20 Best Miranda Lambert Wedding Songs for Your Perfect Day

Searching for the best Miranda Lambert wedding songs to play on your big day? We’re here to make your search easy. We’ve put together a list of fantastic songs that will create a fun, romantic, and calm wedding atmosphere for you. 

When preparing for a wedding ceremony, you’ll want to get everything right. Choosing the best songs for your special day can make a big difference. If you’re a Miranda Lambert fan, you’ll undoubtedly want to include some of her songs on your wedding playlist. With this in mind, we’ve selected 20 remarkable songs for you to ease the process. 

Let’s explore these songs one after the other!

20 Miranda Lambert Wedding Songs 

You also shouldn’t miss these other populae wedding songs for the ultimate play list on your wedding day:

1. Holding On To You

Best Lyrics: Ain’t no moment like when I’m holding onto you

Seriously, this Lambert song should be at the top of your wedding playlist. Take your time to listen to this beautiful rendition, and you’ll realize it makes a great pick.

“Holding On To You” is a romantic song that expresses deep feelings of love for a partner. For the intimate moments of your wedding ceremony, perhaps your first kiss, consider playing this heartfelt music.  

2. Love Song

Best Lyrics: That’s what makes it love/That’s what makes it a love song

There’s an indescribable feeling of satisfaction and joy that comes with finding the right person. “Love Song” lyrics capture these feelings and how each relationship has unique stories. It also describes how little things can bring joy when there’s true love between romantic partners. 

3. How Dare You Love

Best Lyrics: You show up and put a spell on me

Everything about this song, from its instrumentation to its vocals and lyrics, makes it a great choice. “How Dare You Love” describes a new relationship between lovers that shows evidence of lasting longer. It’s a cool song that can set the pace for a fantastic and calming atmosphere.

4. Makin’ Plans

Best Lyrics: If it wasn’t by your side/I’d never be satisfied

“Makin’ Plans” is an emotional song that touches the hearts of listeners. Its powerful lyrics talk about the desire to be in a secure relationship and to pursue happiness with a lover.

This touching song revolves around the need to build a life with a partner with whom one can plan the future together. With “Makin’ Plans” playing in the background, you can always picture the life you’ve always wanted with your sweetheart. 

5. Settling Down

Best Lyrics: Am I settlin’ up or settlin’ down?

“Settling Down” is a song that couples can relate to as they begin their new journey. The song describes the desire to have a loving home with a special person, which is one of the foundations of marriage.

Its lyrics also express the need to be with an amazing partner with whom to go through good and bad times. If you’re considering creating a romantic atmosphere during your wedding ceremony, go for this music. 

6. Fooled Around and Fell In Love

Best Lyrics: But since I met you, baby, love’s got a hold on me

Looking for a song to dance to with your newlywed? Choose “Fooled Around and Fell In Love“. This song describes how people can engage in several relationships that result in unexpected outcomes.

While the song lyrics do not relate to the theme of true love and commitment, they can still be considered. When you listen to the song, you’ll find that it is captivating and worth including on your list of wedding songs. 

7. Me and Charlie Talking

Best Lyrics: So we treat our love like a firefly, like it only gets to shine for a little while

“Me and Charlie Talking” explores the beauty of having a loyal and tolerant friend. The song lyrics express the need for a confidant to offer comfort in difficult times. It also acknowledges the power of companionship, making it a perfect addition to a wedding playlist. 

8. Automatic

Best Lyrics: Staying married was the only way to work your problems out

“Automatic” is a touching song that can make your wedding guests remember the past. Its deep lyrics talk about the times when life was simpler and people did not have to depend on technology. Ultimately, this emotional song evokes a sense of yearning for an uncomplicated life. 

9. Oklahoma Sky

Best Lyrics: All our sorrows swept away forever/Each and every tear washed out to sea

Even if you or your spouse are not from Oklahoma, this song will capture your attention. “Oklahoma Sky” is a song that celebrates one’s roots and the memories that were made there. You can play this song to express gratitude to your family members and close friends who have been supportive over the years.  

10. All Kinds of Kinds

Best Lyrics: It takes all kinds of kinds (all kinds of kinds)

Despite individual differences, people should be accepted. This is the priceless message this song’s lyrics pass across. It also speaks of the values individuals can offer and the need to celebrate diversity instead of passing judgment. 

As you embark on a new life journey, this positive message will help you tolerate the new people you meet. Apart from the lyrical aspect, “All Kinds of Kinds” has great delivery and instrumentation. 

11. Somethin’ Bad

Best Lyrics: Got a real good feelin’ somethin’ bad about to happen

For your last dance or recessional, this song is the perfect choice because of its upbeat instrumentals. The song’s lyrics and energetic performance can set the tone for a fun atmosphere. Play this song at your ceremony to activate the party mood for everyone. 

12. Runnin’ Just in Case

Best Lyrics: It ain’t love that I’m chasin’ but I’m runnin’ just in case

Without this beautiful piece, our selected list of Miranda Lambert wedding songs will not be complete. “Runnin’ Just in Case”. It’s an emotional song that explores the complex nature of love and relationships.

The song lyrics describe how it can be difficult to commit to a new relationship as a result of past experiences. “Runnin’ Just in Case” is a fantastic song that listeners can relate to and enjoy. 

13. Drunk

Best Lyrics: We don’t gotta wait until the weekend/There’s always time for jumping off the deep end

Get the party started with the upbeat song “Drunk”. The song’s lyrics, instrumentation, and vocal delivery make it the perfect dance song. Create a fun and lively atmosphere by playing this song for your last dance or during the cake-cutting moment. 

14. Famous In a Small Town

Best Lyrics: ‘Cause every last one, route one, rural hearts/Got a story to tell

If you’re looking for a song to celebrate family and friends, choose “Famous In a Small Town”. The song’s lyrics talk about the relationship that exists between people in a small community.

It also celebrates the familiarity and comfort that come with being associated with people from the town. This song can evoke a sense of nostalgia and excitement in the wedding guests. 

15. If You Were Mine

Best Lyrics: Hang on every word, ooh/I’d make you my whole world

Lyrically powerful and musically exceptional are the words that describe “If You Were Mine”. Although the song’s lyrics revolve around one-sided love, it is still a good choice to consider.

Like the other Lambert songs, “If You Were Mine” is a relatable song, and its instrumentation and delivery are outstanding. 

16. Over You

Best Lyrics: Your favorite records make me feel better/’Cause you sing along

This is an emotional song that you may want to listen to before including it among your wedding songs. As its title implies, “Over You” focuses on moving on from an unpleasant life event.

If you or your partner can relate to the song lyrics, you can play the song during the quiet moments of the ceremony. 

17. The House That Built Me

Best Lyrics: You leave home, you move on

Looking for a Lambert song that can bring back childhood memories? “The House That Built Me” will do the magic. It is an emotional song that expresses the desire to revisit one’s childhood home.

This song touches the minds of listeners as it evokes different emotions, especially those related to one’s upbringing. 

18. Love Is Looking For You

Best Lyrics: I think you better find some level ground/Love is looking for you now

Whichever way this song is interpreted, it is a source of hope for people searching for someone special.

Playing this song at your wedding ceremony can encourage your single friends who are beginning to lose interest in marriage. That aside, “Love is Looking for You” is a slow, romantic song that you can use for your first dance. 

19. I Just Really Miss You

Best Lyrics: There’s a life I can’t ask you to leave/I just really miss you, right now I kinda want to

Being newly married comes with different expressions of emotions, especially from close family members. Dedicate “I Just Really Miss You” to your loved ones who are feeling dejected on your special day. It will serve as a reminder that they’ll always be on your mind.

20. Pushin’ Time

Best Lyrics: Sometimes love acts out of spite/And good things happen overnight

Everything about this song, from its lyrical content to its impressive vocals, makes it a great choice to consider. “Pushin’ Time” is an emotional song that explores the vulnerability that comes with starting a new journey with one’s partner.

You can play this emotional music during the intimate moments of your wedding ceremony. 

Final Thoughts

Now, feel free to choose from our list of 20 Miranda Lambert wedding songs to create an unforgettable experience. Weddings are one of the most important days of our lives; give all it takes to make yours exceptional. 

Remember that the songs you decide to play on your special day are not just for your listening pleasure. Make sure your choices also create lasting impressions on your minds and those of your wedding guests. 


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What is the Song Called After You Got Married?

It is commonly called wedding exit songs or wedding recessional songs. These songs are usually played after the newlywed couple walks down the aisle. Recessional songs usually express the joy the couple feels at that moment.  

When Should Music Start At a Wedding?

While this depends on the couple’s preference, you can play some background music 30 minutes before the wedding starts. This creates a cool and inviting atmosphere for the guests as they chit-chat before getting seated. 

What is the Bride Entrance Song Called?

It is called the bridal processional music, the bridal processional song, and the walk down the aisle song. Although some people may refer to the bridal entrance song as the “wedding processional song”, it is not entirely correct. Some music played by the bridal party members can also be called the wedding processional song.  

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