10 Best Johnny Cash Wedding Songs For Your Special Day

For a more alternative wedding with country vibes, there are a few musical options for both walking down the aisle and generally entertaining your guests. One of these options is Johnny Cash wedding songs.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the top 10 Johnny Cash songs to play on your special day. 

The Best Johnny Cash Wedding Songs

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1 – I Walk the Line:

One of Johnny Cash’s most famous songs – and arguably his most famous love song – is I Walk the Line. As one of Johnny Cash’s classic songs, it’ll definitely be a crowd-pleaser!

In the song, Cash professes he would do anything for his lover, which is a beautiful sentiment echoing through the room as you walk down the aisle or dance with your bride or groom. 

Also, the gentle rhythm of the song allows for a slower dance or waltz, perfect for when you want to have a quiet moment dancing with your partner and soaking in the joy of the day. 

2 – You Are My Sunshine:

Probably one of the most well-known love songs which even Johnny Cash put his country twist on is You Are My Sunshine. 

Another classic which all guests will know and love, Johnny Cash’s rendition of this song is particularly poignant, especially for a wedding, with his softness and the emotion he sings while giving the words a completely new meaning. 

Whether you’re using this music down the aisle, for a dance, or if you’re just adding it to your DJ’s list of special requests, Johnny Cash’s version of You Are My Sunshine is definitely going to go down a treat. 

3 – Rose of My Heart:

Another of Johnny Cash’s heartfelt love songs is Rose of My Heart, which is a great option for a wedding.

The lyrics, just as with I Walk the Line, are warm and loving without verging on saccharine, speaking of a long and undying love – which is perfect for a wedding! 

On your wedding day, a song like Rose of My Heart, just like many of Johnny Cash’s love songs, would make your day even more special.

4 – Cause I Love You:

You guessed it – it’s another Johnny Cash song about love! I think we’re beginning to see a pattern here…

But the truth is, there’s something about Johnny Cash’s music, from the lyrics to the guitar to his voice, that just works when it comes to love. 

Especially if your wedding already has hints of country music or style, Cash’s songs are the perfect addition – and Cause I Love You is a great choice. 

Similarly to I Walk the Line, in Cause I Love You, Cash sings about how he’d do anything for his lover to make her happy – swoon!

5 – I Promise You:

Johnny Cash’s song I Promise You is a great song choice for a wedding – because it’s all about weddings and eternal love. 

In the song, Cash even sings about “the day I marry you” and “for richer or poorer” and similar references, which your guests will certainly pick up on! 

I Promise You is all about surviving through pain and hurt and difficult times and still loving one another, which is to many what a truly good marriage is all about. 

6 –  Happiness is You:

If your wedding has more of a fairytale theme, or if you’re just feeling like expressing how incredible and beautiful your love is for your partner, Johnny Cash’s Happiness is You is the perfect song. 

In it, Cash sings about moonbeams, sandcastles and falling stars, but behind all this lovely imagery is a deeper meaning, as the song’s title suggests: happiness is found in each other, and in being together. 

This is such a lovely idea and an even more lovely song! It’ll be sure to have your guests shedding a tear or two during your first dance. 

7 – You’re the Nearest Thing to Heaven:

Similarly to Happiness is You, You’re the Nearest Thing to Heaven is all about how much Johnny Cash’s lover brings to his life. 

He sings about searching for happiness and peace in mountains and oceans alike, but only finding it in the woman of his dreams. 

The sentimentality of this song won’t be lost on your wedding guests; it’s a beautiful song with heart-warming lyrics, and it’ll fill every single one of them with joy and love when you walk up the aisle or dance to it on your special day. 

8 – In my Life:

As you may know, In my Life is a song by The Beatles, but Johnny Cash put his own spin on it, which is a great wedding song option for all the Cash fans out there. 

Unlike the others listed above, In my Life is less of a love song, and more of a song about good memories. 

Perhaps a song for the true Cash fans and country-themed weddings out there, it is still a great option with heaps of sentimentality and a positive, moving feel to it, making it a great addition to your wedding playlist. 

9 – Remember Me (I’m the One Who Loves You):

As this song has a pretty long title, we’re going to refer to it as Remember Me right now – and what a song it is!

In Remember Me, Johnny Cash sings about supporting his partner through everything life throws their way, “through all kinds of weather” and “through the sunshine and the shadows”. 

Much like I Promise You in that way, Remember Me is all about supporting one another through adversity, which is an important message to have running through a wedding.

So, if you want to emphasize how much you care for your partner and want to support them, maybe this is the song to have at your wedding!

10 – Ring of Fire:

While it might seem like a bit of a rogue choice, Ring of Fire is one of Johnny Cash’s best-known songs, and if you’re looking for a rather alternative mood to your wedding, this is the way to go!

With its intriguing lyrics and the lack of softness you’d perhaps find in other Cash’s love songs, Ring of Fire is definitely an interesting choice of wedding song, but your guests will remember it.

Perhaps ideal for the Cash fans and those looking to make a statement, Ring of Fire is a bit of a wild card choice of wedding song, but it’ll definitely entertain!


So, as we’ve seen above, there are many Johnny Cash songs which would be ideal for a wedding, as many of them are love songs. 

In addition, for weddings with Cash fans and an overall country style theme, these songs would be a perfect addition, either for the general playlist or even for the first dance!


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Does Johnny Cash have any love songs?

As we’ve seen above, Johnny Cash certainly had many love songs! Between his original love songs and the love songs he put his own spin on, Cash has a large repertoire of love songs, all of which would be great for a wedding. 

What song did Johnny Cash sing for his wife?

Famously, I Walk the Line began – before being a song – as Johnny’s message to his wife at the time, Vivian Liberto. The romantic story behind this song is part of what makes it such a great option for your special day!

What is Johnny Cash’s most listened to song?

I Walk the Line is the answer to this Frequently Asked Question, too! Johnny Cash’s most-listened to song – and arguably his most famous song – is I Walk the Line. Therefore, if you use it for your special day, most of your wedding guests are guaranteed to know it!

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