Top 15 Bridal Shower Brunch Ideas & The Best Planning Tips

The maid of honor or MOH should prepare for the bridal shower as the bride prepares for the wedding day. You can rarely go wrong with a classic brunch theme when hosting a modern-day bridal shower. 

So collect your favorite sparkling wine and grab a bottle of cranberry juice. As your guests enjoy a drink, you’ll also want a fun activity with great food. Egg tacos and fresh fruit are becoming quite popular in 2023. So not only will you need some games to play, you might also need to know how much fresh fruit to cut and eggs to cook. 

In this article, we will discuss the top bridal shower brunch ideas, from invitations to decorations. We will provide you with suggestions for food, favors, games and gifts — everything you need to know for your party to be the greatest of all time. 

What Time Should a Bridal Shower Brunch Start?

Usually, a bridal shower brunch begins around 11 AM. This timing matches the theme but guarantees that guests traveling only a long distance won’t have to get up too early to attend.

How Long Should a Bridal Shower Brunch Be?

A brunch-themed celebration should be around 3 hours long. This allows traditional events like playing games, eating, opening gifts and drinking mimosas.

Bridal Brunch Invitations

The first step towards achieving the theme involves invitation inspiration. There are so many options available through sites like Etsy and Pinterest. We have narrowed the list of our favorite searches down to “Bridal Brunch” and “Brunch and Bubbly.” 

Bridal Shower Invitation Wording Examples 

You will need to decide your exact bridal shower invitation messaging. Here are some classic ideas to help get things going:

  • “Please join us for honoring [Bride].”
  • “You are invited to a bridal party in honor of [Bride].”
  • “Help us celebrate [Bride].”

If you want some more punny examples based on specific themes, try these:

  • “Let’s Pamper the Bride-to-Be!”
  • “Traveling from Miss to Mrs.”
  • “Brunch & Bubbly.”
  • “Fall in Love.”
  • “I Do BBQ.”
  • “Love is Brewing.”

What to Include on Bridal Shower Invitations

You will always need to include certain information on the invitation, no matter what theme you choose. A few basic details are necessary so your guests understand what the party will entail.

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1. The Guest of Honor’s Name

No, duh, right? Make sure to use the bride’s first and last name so everything is clear. For a couples’ theme, include the groom’s name too, so guests understand this will be a coed affair. 

2. The Date, Time and Location

You should include these three details in the bridal shower invitation. To avoid misunderstandings, include which day of the week the shower falls. Ensure the date is spelled out. You will want your guests to understand the event is on May 20th, 2021, instead of 20/05/21.

Include a start and end time depending on where you’re holding the gathering. If you have rented out a specific venue for an allotted time, it’s essential to include how long the bridal shower will last. However, if you are hosting at your home, consider providing an open-ended finish to the shower. 

Regarding location, we suggest including the formal name of the venue and the full address. If the bridal shower is at your home, you should include that on the invitation so guests know whose home they visit.

3. The Name of the Host(s)

While the maid of honor typically hosts the bridal shower, you can also have fellow bridesmaids help organize it. The shower location only sometimes reflects who’s hosting the event. Include the homeowner’s name as the location and the genuine host or host’s name after “Hosted By.” That way, guests will understand who to thank for what.

4. When and How to RSVP

Include an ‘RSVP by’ date to give you plenty of time. When you know the number of guests attending, you can plan accordingly. We suggest making the RSVP deadline one week before the actual shower.

Alongside the date to RSVP, you want to tell guests how to RSVP. It’s up to you to include a phone number and email address for them to RSVP. If having a phone number, specify how you prefer guests to contact you. Say text or call if both are acceptable.

5. Registry Information

If the bride has a wedding registry, you will need to include the information on the bridal shower invitations. You can work on the invitation in two ways:

  1. “Please see [insert the couple’s wedding website here] for registry information.”
  2. “The [Bride] is registered at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond.”

6. Theme and Any Other Requirements

There are instances where additional information is necessary. The theme must be included in the bridal shower invitation wording so guests know how to prepare. Typically, guests will also need to know the dress code for the event. Formal and informal bridal shower brunches have different expectations. 

Be sure to include anything else you want the guests to know in advance. For example, if the bridal shower is a surprise for the bride, you must tell guests to keep the day a secret and arrive on time. 

What Are Some Unique Bridal Shower Brunch Ideas?

Having brunch opens a wide range of possibilities that might not be possible if your meal was only breakfast or lunch. Even so, don’t forget to consider any dietary restrictions of the bride and other guests. 

1. Bridal Shower Brunch Decorations

One of the essential components of any bridal shower is the decor, but it’s crucial for this particular theme. Luckily there is no shortage of brunch-related decorations.

Put fun phrases such as ‘bridal brunch ‘or ‘brunch & bubbly’ on decorations. A sparkly banner with jumbo balloons and a welcome sign is a great decoration idea to have at the brunch. 

Remember to add some fun table signs!

2. Game Ideas for a Bridal Shower Brunch

When hosting a bridal shower brunch, skip the generic games and opt for something that packs a bit more punch. Everyone enjoys a competitive round of beer pong or two, but it may not be a bridal shower appropriate. However, prosecco pong is a great way to ensure the leading ladies get more punch. 

If your guests aren’t the drinking game types, you can play games like the old-fashioned ring toss with a fun bridal spin. Bridal jeopardy is also a fun game to help everyone enjoy the afternoon. 

3. Brunch-Themed Game Prizes

If you have brunch-themed games, you will need brunch-themed game prizes to match. Keep it simple by creating a coffee care package with a cute mug and a bag of Starbucks breakfast blends.

Want to get a little boozy with the party favors? Bloody Mary mason jar kits are ideal brunch party favors and a fun DIY project for all you craft queens! 

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4. Bridal Shower Brunch Food Ideas

A successful bridal shower brunch begins with good food. There are plenty of options to choose from! The bridal shower brunch menu should include more than champagne and orange juice. 

We love baked French toast sticks as a quick, cute finger-food choice for your bridal shower brunch menu. However, French toast is easy if you need more than just finger food. Mini chicken and waffle sliders present a great southern-style selection and are also fantastic for a Sunday brunch.

Pancakes are a game changer for those who have dietary restrictions. You can have whatever toppings on the side, and the guests can add what they want to their plates. If they are gluten intolerant, they could eat some of the toppings, like fresh fruit. or you can try a gluten-free batter.

Bacon is a great side dish to go with pancakes or waffles. The savory flavor will complement any sweet dishes served on your brunch menu. 

Did we forget to mention cheese? There should be a great spread of cheese. Consider brie, blue and Colby jack cheese. Sweet fruit can pair well with these cheeses.

Get whimsy with it by serving mini quiches. Finger foods allow everyone to snack as the day goes on. Provide sweet potatoes as a side item for the bridal shower brunch menu. 

Lunch foods like sandwiches are simple to prepare and can be made days ahead. You can prepare deviled eggs the night before to complete the brunch menu efficiently. 

Sweet treats and lunch foods make a hungry crowd happy in the early afternoon. If you are serving dessert, champagne cupcakes are an absolute must. However, you can include a breakfast cake and fruit salad. Chocolate chips are also a must, so consider baking some fresh cookies.

5. Drinks to Serve at a Bridal Shower Brunch Ideas

Food is essential, but the drinks are where the fun begins! Set up a DIY coffee bar to energize your brunch party! 

Consider putting out grapefruit juice as something else to drink.

We all know there is no brunch without something bubbly to drink. Consider a DIY mimosa bar as a requirement to any great bridal shower! You will need plenty of orange juice on hand.

Check out how to create the best bridal shower bubbly bar. You can take your booze bar game to the next level by featuring a build-your-own Bloody Mary station! 

6. Brunch-Related Favors 

No good afternoon tea party bridal shower brunch is complete without festive party favors! Keep the ideas yummy with edible options. You can create personalized champagne gummy bears or honey jars.

Stick to a bubbly theme by decorating champagne splits. You can make fun printed labels or bottle openers. If you’re feeling clever, OPI produces a nail polish named “Be There in a Prosecco” and one called “Mimosas For Mr. & Mrs.” 

7. Brunch-Themed Gifts

The most essential thing is to provide the bride with a brunch-themed gift. If the future newlyweds like to spend their weekends out and about, grab a few gift cards to their most-frequented local brunch spots.

If the couple would rather stay in, get creative. You can organize a personalized recipe book with their favorite breakfast and brunch meals.

Bridal Shower Brunch Gift Ideas

Whether you’re hosting the event or attending as a guest, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. To help you out, here’s a list of 20 bridal shower brunch gift ideas that will impress you.

  • Mimosa kit: A mimosa kit is a perfect gift for a bridal shower brunch. Include a bottle of champagne and some fresh orange juice.
  • Brunch cookbook: For the foodie bride, a brunch cookbook is a great gift idea. Choose one with lots of delicious recipes for breakfast and brunch.
  • Personalized apron: A personalized apron is a thoughtful and practical gift for the bride-to-be.
  • Coffee maker: A coffee maker is essential for any brunch lover. Choose one with lots of features and settings.
  • Tea set: For the tea lover, a beautiful tea set is a great gift idea. Include some high-quality loose-leaf tea.
  • Waffle maker: A waffle maker is a fun and unique gift idea for the bride-to-be who loves breakfast foods.
  • Champagne glasses: A set of champagne glasses is a classic gift for any bridal shower brunch.
  • French press: A French press is another great coffee-making option that’s perfect for brunch.
  • Breakfast-in-bed tray: A breakfast-in-bed tray is a romantic and thoughtful gift idea for the bride-to-be.
  • Cookware set: A high-quality cookware set is a practical and useful gift that will last for years.
  • Cocktail shaker set: A cocktail shaker set is a fun and festive gift idea that’s perfect for any bridal shower brunch.
  • Kitchen gadget set: A set of kitchen gadgets like measuring cups, spoons, and spatulas is always useful in any kitchen.
  • Cheese board and knife set: A cheese board and knife set is a great gift idea for the bride-to-be who loves entertaining.
  • Serving platter: A beautiful serving platter is a practical and stylish gift that can be used for any occasion.
  • Brunch-themed wall art: Brunch-themed wall art is a fun and quirky gift idea that’s perfect for the bride-to-be who loves brunch.
  • Recipe box: A recipe box is a thoughtful and practical gift for the bride-to-be who loves to cook.
  • Personalized cutting board: A personalized cutting board is a unique and thoughtful gift that the bride-to-be will cherish for years to come.
  • Kitchenaid mixer: A Kitchenaid mixer is a high-end gift idea that’s perfect for the serious baker.
  • Handheld milk frother: A handheld milk frother is a fun and useful gift perfect for making lattes and cappuccinos.

Brunch-themed candles: Brunch-themed candles are a fun and unique gift idea that will make any home smell delicious.

The Bottom Line

A bridal shower brunch can be a fun and memorable way to celebrate your bride-to-be. With these tips, you should be all set to plan the perfect party! Now get out there and celebrate the lovely couple and their love!

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