Tying the Knot With 8 Best Josh Turner Wedding Songs

In the delightful world of matrimony and love, no one sets the stage for two soulmates to tie the knot in a symmetry of vows and a forever and ever commitment than the maestro of romance Josh Turner. 

With his soulful lyrics about God, family, and love and his delicate baritone voice, Turner has created beautiful wedding songs that express the core of true love.

If you or a friend is getting married and desires the best wedding song playlist to fill the atmosphere with love, your search is over. This article is an organized list of the top 8 Josh Turner wedding songs, where every chord and lyric allures you and your guests to the gripping hands of everlasting love.

Therefore, get prepared to get a playlist that will forever chant the love stories that begin on this beautiful day.

A Brief History of Josh Turner

Joshua Otis Turner was born on November 20, 1977, and is a notable gospel and country singer in America. From the kick-off of his music career, Turner labeled himself a country traditionalist. 

He got signed to MCA Nashville Records in 2003 and released his first album, “Long Black Train.” The album was certified Platinum.

With his baritone, devoted hold on music’s values and traditional country style, he landed his first No 1. single, “Your Man,” in 2005. Turner continued to top charts with singles like “Hometown Girl,” which placed No 2. on Billboard Country Airplay.

Since then, he has released a compilation album, nine studio albums, two live albums, and seventeen singles, with four topping the US Country Singles chart.

Top 8 Josh Turner Wedding Songs

From the exchange of vows to the beautiful serenades accompanying the first dance, we present the top 10 Josh Turner wedding songs in his collections that show you the need for love in its purest form.

Not only will you be provided with these songs, but you will also learn about the deep meaning behind each song and why it made its way to this list.

Check out these other amazing songs for the ultimate play list on your big day:

1. Your Man

Best lyrics: / I’ve been thinking about this all day long/ Never felt a feeling quite this strong/ I can’t believe how much it turns me on/ Just to be your man/.

You can’t talk about Josh Turner without talking about his major hit song “Your Man.” This is a love song about a man who is head over heels in love with his partner and has no choice but to express his feelings in the most romantic way he can.

The lyrics are not too complex but sincere and genuine. The words “I can’t believe how much it turns me on just to be your man” express loyalty and devotion, complemented by Josh Turner’s raw, emotional, smooth baritone voice; the in-depth meaning of the words fills the atmosphere. As such, adding it to your playlist creates an intimate ambiance for the couple’s first dance.

2. Soulmate

Best lyrics: /Soulmate, until the end of time, you’re my soulmate/I’ll love you till I get to Heaven’s gate/ And if I go first, sweetheart I’ll wait/.

This song is part of Josh Turner’s album “Everything Is Fine.” This song is like a treasured love letter delivered as music. It talks about the lasting connection that binds two individuals together in an unbreakable bond.

As the song echoes around the wedding reception venue, it serves as a beam of motivation for all guests present to love and cherish their significant other with a love that transcends to the afterlife. 

The lyrics strengthened with a harmonious tune, and the soulful velvet voice of Turner makes this heart-melting song perfect for the couple’s first slow dance.

3. I’ll Be There

Best lyrics: /Anytime, anything, anywhere I’ll be there/ When you break your heart or skin your knee/ Need a big old hug or a bowl of ice cream/ I promise you can count on me/.

In a world often permeated with fading relationships and doubt, Turner’s “I’ll Be There” epitomizes eternal bond, proof of a father’s will to stand by his child’s side against all odds. 

In addition, with the unwavering raw baritone voice of Josh Turner, each guitar riff and note evokes emotions of comfort and compassion. His song delivery will remind everyone at the reception of the importance of being there for each other. Also, it is the perfect song for the father-daughter dance.

4. Firecracker

Best lyrics: /We got a good thing going, and it feels so right/She’s a firecracker/She’s the light of my life/.

Turner’s “Firecracker” is a honky-tonk song. This upbeat song begins with a low-pitched “Yeah” from Josh in the intro. The lyrics describe loving your woman as similar to watching a firecracker go off.

Firecracker is an energetic and fantastic song that can light up your family and guests and make them kick it up on the dance floor. Its infectious groove creates an aura of pure happiness and celebration. It is the best song to put on at your wedding reception to get everyone dancing.

5. Would You Go With Me

Best lyrics: /If I gave you my hand, would you take it and make me the happiest man in the world/.

With its tender-hearted lyrics and sweet melody, Turner’s “Would You Go With Me” speaks of your excitement about sharing a lifetime trip with your partner. This song talks about the true essence of a wedding celebration by asking sincere questions about unity and companionship. 

The lyrics “If I gave you my hand, would you take it and make me the happiest man in the world?” It speaks of the journey you and your partner are embarking on together, making it a good song choice for an enchanting first and recessional dance.

6. Why Don’t We Just Dance

Best lyrics: /Well, it might be me, but the way I see it/ The whole wide world has gone crazy/ So baby, why don’t we just dance?/.

This song is a lead single from Turner’s album “Haywire” It expresses joy and love making it a good choice for a wedding playlist.

Its lyrics, “The whole wide world has gone crazy/ So baby, why don’t we dance?” present the song’s message: leaving all your troubles behind and immersing yourself in the blissful aura of a wedding celebration. The song encourages guests to let loose and hit the dance floor with laughter and happiness.

By adding it to your playlist, you’ll be adding fun and liveliness to your wedding reception, creating an energetic atmosphere that everyone will never forget. 

7. Forever and Ever, Amen

Best lyrics: /As sure as I live this love that I give/ Is gonna be yours until the day that I die/I’m gonna love you forever, forever and ever, Amen/.

The name of this Josh Turner’s beautiful ballad earned it a spot on this list. It holds the essence of a lifetime kind of love.

The lyrics Turner’s smooth baritone voice sings, “As sure as I live this love that I give/ Is gonna be yours until the day that I die/I’m gonna love you forever, forever and ever, Amen.” These unfeigned words envelop the path of a wedding, where vows are made to cherish and love each other for eternity.

Adding this song to your playlist will make your big day special. Furthermore, when played, it will stimulate feelings of love and devotion, reminding the newlyweds of the vows made and the beautiful life ahead.

8. Time Is Love

Best lyrics: /Time is love, gotta run/ Love to hang longer/ But I got someone who waits/ Waits for me and right now/She’s where I need to be/.

Turner’s “Time Is Love” possesses all the qualities of a great wedding song and deserves a spot on your playlist.

The heartfelt lyrics “/Time is love, gotta run/ Love to hang longer/ But I got someone who waits/ Waits for me and right now/She’s where I need to be/” is a hint that in the busy world you live in, it’s vital to make time for your loved one with emphasis on your spouse.

Incorporating “Time Is Love” into your wedding playlist shows all present at your reception the importance of slowing down, appreciating, and spending time with the people they love.


Below are some of the more common questions people ask.

Should I Make My Own Wedding Playlist?

Yes, you can, and you should! However, it is advisable to separate playlists for different parts, which helps whoever is to play the songs will play at ease. 

Why Is Music Used at Weddings?

Music intensifies the happiness of the newlywed status, and everyone is in the mood to celebrate. Ensure to get an expert because they know how to get your guests grooving until it’s time to go home.

What Type of Voice Is Josh Turner?

Turner has a baritone voice. As a devoted Christian, he trained his voice by singing the bass and baritone parts in the church choir.

What Is Josh Turner’s Most Popular Number-One Hit?

The single “Your Man” is Josh Turner’s most famous No 1. hit; even non-country fans can sing along. 


Country music transcends generations, and the iconic country singer Josh Turner has gifted the world with a repertoire of beautiful love songs that are well-suited for every wedding. From songs of deep devotion like “Your Man” to “Time Is Love” that show the importance of time spent with loved ones, each song tells a unique story of the newlyweds’ journey.

By including these top eight Josh Turner wedding songs in your wedding playlist, you have ensured that the memories of your big day will be permanently etched in the minds of your loved ones.

Therefore, let the enchanting baritone voice of Josh Turner serenade you and everyone present on your big day into the new chapters of your life.

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