Gifts for 29th Wedding Anniversary (Ultimate Guide & Ideas)

We’ve all heard of the silver anniversary and the emerald anniversary, being the 25th and 55th anniversaries respectively, but few know what’s in between. What gifts are fitting for anniversaries that don’t hit any of the big milestones that end with 0 or 5? 

The 29th wedding anniversary is one of those odd numbers – after the 25th anniversary but not yet at the big 30. But this doesn’t mean it isn’t special or shouldn’t be celebrated! 29 years is certainly an achievement  that is worthy of a wonderful gift. 

According to Hallmark, the traditional gifts for 29th wedding anniversary are tools or furniture. This could mean tools to fix up cars, complete projects around the home, or even kitchen tools for whipping up that delicious 29th anniversary meal. And who doesn’t love getting new furniture that ties the room together? 

 The opportunities to get creative with these traditional concepts are endless, as well as some modern twists on old classics. You can trust our thorough guide for the best 29th anniversary gifts.

Read on for our ultimate guide of gift ideas for the 29th wedding anniversary. 

29th Wedding Anniversary: Everything you NEED to know

The 29th anniversary is a special one. After all, you’ve spent nearly three decades together and have built a beautiful life with each other. The following bullet points are everything you need to know about the 29th anniversary. 

  • Traditional gift: Tools
  • Modern gift: Furniture
  • Gemstone: Garnet
  • Flower: Celosia
  • Color: N/A (though could unofficially be burgundy since the stone is garnet)

29th Wedding Anniversary Traditions

While there are no set traditions associated with the 29th anniversary, many popular options include going on a romantic vacation together, going out to a nice restaurant, or trying something new and different. The important thing is to spend time together in a way you both enjoy. 

For a restaurant, check out high-end options in your town to make the evening extra special. If you’re considering a vacation, make sure you review your budget so you can choose the best option. 

Don’t miss our top picks:

29th Anniversary Traditional Gift 

The traditional 29th anniversary gift depends upon where you live. In the US, the traditional gift is tools. And while the first thing that usually comes to mind is those in a hardware store, keep in mind that many things – including cookware, manicure sets, and fishing/boating tackle – are considered tools. 

If you’re from Europe, however, traditional 29th anniversary gifts differ: 

  • Germany – Satin
  • France – Velvet
  • Spain – Garnet
  • Italy – Quartz

29th Anniversary Contemporary/Modern Gift 

Furniture is the modern anniversary gift, and who doesn’t love having a new piece of furniture – either as a new addition to their existing set or to replace an old piece? 

29th Anniversary Gemstone – Garnet 

This deep burgundy stone is deeply symbolic, representing trust, commitment, love, and vitality. What stone better communicates your devotion to your spouse of 29 years than a garnet? 

29th Anniversary Flower – Celosia

With a name that means “flame” in Latin, it’s no wonder why this flower was chosen to symbolize the 29th wedding anniversary. With a striking reddish or magenta hue, this vibrant plant with erect bristled blooms adds a splash of colour and excitement to any garden. 

The flower belongs to the amaranth family and isn’t just decorative, but used as food, as well. The flowers are used as a grain and the leaves as a leaf vegetable in many parts of the world, including Mexico, South America, and Africa. 

If you’re feeling creative, consider a new recipe incorporating celosia into your anniversary dinner. 

29th Anniversary Colour 

There is no colour traditionally associated with the 29th wedding anniversary, but since both its gemstone and flower are shades of red, it can be argued that burgundy, red, or magenta can be the unofficial 29th anniversary colour. 

How to Celebrate a 29th Anniversary

With divorce rates at an all-time high and most modern marriages lasting an average of seven or eight years according to one study, it goes without saying that the 29th wedding anniversary should be a big celebration. You and your spouse have remained committed to each other through the ups and downs of life and have built a beautiful life together. 

Why not treat yourself with an unforgettable celebration that’ll have you both thinking about all you’ve been through together? 

Personal taste will affect how you spend your anniversary, but one thing is certain: it should be special, with you both getting the quality time needed to focus solely on each other. 

For an adventurous couple, going on a trip – either inside or outside of your country of origin – is a wonderful idea. For homebodies, a home makeover might be the best idea, an added benefit being that it fits into the tools/furniture theme. 

Remember that it all boils down to your personal tastes, your budget, and what you and your spouse are comfortable with. Something that seems a great idea to one couple may be a nightmare for another. 

29th Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Deciding how and where to celebrate your 29th anniversary varies widely depending on the couple. But let’s review some of the more popular options. 

1. A romantic cruise – cruises are becoming increasingly popular vacation options for many people, and it isn’t hard to see why: explore several exotic destinations without the stress of figuring out where to sleep and eat every day. They can also be quite affordable, making them ideal for those with relatively tight budgets. 

2. Ski resort – another option for the adventurous, why not book a luxurious stay at a ski resort? If you have the money (and the courage), consider the Matterhorn Ski Paradise in the Swiss Alps to combine your love for skiing with the exoticism of a European vacation.   

3. European vacation – see the sights in Europe with the love of your life, though keep in mind that this is usually one of the more expensive ideas.   

4. A big party with friends – for the extroverted types, what says celebration like a lively party with all your favorite people? If you’re feeling especially festive, consider renting an event center for your unforgettable anniversary bash.

5. Home makeover/renovation – a great idea for couples who’d prefer to stay at home, and gives a fresh face to the home you’ve likely spent most of your married life in. Give your wife that dream bathroom she’s always wanted!   

29th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

While personal tastes vary when it comes to gifts, the following gift ideas are inspired by the traditional 29th anniversary gifts and symbols. 

1. Outdoor furniture – great for the two of you to lounge on hot summer days. 

2. A loveseat – smaller than a standard couch, a loveseat is perfect for the two of you to cuddle together while you both watch your favorite TV show. They also come in countless patterns and styles, so find one that you both like! 

3. A swimming pool – counts as furniture, right? This gift is especially great for those who live in hotter climates.

29th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Here are some popular suggestions for 29th anniversary gifts for her. 

1. Garnet jewelry – whether it’s a ring, a bracelet, or a necklace, flex your knowledge of the 29th anniversary symbols with a beautiful piece of jewelry featuring this stunning burgundy gemstone. 

2. A rocking chair – comfortable, sturdy, feminine, and stylish. Just don’t forget the comfortable cushions! 

A bouquet of celosia

3. A bouquet of celosia – the flower associated with the 29th anniversary. To make it extra special, consider planting celosia in your garden or having a bouquet of silk flowers to make this gift last forever. 

4. A manicure/pedicure set – a great set of tools to help your wife’s nails look spot on, especially if she’s the kind of gal who prefers to do her own nails. 

29th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

For your husband, there are some great ideas inspired both from the traditional and modern 29th anniversary gifts. 

1. A solid, sturdy chair – complete with soft cushions for him to relax after a long day at work. 

2. Table saw – the perfect addition to his workshop, and great for all those home improvement projects! 

3. Tool box – few things are as nice to a strict DIY guy than a set of shiny new tools. 

4. Gift card to hardware store – for men who prefer to choose their own tools, why not pick up a gift card to his favorite hardware store? 

5. A hand-forged utility knife – few tools are as valuable to a rugged outdoorsman than a good knife. 

29th Wedding Anniversary FAQs

What is the 29th wedding anniversary called?

While the 29th anniversary doesn’t have a well-known name like the silver, gold, ruby, or emerald wedding anniversaries (25th, 50th, 40th, and 55th, respectively), the gemstone associated with it is the garnet – so it could be called the Garnet Anniversary. 

Alternatively, the 29th anniversary could also be called the Furniture or Tool Anniversary because of the traditional and modern gifts associated with it. 

What is the 29th wedding anniversary gemstone?

The garnet is associated with the 29th wedding anniversary, which is a dark burgundy semi precious stone. It is also the January birthstone. The garnet represents revitalization, strength, balance, and serenity – all the things that are no doubt synonymous with your long marriage. 

What is the 29th wedding anniversary symbol?

There is no traditional symbol for the 29th anniversary, but the stone is garnet, the flower is celosia, the traditional gift is tools, and the modern gift is furniture. 

What is the 29th wedding anniversary colour?

There is no color traditionally associated with the 29th anniversary, but the closest match would be burgundy because of the garnet being this anniversary’s stone. 

What are the traditional and modern gifts for a 29th wedding anniversary?

The traditional 29th anniversary gifts, according to Hallmark, are tools. The modern gift is furniture. 

What is the 29th year anniversary flower?

The celosia – also called the “cock’s comb” or “wool flowers” because of the blooms’ bristled, erect shape and bright red or magenta color – is associated with the 29th anniversary, being symbolic of courage and boldness. 


The 29th wedding anniversary is a triumph and should be celebrated as such. The traditional gifts are tools and furniture, both of which have hundreds of possibilities for personalization. We hope we’ve sparked some inspiration with our ultimate guide of gifts for the 29th wedding anniversary! 

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