Hashtags (#s)

If you’re looking for great bridal and wedding shower hashtags, look no further! These are the best hashtag ideas for your Instagram or Facebook posts.

  • #bridalshower
  • #weddingshower
  • #couplesshower
  • #bridaltea
  • #bridalbrunch
  • #bridalbliss
  • #BridalShower2023
  • #(your-city)bridal shower
  • #(your-state)bridal shower
  • #CABridalShower
  • #CaliBridal
  • #MstoMrs
  • #SheSaidYes
  • #BrideBabe
  • #Bridetobe
  • #engaged
  • #WifeLife
  • #BrideSquad
  • #BestHostEver
  • #BrideTribe
  • #BrideCrew
  • #SoonToBeMrs
  • #The(Name)s
  • #Feyonce
  • #HereComesTheBride
  • #Weddingin40days
  • #gettingmarried
  • #BecomingMrs[Name]
  • #BrideandGroom
  • #MrandMrs(Name)
  • #(Names)GettingHitched
  • #FutureMrs(Name)
  • #PopTheChampagne
  • #Wifey
  • #TeamBride
  • #Marriage
  • #Mrs(Name)
  • #BestBridalShowerEver
  • #Love
  • #melaninbride

Bridal Shower Quotes about Love to use for your caption

There is an exciting journey that lies ahead after the wedding shower. Use these unique quotes about love before the future bride walks.

  • “I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride; So I love you because I know no other way.” – Pablo Neruda
  • “For marriage to be a success, every woman and every man should have her and his own bathroom. The end.” – Catherine Zeta-Jones
  • “It is a curious thought, but it is only when you see people looking ridiculous that you realize just how much you love them.” – Agatha Christie
  • “Happiness and confidence are the prettiest things you can wear on your wedding day.” – Taylor Swift
  • “When I say I love you more, I don’t mean I love you more than you love me. I mean I love you more than the bad days ahead of us. I love you more than any fight we will ever have. I love you more than the distance between us. I love you more than any obstacle that could ever try and come between us. I love you the most.” – Unknown
  • “Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get — only with what you are expecting to give — which is everything.” – Katharine Hepburn
  • “Every bride is beautiful. It’s like newborn babies or puppies. They can’t help it.” – Emme Rollins
  • “I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.” – J.R.R. Tolkien


If you have the opportunity, you should grab a few photo booth props and take a photo. The bridal shower guests can add these fun photos and tag the bride in the images.

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