10 Amazing Themed Gay Bachelorette Party Decorations & Ideas That Are Just So Much Fun

gay Bachelorette party decorations

Need some great ideas for fun gay bachelorette party decorations or some creative ideas for LGBT bachelor parties? We’ve got you covered! From fancy hats, themed balloons and incredible matching outfits, your entire tribe will have an unforgettable experience.

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10 Themed Gay Bachelorette Party Ideas That Are Just So Extra

Sometimes it can be hard to organize the best bachelorette party, but with these themed decorations and ideas, you will manage to throw the best bride tribe party ever. We’ve also included a few special treats for gay bachelor parties, too.

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1. Heart-Shaped Bride Tribe Balloons

Heart-Shaped Bride Tribe Balloons

Let’s face it. Everyone loves balloons, and if they’re heart-shaped and pink, then they are completely irresistible. You can get yours in no time from Etsy and start organizing your party! Each pack contains five iridescent pink balloons with the “Bride Tribe” text on them.

2. Bride Squad Matching Swimsuits

Bride Squad Matching Swimsuits

What can be better than having your bachelorette party somewhere on a warm beach with cocktails and your best friends? Well, not a lot of things. If you also throw in these matching swimsuit, the day is going to be special without a doubt.

They are available on Etsy in eight color variations and six sizes, so you’re sure to find something incredible for you!

3. Bride Tribe Sun Hat

Bride Tribe Sun Hat

We mentioned swimsuits, but if you really want to have the complete bachelorette party theme, you can also use these hats. They are beautiful, they represent the group and you can find them at myweddingfavors.com. The best part? Right now, they are on sale!

4. Bride Tribe Party Banner

Bride Tribe Party Banner

No matter where the amazing party is, you need to add a party banner to let everyone know what is happening. This Etsy one is completely covered in glitter, comes in two sizes and it’s reusable, so you can keep it for as long as you want and remember this party!

5. Bridal Squad Matching T-Shirts

Bridal Squad Matching T-Shirts

Something very cool that will stay as a wonderful memory are these beautiful bridal squad matching t-shirts you can find on Etsy. These come in two color variations and seven sizes and each member of the squad will have a memory of the special day.

6. Birds Of A Feather Sign

Birds Of A Feather Sign

Pink flamingos are and will always be a hit. They are cute, pink, and perfect to demonstrate how a bride tribe should be. Plus, you have to admit, that pun is hilarious! You can find this template one on Etsy and print it to your desired dimensions!

7. Rainbow Theme Hangover Kit 

Rainbow Theme Hangover Kit

While all of these decorations are perfect for an LGBT hen party, this one is definitely among my favorites! After partying the night away, you’ll all need a rainbow kit like this to help you recover faster! Plus, you can personalize it with both brides’ names, making it the best option for a joint party.

Set of 10 Rainbow Theme Hangover Kit
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These next couple make for perfect LGBT bachelor party ideas!

8. Personalized Can Coolies for a Weekend in the Woods

LGBT bachelor party ideas- can coolies personalized.

Throwing a camping or cabin-themed bachelor party? These can coolies will keep everyone’s drink refreshingly cold. Plus, they make fun mementos for after the party, so they double as favors! Get them personalized on Etsy.

9. Gay Team Grooms Mustache Pins

For the most part, you don’t really need any special LGBT bachelor party decorations, as the majority of them are perfectly suitable for all couples (minus the obvious ones, of course). However, if you want something that IS just for you, these pins are so much fun! Get them on Etsy.

10. Which Groom? – Gay Bachelor Party Game

Which Groom? - Gay Bachelor Party Game - Gay Bachelor Party - Bachelor Party Game - Gold and Marble - Instant Download - Printable - DIY

It’s hard coming up with fun gay bachelor party games, but this one is just perfect! It’s inexpensive, creative and can even be played during a virtual party. Grab it over on Etsy, of course!

Need the perfect themed LGBTQ bachelorette party decorations or some creative ideas for gay bachelor parties? We've got you covered!

It’s very important that your gay bachelorette party is something you will always remember. Whether you choose a very fancy theme, or maybe you decide to go for something casual, you want to create a memorable experience that you can treasure forever.

These themed bachelorette party decorations and gay bachelor and ideas will definitely give you some cool ideas upon what you may choose, and even keep after the party is over.

What are some of your favorite gay bachelorette party decorations? How about LGBT bachelor party ideas? Share below!

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