25 Of The Best Elvis Presley Wedding Songs For Your Special Day

If you were to ask anyone from years ago to name a versatile singer who tops the list, there’s no doubt that the renowned Elvis Presley would be the first to come to mind! Throughout his career, he earned the title of the king of several genres, from rock and roll and gospel to movies and, most notably, love songs. Every song Elvis sang was infused with the perfect blend of emotions.

One of the most wonderful aspects of Elvis’ songs is their suitability for weddings. If you are fond of rock and roll, what better way to add a touch of royalty to your big day than by having the king of rock and roll himself serenade you?

In this article, we have curated a collection of people’s all-time favorite Elvis Presley wedding songs. Rest assured, this selection of the best Elvis songs will make you fall in love all over again, adding an unforgettable charm to your special day.

Top 25 Elvis Presley Wedding Songs

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Some of Elvis’s songs you should consider for your wedding include:

1. Can’t Help Falling in Love

Lyrics to remember: “Take my hand/ Take my whole life, too/ For I can’t help falling in love with you”

This song should make the list of the first ten of the most romantic songs ever sung. Its solemn rhythm can make you fall in love with your partner again. The rhythm makes it a great choice for the first dance with your partner on your wedding day.

2. Loving You

Lyrics to remember: “Makes no difference where I go or what I do/ You know that I’ll always be loving you”

That the song bears a title that speaks love is a good sign, right? “Loving You” speaks so much about a love that lasts for a long time and faith in love itself. Since this is the kind of love you experience or long to experience, then you should add it to your wedding’s day discography.

3. Suspicious Minds

Lyrics to remember: “Oh let our love survive/ I’ll dry the tears from your eyes/ Let’s don’t let a good thing die”

Elvis didn’t write this song, but his cover of the song went so viral, making it one of the best songs of all time. It is a classic that tells lovers to stay in love with themselves every time.

4. Love Me Tender

Lyrics to remember: “Love me tender/ love me true/ all my dreams fulfilled/ For my darlin’ I love you”

Every part of the song, “Love Me Tender”, from its lyrics to its slow progression tells of a sweet and tender kind of love. It is one of those few songs that makes every heart tender, and every eye wet from its communication of what love should be.

5. Thrill of Your Love

Lyrics to remember: “For no earthly price and no sacrifice/ Is too much to give/ For your love

If you want a song with amazing lyrics yet versatile, then “Thrill of Your Love” is one of your best bets. The song pairs well with couple dances, dancing with parents, cocktails, and so on.

6. Stuck on You

Lyrics to remember: I’m gonna stick like glue/ Stick, because I’m/ Stuck on you”

If you believe in that kind of love that lays bare strong attraction that gives that feeling of electricity moving up your body, then you shouldn’t skip this Elvis song. “Stuck on You” describes some sort of emotional interest between two people. Some parts of the lyrics may sound a bit contradicting, but the tempo of the song is amazing!

7. Viva Las Vegas

Lyrics to remember: “Cause even if there were forty more/ I wouldn’t sleep a minute away”

If you ever listened to this song or a couple of others, you’d testify that Elvis sure knew how to switch between sad and romantic lyrics. “Viva Las Vegas” might have that switch, however, it has the energy to keep your wedding party going. 

8. Something

Lyrics to remember: “Somewhere in her smile she knows/ All I gotta do is think of her/ Something in her style that shows me/ I don’t want to leave her now”

This song shows what love between two people should be. That it describes love in detail makes it qualify as one of your top choices for a dance with your partner, anytime during your wedding.

9. Heartbreak Hotel

Lyrics to remember: “Well, now, if your baby leaves you/ And you got a tale to tell/ Well, just take a walk down Lonely Street/ To Heartbreak Hotel”

Elvis’ tale about this hotel made it one of his top hits as far back as 1956. If rock and roll is a genre you enjoy, then you should double-check this out.

10. Don’t Be Cruel

Lyrics to remember: “I don’t want no other love, / Baby it’s just you I’m thinking of”

One of the many things that makes Elvis exceptional is his ability to combine extremes like romance and rock and roll. “Don’t Be Cruel” received so much backlash, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the best. If you want to feel the love as you roll it, then this song should be in your discography.

11. Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Lyrics to remember: “And each of us must play a part/ Fate had me playing in love with you as my sweetheart”

This song describes the fear and emotions of an alone lover. But that’s neither you nor your partner on your wedding night, right? The beat of the song works well for couple dancing, having cocktails, or after parties.

12. Blue Suede Shoes

Lyrics to remember: “Do anything that you want to do, but uh-uh/ Honey, lay off of my shoes”

“Blue Suede Shoes” might be as old as almost a century, but gold regardless. The song is fast-paced, so fits well for a reception party, or a color-themed wedding party since blue is featured in the song. 

13. It’s Now or Never

Lyrics to remember: “I’d spend a lifetime/ Waiting for the right time/ Now that you’re near/ The time is here at last”

A romantic song that could get you feeling love at every line of the lyrics. It serves as a reminder of how you found love, so it’s a great choice for dancing with your partner at your wedding.

14. All Shook Up

Lyrics to remember: “When I’m near that girl that I love best/ My heart beats so it scares me to death”

So many people describe falling in love as many things, but Elvis did a great job by putting what we feel in words everyone understands. “All Shook Up” is fast-paced, so it might be more pleasing if played during your after-party.

15. Burning Love

Lyrics to remember: “Cause your kisses lift me higher/ Like a sweet song of a choir/ And you light my morning sky/ With burning love”

Want your guests to take the dance floor during your wedding? Then you should have this song on your wedding’s music list. The sweet tune might just be the right energy to make your guests dance.

16. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear

Lyrics to remember: “Oh baby let me be/ Around you every night/ Run your fingers through my hair/ And cuddle me real tight”

Elvis’ inspiration for this song may stem from the fact that teddy bears are one of the cutest gifts to give to someone you are in love with. “Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear” song will keep you smiling at the love of your life as you sway around in each other’s arms, dancing. 

17. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You

Lyrics to remember: “Ev’ry time that you’re near/ All my cares disappear/ Darling, you’re all that I’m living for

Every line in the lyrics of “I Want You, I Need You, I Love You” will get you head over heels in love with your partner again.

18. The Wonder of You

Lyrics to remember: “Your kiss to me is worth a fortune/ Your love for me is everything”

Every line in this piece describes the very reason why we fall in love, and what true love means. The lyrics and tempo make it one of the first songs you should consider for your first dance as a couple.

19. Hound Dog

Lyrics to remember: “When they said you was high-classed/ Well, that was just a lie”

“Hound Dog” lyrics are quite common, although it isn’t a love song. However, it should make your wedding’s reception music list to ease the tension of your guest, as it’s quite danceable. 

Other popular Elvis Presley songs you can consider for a wedding discography include:

20. Hawaiian Wedding Song

Lyrics to remember: “This is the moment/ I’ve waited for/ I can hear my heart singing/ Soon bells will be ringing”

This song was first sung for the movie, Blue Hawaii, and it became popular since then.

21. Memories 

Lyrics to remember: “…and laughing eyes and simple ways/ And quiet nights and gentle days with you”

The song was recorded by Elvis Presley in 1968. 

22. Blue Moon 

Lyrics to remember: “Blue moon/ You saw me standing alone/ Without a dream in my heart/ Without a love of my own”

This song was recorded in 1956 by the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis.

23. Jailhouse Rock

Lyrics to remember: “Let’s rock, everybody, let’s rock/ Everybody in the whole cell block”

If you want to rock and roll during the wedding, Elvis’ “Jailhouse Rock” is the go-to song

24. Today, Tomorrow and Forever

Lyrics to remember: “I vow we’ll never part/ Today, tomorrow and forever/ Long as there’s stars above”

25. She Wears My Ring

Lyrics to remember: “She wears my ring to show the world she’s mine eternally/ With loving care I placed it on her finger/ To show my love for all the world to see”

“She Wears My Ring” screams wedding, and will be just perfect for a couple dancing. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to make your wedding memorable, then you should make sure Elvis for Weddings features in your wedding’s music list! Go enjoy every moment with the king of rock and roll.


Here are some interesting things to know.

What Was Elvis Popular For?

Though he starred in some movies, Elvis was the most popular for his musical ability. He was a natural singer. He was an excellent showman too.

What Made Elvis’ Songs Popular?

His dance moves and the blend of musical instruments were energetic such that so many people could vibe to it. His blend of instruments helped to create a new wave of music. 

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