How to Ask For Song Requests on a Wedding Invitation

Wedding invites are meant to entice people to join in the fun on your wedding day so how to ask for song requests on a wedding invite is not a surprising question.

Song requests, after all, are commonplace during weddings and are seen often in guests.

In order to keep things organized during a wedding, inviting your guests to give their song requests in advance is a good thing to consider.

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But how do you do this on a wedding invite without ruining the look and the feel of your wedding invitation?

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Why Should You Add Song Requests on Your Wedding Invitation?

A wedding reception is the main celebration for any wedding. Oftentimes, a wedding guest will have a song request that may or may not fit into the wedding’s theme.

Knowing what your guests prefer through an advanced song request included in your wedding RSVPs can give you an idea of what song choices to include in your wedding playlist.

Having a list of songs already prepared will help you stay organized throughout the reception, leaving little room for any delay or hitch during the program.

Wedding RSVPs

A more common practice for weddings is to have an RSVP card for guests made. You can include their wedding song requests in these cards, just like in this RSVP card.

You can also have a separate song request card made especially for song requests. Check this card out to get an idea for a song request card.

Digital wedding invitations are slowly becoming vogue these days, especially for environment-conscious couples.

You may also do the same if you choose to go online through Email RSVPs or digital RSVPs by adding your email address or even a website as shown here.

QR codes may also be added to your invitation for easier access.

Whether it’s a printed song request card or a digital one though, you may want to remember a few things though.

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Card Wording

Card wording is important since it will convey the feel and atmosphere that you expect to have during your wedding.

You can use traditional wording that can add a touch of formality to your invitation, or use more hip and conversational words for a more fun feel.

You may also want to add a wedding hashtag sign.

Wedding card wording

Just make sure to use words that will match the ambiance of your wedding, giving particular attention to the reception.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Please let us know if you have any songs you would like us to play as we celebrate this special day.
  • Have a song in mind? Let us know.
  • Dance the night away with us to the songs you’d like to hear!

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Card Layout

Whether you want the invite to be formal or casual, make sure that the layout stays organized and not cluttered. Add tick boxes to make it easier for your guest to answer the RSVP card.

Make sure that all proper elements of design [1] are followed in order to make your card attractive and inviting. 

Card Design

Some couples prefer fancy designs, as seen here to match their classic wedding style.

Some prefer casual designs, like this one, in order to match a casual wedding ambiance.

Whatever your choice may be, you should always see to it that the design matches your theme and the air of the actual wedding.

Remember That it’s Your Day!

Asking your guests for their song ideas can give you an idea of what to play on the dance floor on your wedding day. [2]

A green invite under title How To Ask For Song Requests on a Wedding Invite

Remember though that this is your wedding day so it should be about you and your partner.

If you feel that what your guests write on the response card doesn’t suit your taste, feel free to disregard their requests.

You are under no obligation to their song suggestions since these are suggestions and should be treated as such. Your wedding day, your choices.


In Conclusion

Song requests are quite common nowadays during wedding celebrations. 

In order to make your wedding memorable for everyone, you would naturally want to play songs that will touch their heart and make this special day worth remembering.

Guests requesting songs during the actual program may cause disruptions during the reception. You also run the risk of having a song played that is not according to your taste.

Knowing how to ask for song requests in a wedding invite can help you avoid all these inconveniences making your wedding a celebration that will be remembered for a very long time.

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How do you ask your guests for song requests? Please share your tips below!


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