15+ Unique Ideas for the Best Destination Beach Wedding Ceremony Site Ever 

A beach wedding ceremony is alluring for more reasons than one and being out in the open in a romantic oceanfront setting while the wind and waves sing their praises over your union, is one of those. They are far from the typical traditional wedding, often hosted in a church or elaborate indoor setting. That is not to say there aren’t other outdoor wedding types that aren’t appealing, like the garden wedding, for example, but beach wedding is definitely in a category of their own.

When it comes to choosing a destination beach wedding ceremony site, think outside the box and consider unique locations such as a secluded cove or a private island. These unconventional settings will add an extra touch of exclusivity and intimacy to your special day. Don’t forget to incorporate the natural elements of the beach, such as seashells and driftwood, into your decor to create a truly memorable atmosphere for your guests.

If you want a chic boho wedding on a public beach, you will want to complete the moment with a sunset ceremony. Sunset weddings create a dramatic effect and will show everyone there is love in the air. The bridal party will look great in photos of the seaside nuptials.

Though if you opt for a beach wedding on one of the public beaches, there are things you will want to remember. Beach wedding packages are great products to help guide you in the journey. But even while planning a beach wedding is not necessarily more complex than any other wedding, it includes several different considerations. You’ll want to start planning now!

Consider These Things When Planning Beach Weddings

When deciding to travel to a wedding destination and reside at the beach resort, you might have a lot of questions. Your wedding planner can show you the best tips for getting married at the beach and give you all the details required for the perfect day. Are you thinking about arranging a destination wedding? Here are a few things to consider.

1. Make Your Décor Windproof

It may be necessary to adjust the décor to suit outdoor environments, especially in windy places. It might be wise for you to look twice at incredibly lavish floral arrangements, towering candlelight or decorative ribbons if they could get swept down by the wind. Using sturdy decorations avoids destroying fragile materials. Anything you cannot do without, secure with glue, springs or heavy stuff for stability. You also need to select flower varieties that can resist the temperature and won’t wilt until the ceremony is over.

2. Make Sure There is Some Shade

The outside environment generally means guests will be exposed to the elements. In hot weather, ensure everyone keeps cool and schedule your wedding when the sun is the best – morning or late evening is ideal. Aside from this, it is also essential to ensure the shade is considered, especially to benefit seniors. The weather is vital to monitor for beach or outdoor wedding ceremonies. You may buy a roof covering and purchase bamboo panels draped with light white fabric that keeps everybody cool.

3. Don’t Let Waves Drown Out Your Vows

Nothing is more impressive than watching the waves crash on the beach during a romantic scene. If you want to exchange vows, however, it’s entirely different. If you can, you should use an audio-visual equipment company on the beach and with a generator. You may rent or purchase wireless microphones for the officiant. A third option would be to buy a windscreen that ensures the wind doesn’t blow louder. Check with your venue to see if the rental or purchases are available at the resort site.

4. Finger Food Storage: Keep it Cool!

Food handling is essential if you are not getting married in a hotel. Food that must be kept refrigerated can spoil quickly at high temperatures, so pick carefully. You must also consider other food items such as cake. Cake containing buttercream can fight against heat and ultimately lose. Generally, you’ll only pick things that won’t melt or spoil quickly. Expert tip: you can marry on the beach and have a reception in other locations, such as restaurants near the hotel.

5. Arrange Sturdy Seating

Aluminum and wooden chairs, as well as a wide range of folding chairs and even stylish waterproof chairs, can provide a comfortable seating experience. These materials are solid enough to avoid being blown over in the sand or collapsing from the wind. Sometimes, there’s not enough room for every person to sit, so reserve the chairs for those that can’t stand for long periods of time. 

6. Plan Wisely and Avoid Crowds

Discovering when the beaches are crowded should be your first step. It’ll be essential to avoid those times for your safety. In most cases, the beaches get quieter between weekend holidays. Several beaches in the Hawaiian Islands do not allow event locations at the beaches. It is common for couples to rent an apartment on the beach and take pictures after their ceremony.

7. Make Sure the Beach is Accessible to Everyone Involved

Many people miss the accessibility when using an outdoor wedding venue. Please take notice of your guest’s comfort and how simple or hard it is to get to a location from the main road. It may also affect how much easier it is to establish chairs, tables or delivery. Make sure you have properly prepared to avoid any issues.

8. Go For Lighter Clothes

Often dresses pose challenges in beachfront areas. They may appear dreamy and you could easily walk down the aisle mostly unobstructed, but it might get worse as you try taking photos on beaches. It is a nightmare for anyone who wears long dresses with trains. It’s preferable to wear something light.

9. Stay Tan-Line Free

Tan lines are sometimes nightmares, especially on the wedding day. Protect your skin before your wedding with an excellent sanitizing lotion that is also waterproof. Sunburns or dark tans will not do well in wedding pictures. You could choose to dress up in a suit to avoid tan lines.

10. Accentuate the Natural Features of the Beach

Beaches are beautiful. You don’t have to go overboard with decorations. Concentrating on natural features will enhance the wedding day and make it more enjoyable. There are not just seashells and palm trees. Use the various shades of sea or sand as themes.

11. Try an Updo

Fancy updos can change how you look. In a beach-style wedding, an updo can save hair from creating a life of its own in the ceremony. 

12. Don’t Wear Heels

No one likes to wear heels on the beach. Sand isn’t stable terrain, so make sure to pick a shoe that is stable. The most important advice to anyone is to choose a shoe to keep their feet warm and secure on their journey to the altar. 

13. Skip the Veil

Veils do not appear in all weddings but are necessary for the bride who wishes to remain traditional. A thicker veil can make you fight a windy battle. Use flowers or fascinators instead, or skip the veil entirely.

14. Say No to Penguin Suits

At the beach, there is little need for fancy. Let the groomsmen choose a casual style; think lightweight cotton pants or Bermuda short t-shirts.

15. Add Colors to Contrast the Light Color of the Sand

When planning your beach wedding, the colors should be bright to contrast the sand. Choose green, orange and coral colors for a nice complement to the water.

Creating a Wedding Day Backup Plan for Your Big Day

No matter the time and resources you spend on your wedding planning, a beach will often cause problems during your wedding. To ensure things are running smoothly, you should consult a wedding planner to figure out a backup plan. Communicate these details to your officiant, planner and all the other vendors.

You will also like these other ideas when planning for the perfect destination wedding:

Permit Consideration for Your Big Day

Although standard venues handle permit paperwork, it may require extra legwork to ensure your wedding venue is legal. Even if you have an official celebration at your home beach, the rules are essential to understand. Spend an evening searching online to find out if local government websites outline requirements.

Budget Advice for a Beach Destination Wedding

A well-built budget ensures your perfect beach wedding is done successfully. The choice of beaches you select will affect your budget. Many oceanfront hotels offer beach weddings that eliminate the guesswork from planning, which can be extremely valuable when setting a budget. 

Best Beach Wedding Dresses in 2023

Brides-to-be planning seaside weddings have many options for finding their perfect wedding dress. The suitable gown can be anything from casual and laid back to elegant and voluminous. 

It depends on your overall wedding style. While you can go for a chic bohemian beach wedding ceremony, you do not need to stick with that look.

For a no-frills ceremony, choose a non-traditional beach wedding dress. You will feel relaxed in a simple look, like a short maxi dress. You won’t have to drag the dress through the sand. If you seek a more formal ceremony, you might want a ballgown. You may utilize an indoor venue with a gorgeous view to enjoy your wedding day.

A stylish A-line gown can present an unexpected look in just the right way. Pick dresses with embellishments like florals or beads for a more feminine look.

1. Simple Beach Wedding Dress

The relaxed feel of a beach wedding will go perfectly with a simple wedding outfit. This elegant yet casual design makes for a perfect bridal look at the beach.

2. Casual Beach Wedding Dress

A casual wedding dress makes perfect wedding attire for the beach. Why not try a simple dress to complement your simply stunning venue?

3. Boho Wedding Dress

Brides wear traditionally bohemian beach wedding dresses to get a sexy but elegant look. Adding accessories is a great way to personalize a boho dress.

4. Short Beach Wedding Dress

While many traditional wedding gowns are long and flowy, that may not be the best outfit for the beach. Sometimes all you need is a simple short dress for your beach wedding. 

Best Beach Dresses for Bridesmaids

If you have ever been a bridesmaid, you understand the panic that sets in as the bride chooses the colors and dresses for you. The same is true for a beach wedding. Will you like Little Bo Peep or will you love your bridesmaid dress? Well, now that you’re the bride, you can choose bridesmaid dresses that your girls will love!

The bridesmaid’s dresses for a beach wedding may be a more complicated part of your wedding planning. It’s a time-consuming process but a fun process too!

You will get to choose the color and style of your girl’s dresses to ensure they’ll look and feel gorgeous standing by your side. In turn, this helps bring your whole wedding vision to life!

After all, you’re creating a whole wedding aesthetic. Your bridesmaid’s dresses should fit right into your overall plan. So let’s get started with a few essential tips!

1. Short Beach Bridesmaid Dresses

Short bridesmaid dresses are becoming increasingly more common, not just for beach destination weddings, but for couples looking to create a more casual and comfortable vibe with their attire. Even if each length is the same, you can mix and match dresses with different necklines and strap styles to create a custom look that fits each bridesmaid’s tone and body type.

As an added bonus, short dresses also allow you to show off your shoe choice! Short bridesmaid dresses will also treat your ladies to a cool ocean breeze that’ll keep them comfortable all day and night. 

2. Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Long, flowing blue dresses that perfectly mimic the ocean are a classic choice for beach weddings. The way a long gown flows in the sea breeze helps photos come to life. Plus, blue comes in such a variety of hues that there’s undoubtedly a blue dress for everyone. A deeper midnight blue is a bit more formal, while bright aquas are fun and flirty. 

3. Bridesmaid Dresses with Staggered Hemlines

The following style is perfect if you’re looking for the ideal length and a little sass. Beach bridesmaid dresses with staggered hemlines enable movement as your girls walk down the aisle or stand still and catch the ocean’s breeze. It is the definition of light and airy. These little numbers will stay out of the sand and provide a little sass while each bridesmaid in your party walks down the aisle. 

We hope this guide has helped you start your planning process for your destination beach wedding! Congratulations and good luck!

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