Beach Wedding Guest Dresses and How to Prepare for The Best Destination Wedding – 8 Step Guide

Maybe you’ve just received an invitation to be a beach wedding guest and are still deciding what to wear to the ceremony or reception. How do you even dress for beach parties? We’ve got you covered. We’ve picked guest wedding dresses for every dress code. 

Typically, a wedding guest would expect to avoid wearing bright colors as it might take away from the bride. However, the sea would make a great backdrop with your cute colorful mini dress. 

It can be challenging to find the best dress as a beach wedding guest. Long dresses with floral prints can be an elegant choice. You could also consider a slip dress or a mini dress.

Here we will discuss some obstacles you may face and how to prepare to be a guest for a beach wedding. 

What to Wear to Beach Weddings?

Beach weddings have various dress codes, from beach casual — where the most basic sundress would fit — to beach formal or beach chic. Beach wedding guest dresses are typically better to dress up rather than down. 

The first step is to check the invitation for the dress code. You do not want to appear sleazy with a sundress or shorts. If shorts are unacceptable, it should say so on the invitation. 

You can always check the venue if you need clarification about the formality. Use the wedding website to help you understand the couple’s beach wedding dress code. 

Formal Beach Wedding

You can wear a dress, suit or jumpsuit for a formal beach wedding. Instead of letting the sun beat on you in all black, go for solid, lighter shades like cream or beige to stay cooler. You will also want to consider materials that provide ventilation. Consider chiffon, satin or lace to allow air to pass through and keep you more relaxed. 

Beach ceremonies are likely to be held near the water, so you may also consider tea-length dresses and jumpsuits. Add a metallic color to bring some sparkle or some lace to add a dash of sexiness. Wear chunky heels or dressy sandals instead of stilettos on the sand. You can wear a second set of shoes for a more formal look away from the beach.

Men should consider wearing a jacket and pants to formal beach weddings. A long-sleeved shirt, tie and suit are also acceptable options. 

A summer suit is an excellent alternative to traditional wedding attire. Some materials to consider to help you keep cool are linen, khaki or seersucker. 

A formal beach wedding dress code requires men to wear dress shoes. Those outside the wedding party can wear less formal shoes that go well with the slacks. Shorts or sandals are unacceptable.

Beach Semi-Formal/Cocktail

A cocktail dress, dressy romper or jumpsuit will work for beach wedding guest dresses. Floral prints are acceptable, but you want a manageable pattern to go with the wedding theme.

Consider a tea-length or maxi dress to dissuade from a too-casual appearance. Chunky sandals are an excellent option for a beach wedding event. If you choose wedge heels, make sure they are a pair you can in walk in the sand. 

It is ok for men to wear a tuxedo to a beach wedding. However, if you can find an eye-catching blazer or sports coat with plenty of breathability, it can add the perfect flare to your beach wedding attire. Include floral prints if you like, but avoid anything too flashy. Loafers or deck shoes are acceptable informal shoe attire. 

If the Dress Code is More Casual

Some other beach weddings have less formal attire such as casual or tropical — so floral print, cotton fabric and even boho maxi skirts are good options. Comfort is the most enjoyable part about this vacation-ready style. 

These beach guest wedding choices are available in slip dresses, open-back midi dresses and Hill House’s favorite smock-nap dresses. All look good for the beach wedding.

A comfy romper, a delicate maxi dress or a simple sundress are fantastic options for casual beach wedding attire. Do not wear your everyday flip-flops. Instead opt for dressy sandals. Short-sleeved shirts like polos and belted shorts are acceptable. 

Elevate your casual outfit with lighter colors and strong prints. Don’t wear denim, cargo pants or swim trunks. All cotton t-shirts will be confiscated. 

The risk of tripping and falling is a real threat to women at the beach. Choose open-toed sandals on this occasion. A deck shoe is another option.

Women’s Beach Wedding Attire

What should women wear to a casual seaside wedding? You can decide to wear a lovely Maxi dress as the best option. We recommend a maxi dress with loose-fitting material, particularly around the bottom. You can also wear long and exquisite gowns. These are ideal if the invitation specifies that you should wear formal beach clothes.

Short or tea-length dresses are suitable for semi-formal beach clothing since they will not drag in the sand. With these semi-formal options, you can transition elegantly to the seaside hotel venue.

Men’s Beach Wedding Attire

Long slacks and a light-colored button-down shirt are expected for male wedding attire. If you are attending a casual beach wedding, the shirt should be a three-quarter length sleeve.

If the reception is on a yacht, you must dress appropriately for a formal beach event, which calls for a suit and tie. However, it is a better option to dress more formally. 

If semi-formal beach wedding attire is necessary, you should wear pants and a button-down shirt. Alternatively, you can sport a suit jacket or vest without a tie! 

In a non-traditional setting, formal attire may make you feel confined and uncomfortable, especially in hot or tropical conditions.

Best Dress Colors

You will want to match the ocean’s lovely hues as these colors attract the couple to a beach wedding. Consider a teal color for your lace midi dress. You can incorporate a soft shade of blue to go flawlessly with the sky’s pink hues. A seafoam green beach dress is excellent with a halter neckline.

Best Dress Styles

When you go to a beach wedding, it is best to go for a traditional and entertaining beach wedding dress. We recommend a floral strappy gown with lush tropical flowers. Off-shoulder maxis provide a comfortable and elegant look, while midi dresses are also suitable for the occasion. Choose comprehensive, flowy skirts for a semi-formal option by the sandy seashore. Select sleeveless dresses to allow the wind to brush your arms. 


A beach wedding dress code is typically relaxed. It is ok to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable as long as you take note of any suggestions the bride and groom have relayed on their wedding website. 

Some guests might consider bringing a second dress to provide a more practical choice for dancing at the wedding reception. Another option would be to wear a convertible beach wedding dress.

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