5 Best Schitt’s Creek Wedding Song List

You may admire Moira’s (Catharine O’Hara) extravagant outfits, or you may enjoy laughing at Alexis’ (Annie Murphy) much-memed “Ew, David!” 

Either way, you can’t deny the finesse with which Schitt’s Creek presents its very own blend of comedy, romance, and music. And this is thanks to the brilliant writers and even more phenomenal characters. For instance, did you know Alexis is based on inspiration from thousands of popular celebrities? It’s little wonder the character is such a hit.

Anyway, Schitt’s Creek doesn’t just have great characters and a storyline. Being heavily musical, the show also has a long list of great romantic song performances by both the cast and guest artists. 

And so, if you have been wondering what songs to play on your big day, there is almost certainly one for you. So, we have prepared a curated list, from which you can choose the best schitt’s creek wedding song for your day. 

A Brief Background on the Show

Schitt’s Creek is a Canadian sitcom series created by Dan and Eugene Levy.  The show contained 80 episodes and aired on CBC from 2015 to 2022. The plot revolves around the ultra-wealthy Rose family, which suddenly goes broke after being defrauded by the business manager. Johnny (Eugene Levy) and his family must now rebuild their lives on the only asset they have, which, would you believe it, is a small town Johnny bought for his pampered son as a joke.

The show has seen stellar success, initially receiving a 63% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, before subsequent seasons bagged a 100% rating in succession. It has also won several accolades, including 9 Canadian Screen Awards and 16 nominations for Season 1. 

And during the 72nd Emmy Awards show, Schitt’s Creek set the record as the first comedy or drama show to sweep up all four award categories in Outstanding Lead Actor, Outstanding Lead Actress, Outstanding Supporting Actor, and Outstanding Supporting Actress. 

The show finished airing in 2022 with an appropriately-titled final episode: ‘Happy Ending.’

Top 5 Wedding Songs from Schitt’s Creek

Without any further ado, let us see which songs from this iconic show will be great for your wedding.

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1. “The Best”

Memorable lyrics from the song: “I call you when I need you, my heart’s on fire/ You come to me, come to me wild and wild.”

This song comes along on the sixth episode of the show’s fourth season when Patrick does a stripped-down version of it. Most people consider this the best Schitt’s Creek wedding song of all. 

And although this song will always be associated with Tina Turner, Patrick’s butter-voiced cover of it has left an indelible mark on it. In fact, this cover would go on to top the iTunes chart. This makes a great song to dance to at your wedding, and you can even play the Tina Turner or Patrick version—or you can play both for a better experience.

2. “Baby I’m Yours” 

Memorable lyrics from the song: “Baby I’m yours/ And I’ll be yours until the stars fall from the sky.”

This masterpiece by Barbara Lewis got covered on the show, and boy was it wonderful. To be sure, Moira’s musical acts are mostly there for the laughs, and she is quite a comical character. However, this one is a uniquely tear-jerking performance. 

Moira, against expectations to the contrary, not only shows up at Alexis’ graduation but also brings in the Jazzagals to serenade us with a special song. It’s the perfect song to express your love for your newly-wed partner; you can even play Moira’s version to add some chuckle value to the moment. 

3. “Precious Love”

Memorable lyrics from the song: “I was my own worst enemy, I was lost and oh I needed help/ Then you came along, and saw what state I was in/ You picked me up when I was down.”

According to James Morrison, he was inspired to write this song by a sense of appreciation for his girlfriend’s quality of character. As he told The Sun in September 2005, these girls had nothing on his girlfriend. 

And what better way to tell your bride or groom that they are the most special thing in your life than this awesome Schitt’s Creek wedding song? The meaning of the song is further accentuated by its rendition on the show, where it is rendered on Patrick’s wedding day. While it’s perfect for wedding dances, it’s also very good for bridal entries.

4. “Always Be My Baby”

Memorable lyrics from the song: “I’m part of you indefinitely/ Boy, don’t you know you can’t escape me?/ Ooh, darling, ’cause you’ll always be my baby.”

If you enjoyed this very popular 90s melody by Mariah Carey, then how about a Patrick-rendered version? Carey herself famously had an emotional, happy-sob moment when she saw Patrick sing it on his special day. 

It’s a solid way to express, on your wedding day, that you will always love your partner, no matter what. The lyrics are so moving, you can almost rest assured a few of your guests will leave the occasion with fond thoughts of and appreciation for their own spouses—a perfect end to a special day. 

5. “Learn to Love”

Memorable lyrics from the song: “If you don’t get your way you can borrow or pay/ But you’re nothing till you learn to love/ You’ve got nothing till you learn to love.”

This song was composed and sung by Hayley Gene. It plays on the thirteenth episode of Schitt’s Creek when Alexis arrives at the party and runs into Mutt and his new girlfriend. It’s the perfect song of persuasion to an emotionally walled-off person, imploring them to give love a chance—to let their guard down just a bit and experience the beauty of love. 

If only they would, Gene tells us, they’d find that, “if you give a little, You’re gonna get a lot more.” The tune and tempo of this song also make it a very nice song to dance to at almost any time in a wedding reception. 


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Here are some common questions asked that you need answers to.

What’s the best song performance on Schitt’s Creek?

Most fans of the show favor Noah Reid’s version of “(Simply) the best,” with TV Guide calling it the most romantic scene on TV.

Can I hire a Cast member from Schitt’s Creek to sing any of the songs at my wedding?

You can potentially get Cast members, especially from the Jazzagal to perform a song at your wedding, though that will likely not be easy or cheap to pull off. A cheaper and more accessible option will be to hire a live band. 

Are there Instrumental versions of the wedding songs from Schitt’s Creek? 

Each of the songs has an instrumental you can download on YouTube or from many instrumental websites. 

In Summary

It’s not for nothing that the Schitt’s Creek franchise has achieved such acclaim among show lovers. It’s got something for basically everyone, from music lovers and drama enthusiasts to reality TV fans and you, the soon-to-be-wed love bird. 

Of course, these are just the top songs from the show, and there are several. For instance, “live again,” by Irma Thomas, is another great Schitt’s Creek wedding song you will enjoy. So, if you’ve been on the hunt for some great tunes to play at your wedding or engagement party, you can’t go wrong with any of these tracks from a great show. 

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