19 Ideas for a Great Bachelor Party

Everyone has heard of bachelor parties. Famous for being wild and getting completely out of hand, we usually see these parties on movies and TV, complete with people getting stumbling drunk, making terrible decisions and sometimes even injuring themselves. 

Tailoring the bachelor party to the groom’s preferences not only creates a more meaningful and enjoyable experience, but it also reduces the risk of any unwanted incidents or regrets. From organizing a poker night or whiskey tasting to arranging a fun group activity like go-karting or paintball, there are plenty of ideas that can make the bachelor party a great time for everyone involved.

While a crazy, unmoored adventure might be to some tastes, it’s important to plan a bachelor party that properly reflects who the future groom is as a person. Whether you’ve been put in charge of planning one or you’re the groom himself, here’s a list of some ideas for a great bachelor party.

1. Road Trip

If the groom is a fan of traveling, consider putting together a cross-country road trip. If you only have a few days and have to simplify it, try to cover as much ground as possible without tiring everyone out. For example, if you live near the coast, consider driving north or south along the coast for a couple of days. And if the weather is nice, you can even stop by some national parks or see famous sights. 

To make it even more memorable, try to subtly find out where the groom has or hasn’t been. Taking him to a state, scene or national park he’s never seen will help him remember this fun trip for years. 

2. Las Vegas

A classic bachelor party destination for many reasons, Las Vegas bachelor parties don’t necessarily have to be wild, rowdy affairs. With a ton of different things to do and see in Las Vegas, it can suit any man’s tastes. If you get tired of gambling, there are a plethora of sights, including the Fremont Street Experience, the Bellagio Fountain, the Mob Museum, the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and more. 

Of course, if the groom is the kind of guy who would enjoy a traditional, wild and crazy bachelor party in Vegas, you can easily find that there, too! 

3. Theme Park

If the groom is a fan of roller coasters and all they bring, consider planning a trip to the nearest large theme park. Many theme parks also have movie screenings, haunted houses, carnival games, live performances, demonstrations and great food. Treat the bachelor of the hour to everything he may want and be sure to give him a day he won’t soon forget. 

While theme parks are a lot of fun, they’re also a unique bachelor party idea that the groom will remember. 

4. Rock Climbing 

Perfect for more adventurous guys, rock climbing is an awesome choice for a bachelor party. The great thing about rock climbing is that you can make adjustments depending on experience. If your group has little to no experience, indoor rock climbing is always an option. However, if it’s something that you all have experience doing, then you can do some outdoor rock climbing on a rock face. Of course, we recommend having an experienced instructor accompany your group. 

Rock climbing is a great bachelor party, regardless of your preference or experience level. 

5. Sports Game

If the man of the hour is a huge sports fan, consider taking him to a game for his bachelor party. Make sure to plan in advance so you can splurge and get great seats. Whether his favorite sport is hockey, football, soccer or basketball, make sure you’re taking him to a game he’ll enjoy and be truly passionate about. This way, he’ll remember it forever. 

If his favorite sports team is a state or two away, consider making it a weekend getaway. To make it even more fun, keep the trip a secret for as long as you can! 

6. Camping and Stargazing

If the bachelor prefers quiet to the hustle and bustle of the city, then a weekend of camping and stargazing might be the way to go. To make the stargazing even more special, look for parks certified by the Dark Sky Association. These parks have remarkably clear skies and are perfect for looking at the stars at night. You can even surprise him by bringing a telescope along. 

During the day, you can play sports and go for hikes. However, we recommend having some games planned to make the weekend trip even more memorable. 

7. Bungee Jumping

While not for the faint of heart, bungee jumping could be the perfect option for exceptionally adventurous bachelors. Classified as an “extreme sport,” bungee jumping is something the groom will remember for the rest of his life. To make the event even more memorable, try to find a facility with cameras mounted to the bungee jumping equipment so you can purchase a video of the bachelor’s ride. 

While it remains a pretty extreme option, bungee jumping is a singular and memorable option for a bachelor party. 

8. Scavenger Hunt

One of the more unique options out there, this one is reserved for the most responsible bachelor party organizers out there. For the scavenger hunt-themed bachelor party, hide clues throughout your city that will lead the bachelor to a final destination for the evening. Bonus points if you can incorporate details about the bachelor’s past, present and future into the hints! 

While this one is more difficult to pull off, it’s also one of the most unique bachelor party ideas out there. 

9. Concert or Live Music Festival

If the bachelor is a music lover, taking him to a concert or music festival might be the way to go. If you know the bachelor well, make sure you use what you know about his music tastes to take him to an event he’ll love. If he hates country music, don’t take him to a country music festival. 

Plus, if you have to go out of town to the concert or festival, that’s totally fine too. You can even make a weekend out of it! 

10. Game Night

While this is one of the most understated bachelor party ideas, it could be heaven for the right bachelor. If the bachelor loves games — both board and video — then consider putting together a game night for him as his bachelor party. Make sure you have enough controllers for the video games and the board games play enough people. And don’t forget the most important part: great snacks! 

Though it may not be a loud or rowdy option, a game night between close friends could be the perfect bachelor party. 

11. Fancy Dinner

If the bachelor is a foodie — or even just enjoys trying new things — then consider taking him out to dinner at a fancy, highly-rated restaurant. To enhance the experience, consider ordering several dishes for every course so that you can all enjoy it. You can go to an authentic Italian place, a revered burger joint or a sushi bar — the possibilities are endless. Of course, make sure to find a place you know the bachelor will love. 

While the meal may be expensive, a fancy dinner out is a great option if the bachelor wants a more low-key celebration. 

12. Visit a New Country

While this idea is one of the most elaborate, an international trip may not be out of the question if you have the time and the resources. If you’re restricted to a weekend, consider visiting a nearby country. If you live in America, check on flights to Toronto, Quebec or Mexico City. If one of your friends travels a lot or is good at finding flights, see if you can borrow their services for this occasion. 

This idea may be out there compared to others, but everyone involved will remember it for a long time! 

13. ATV Rental

If you have to restrict the bachelor party to just one afternoon, then an ATV rental could be the way to go. This bachelor party idea is great for exploring and riding around rough terrain and is perfect for adventurous thrill-seekers. If you don’t live near an ATV rental place or rough terrain, you may have to do some traveling. But it’s sure to be worth it. 

ATV rental has become a modern classic bachelor party idea and it was even featured in an episode of “New Girl.” Get your bachelor and his best friends together for a great bachelor party experience! 

14. Go to a Class

If the bachelor in question enjoys learning new things, consider taking him and a group of friends out to a class where you can all learn a new skill. There are tons of different classes and skills to choose from, including cooking, pottery, woodworking, painting or even an introductory foreign language class. It’s a great way to push the bachelor and his friends outside their comfort zone while creating a bonding experience. 

Plus, this new skill or hobby can carry over past just one class. For example, if you went to a woodworking class together, consider crafting him something afterward as a wedding present!

15. Paintball

If the bachelor enjoys thrilling, high-octane adventures, consider taking him and a group of your best friends out to play a few hours of paintball. If you can find a paintball place near you, they usually provide all the gear and ammo you need. They also have strategically-built arenas perfect for team or solo games. 

Paintball is relatively inexpensive and it doesn’t take a lot of time. It’s one of those things that could easily become an annual tradition! 

16. New York City

New York City is another great option for a bachelor party. No matter what the bachelor likes or dislikes, he can find something to enjoy in New York City. Whether he enjoys museums, Broadway shows, clubs, restaurants or just seeing the sights, New York City has it all. Plus, it’s a great place for a quick weekend getaway. 

If you’re unsure what kind of bachelor party to throw but want to create something memorable, consider the incomparable New York City! 

17. Arcade Night

If the bachelor of the hour grew up playing video games, an arcade could be the perfect place to take him. While arcades used to be associated with children, new arcades are popping up regularly and have wide appeal. Most arcades now have things like laser tag, bowling and batting ranges on top of all of the games. 

If you want to help give the bachelor and all of your friends a night of fun and excitement, consider appealing to their nostalgia with a trip to an arcade. 

18. Karaoke

While not for the faint of heart, some people enjoy getting up in front of a group of people and singing. If the bachelor is known for singing and doesn’t get stage fright, taking him to a fun bar for a night of karaoke could be the way to go. Plus, multiple people can sing at once, meaning the whole group could get up and perform a song together. 

Though it may not be for everyone, a karaoke night could be perfect for the right bachelor! 

19. Go Fishing

Fishing is one of the most peaceful, tranquil things you can do. Though it requires a lot of patience, it can be a very rewarding experience. If the bachelor famously enjoys quiet and the great outdoors, consider taking him on a fishing trip. To make it even more interesting, you can turn it into a competition for who can catch the most fish. 

If you live near the coast, you can even rent a boat and do some deep-sea fishing. The bachelor is sure to remember that! 

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Final Thoughts on Ideas for a Great Bachelor Party

When it comes to bachelor parties, the possibilities are simply endless. And as they say, it’s truly the thought that counts. The key is to factor what you know about the bachelor into the planning. As long as you try to make it a great night for him and all of your friends, everyone will surely have a great time!

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